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10 Every-Day Smile-Inducing Occurrences

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I've written a lot about being depressed & needing to improve, but not a whole lot about the things that make me happy. SO, here is a quick, far-from-all-inclusive list, in no particular order. Some are astronomical; some are seemingly insignificant. All are smile-inducing.


  1.   An unexpected phone call or a message from a dear friend or family member that you haven't seen in quite some time.

  2.   The feel & smell of freshly-cleaned sheets as you slide into bed after an exhausting day.

  3.   A sincere “I love you, mom” from your favorite little people — just because!

  4.   The feeling that comes after getting up early & working out — certainly not during! (But, maybe that's just me?)

  5.   The smell & taste of that first cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

  6.   The feeling of your spouse's arms wrapped around you — regardless of the timing.

  7.   Going to complete a dreaded task, to find out that someone has already completed it!

  8.   Savoring a fudgy, chewy delicious brownie — even more so if it is topped with Breyer's Girl Scout Samoa ice cream. Mmm mmm.

  9.   Setting a goal, forming a plan, & putting it into action. (For example, going back to school after 15 years!)

  10. Preparing a delicious meal, completely from scratch — especially when someone else acknowledges its deliciousness.

I am sure there are plenty more things I could've listed, but my intent was to keep this post short & sweet — for now. 😉

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What would be on your quick list of smile-inducing occurrences? Leave a comment below, email me at, or find me on Facebook at Calculated Chaos. 😉

This post was written as part of the Blog-tember Challenge, hosted by Bailey Jean at the Brave Love blog.

3 thoughts on “10 Every-Day Smile-Inducing Occurrences”

  1. Hia! (Couldn’t leave a reply to your reply to me yesterday – couldn’t figure out how to do it 🙁 ). LOVE this post – and I agree with so many of your ‘smile inducers’! “I love you Mum” from the littles – BEST THING EVER!!! Fresh sheets – yum! Preparing delicious meals – yum! All of them, really! (Off to explore your blog further – I fell fast asleep last night after reading the bedtime stories!

  2. Those will definitely all bring the smiles!! And a sincere compliment on my cooking is always appreciated–I tend to experiment a lot so it’s good to know when my “experiments” are liked.

    1. That is EXACTLY it, Rachel!! Plus, I used to open a can of something & mix it with a box of something else & call it dinner. . . I’ve been trying really hard to cook from scratch these days, so it’s nice to know when I’ve done something justice, ya know? 😉

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