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How Confidence & Chaos featuring Sweet Minerals Came to Be

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I didn't always know Confidence & Chaos featuring Sweet Minerals would be part of my life. But when it hit me, I knew something special was about to happen & it's been a marvelous journey ever since…

There I was, tears streaming down my face. I met my eyes in the mirror & considered the reflection staring back at me. Racoon eyes, I thought. Wild hair, blotchy skin. Reta Jayne, you're a hot mess!

But do you know what else I thought in that moment? I actually met my own damn eyes in the mirror for the FIRST time in — I don't even know how long!

It's true. I remember that day. I had been so wrapped up in my depression, life as a new mom, & all of my shortcomings.

how confidence and chaos featuring sweet minerals came to be, confidence and chaos, sweet minerals, origin story, confidence and chaos featuring sweet minerals origin story, reta jayne, why i started my sweet minerals business, how to choose a sweet minerals sponsor

I forgot to celebrate ME.

Heck! I didn't just forget to celebrate me, I didn't even KNOW WHO I WAS ANYMORE! I was looking at a stranger in the mirror that day.

But, that isn't why I remember it so well. I remember that moment because I not only looked myself in the eye in the mirror, but I even cracked a half-assed smile. At ME!

I smiled at myself that day.

It was unprompted & unexpected. And the realization of what just happened — & the cycle of nasty thoughts & habits it was breaking — brought an INSTANT flood of tears cascading down my face.

Once a cycle like that is broken, you can't just turn a blind eye & go back to how things used to be.

There was NO WAY I could pretend I didn't have that moment in the mirror all by myself & go about my business. My brain was reeling!

How long was I in that stupor of depression & denial? Was it apparent to everyone else? I mean, I knew I suffered from depression, but I didn't know it was that bad.

And my internal thoughts raced further…

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Holy crap! Do other women go through their lives feeling that way too? How do they break that trance? I know I can't be alone in that. I need to help other women who have felt depressed & alone know that they ARE beautiful & loved & so far from being alone.

I decided I wanted to focus on helping women build their confidence in the same way I was learning to build my own.

I started out selling a clothing line from my home — the same clothing brand of the dress that had me smiling at myself in the mirror & twirling down the hall seconds later! 😉

But, I soon realized that, even though I had a retail management background & enjoyed many aspects of running a home-based business, that particular business wasn't for me.

Even so, I didn't lose sight of my vision. I am constantly seeking to build confidence & learn to embrace the chaos in my own life.

I never want to wake up one day just to realize I've fallen back into that dark hole again.

And if I can help other women come out of that hole — & stay there! — that's my ultimate goal!

So, during the end times of that clothing business, when I went looking for a foundation to help me with my confidence, I stumbled upon Sweet Minerals. The company claimed their foundation was toxin free & would stay on — even through sweating! I thought that was a tall claim & highly unlikely, but they also had a kit that had EVERYTHING I needed to get the results they claimed — & a guarantee.

Long story short, their join kit to become an “educator” (what they call their direct sales consultants) was about the same amount as the kit I was looking at trying & I could test out so much more. So, I decided to “prove them wrong” by giving the makeup a shot anyway. The plan was to get the kit, play around, gift the rest, & cancel the membership shortly thereafter. I wasn't a glam girl (& still am not), but I wanted to feel good from the neck up since I felt like I got a handle on how to feel confident about my clothing choices, y'know?

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Needless to say, Sweet Minerals wound up delivering everything they said they would — & so much more. I couldn't believe it! I wound up NOT canceling my membership with them as I had planned. I loved the results I got so much I found myself singing its praises all over the place. I was actually selling the stuff. Women wanted to join my family team.

It was crazy! My excitement was unexpected!

But, you know what? It reminded me of that day, staring in the mirror.

It was like a veil had been lifted from my eyes all over again.

And the beautiful thing about this new moment is that it wasn't just MY confidence at stake, it was the confidence & well-being of every woman I would come into contact with in the future. I could see my vision coming to life even more clearly.

It's not Sweet Minerals, specifically. Let me be clear.

Sweet Minerals is fabulous. It is & I will not say differently.

But, Sweet Minerals is the vehicle. I love it so much: the product, the company, the culture. I feel like I have found a place I can truly shine.

It's a direct sales company without the usual yucky direct sales & multi-level marketing (MLM) rules choking you out. I get to think for myself & do business how I want to — or not. I have a lot of freedom.

And with the freedom comes the opportunity to open up & really brainstorm. And that's when it hit me!

Women need the confidence to build their OWN skills to have their OWN piece of SOMETHING that brings them joy. We need to be able to look ourselves in the mirror & smile & have it be a regular thing for us — not because of how we look (though it can start there for some of us & can certainly help) — but because we are excited about & confident in what we are doing with our lives & in this world.

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And, you know what?

THAT'S what Confidence & Chaos featuring Sweet Minerals is all about.

That's how Confidence & Chaos featuring Sweet Minerals came to be. This is where we build confidence & learn to embrace chaos. Yes. This corner of the Web is where we've talked about mental health & faith & family & entrepreneurship & direct sales for quite some time. And it will continue. But, in the days & weeks & months to come, that focus is going to get even MORE fine-tuned.

This is also where women can come to learn to grow their MLM businesses in non-spammy, intelligent, value-giving ways that will help them improve their MLM income & status and create additional income streams. I can already feel the empowerment that comes with the confidence boost THAT creates!

These are exciting times & I've come a long way to be able to bring Confidence & Chaos featuring Sweet Minerals & all it entails to you.

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