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2 Secrets to Improved Productivity

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I finally found the key to improved productivity! Now, of course, it's different for everyone…. & we have to do what works for us. There's always a little tweak here or a slight adjustment there to make it YOURS, y'know?

Anyway, the past few weeks, I have noticed SUCH a tremendous difference in what I am able to accomplish by changing only TWO things in my routine:

improved productivity, how to improve productivity, make time-blocking work for you, batch your work, confidence and chaos, confidence and chaos featuring sweet minerals, reta jayne

1). I started time-blocking.

I heard the phrase “time-blocking” before. I get the general concept. You schedule your day in blocks of time. Some people recommend using 10- or 25- minute chunks. Others say it's more useful to do hour-long chunks of time. But, what FINALLY worked for me was watching a video by Jordan Page of In it, she describes setting alarms on her phone in the same manner that SCHOOL BELLS would go off in highschool!

THAT'S what made the light bulbs for improved productivity FINALLY go off for me!

The key is that 15 minutes before each time-block is over, an alarm goes off signaling that it is time to wrap up whatever I am doing. Then, when the next alarm goes off, I know I must switch gears to whatever the new time-block is.

Whatever didn't get done stays undone until it's scheduled next. I get SO MUCH more done! And I have plenty of time to transition (or use the restroom! ?) in between. It's been working FABULOUSLY!

So, to make time-blocking work for me, I give myself one-&-a-half to three-hour chunks of time to do a SERIES of tasks. They fall into different categories.

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For instance, my morning block is for Coffee/Bible/Yoga/Shower (& anything related).

My time while my daughter is at preschool is EITHER for errands out of the house that are easier WITHOUT her in-tow OR for tasks WORKING my business that require enough mental power that her interruptions are highly difficult.

(I keep a running to-do list of business tasks that need to get done & have them prioritized so I don't waste time when I am in this time-block.)

I also have a housework time-block & a meal-prep time-block… AND a section of the day that is “off-grid” when I don't have ANY alarms going off & I am supposed to just BE with my family.

2). I have been batching my work.

This is another phrase I have heard, but haven't really comprehended what it REALLY meant. Or, at least, I haven't taken the time to think about how it might apply to ME.

This goes back to the running list of tasks I keep.

When I am in the mood to WRITE, I use that time to WRITE for SEVERAL projects — not just one.

When I am all dolled up to record videos, I record a few videos — not just one.

When I am cleaning the house, if I have a garbage bag out, I will go through the WHOLE house, grabbing random stuff — not just one room.

If I am mapping out my schedule for the week for my business, I will make sure I have my family's appointments lined out for the week too. Planning ALL goes together.

You get the idea. Maximize your time!

Then, when you have all the pieces together, you'll notice that several projects all of a sudden come to completion all around the same time… & it will seem like you've been working tirelessly, when, really, you've been maximizing your time & working SMARTLY.

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This is ALSO a great way to get in front of your social media habits.

If you're doing a ton of graphics all at once, you can schedule out several posts for the week or month.

If you're writing several articles, you can finalize them next & schedule them out to post over time.

You can appear to be everywhere when, really, you're working ONE day to get a week's worth of something done.

How can you put these tips to work for YOU?

Or, what can you add to this if you already are a master of your time?

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