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Currently. Volume 3.

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I am currently. . .

Wondering: If I will ever actually need a jacket again. . . I am SO ready for this Arizonan weather to start to cool down. . . The last few days, the temperature has been lingering right around 100-degrees (which is considerably cooler than it has been). I know that's not going to last for long, though. . . From what I understand, I have another two months or so before that'll start to happen. For several years, I worked for Wilsons Leather & during that time, I accumulated quite the jacket collection — the majority of which are very nice leather jackets. I have insisted on holding on to them, but between being in the desert & the fact that I've gained quite a bit of weight, I am seriously contemplating posting them on Craigslist or a few of the local yard sale groups on Facebook to see if I can sell them. . . Even if I got $50 or so for each of them, it'd probably be enough for a plane ticket (or two?). . . And, frankly, something like that would serve me better right now than jackets I can't wear anyway. . . Something to ponder some more. . . 😉

Scheming about: A few things, really. The handsome husband's birthday is a bit over a month away. . . He works so hard & he downplays his birthday every single year. Honestly, I suck at gift-giving & all that jazz. I am the type of person who sees something &, if I can afford it, I'll pick it up for you because I think you'll like it — not because I am going to put it away to have the perfect birthday gift. . . Frankly, by the time a birthday or Christmas comes around, I am fresh out of ideas. It bugs me — kinda. I'd like to do something for him for his birthday this year, but I am still not sure what.

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Reading: Dragonfly in Amber” (Book 2 in the Outlander series) by Diana Gabaldon. I've got myself sucked in. I also met a few gals online over the past few months & we've decided to read a few books together. Next up is “Fight Club” by Chuck Palahniuk & “Good in Bed” by Jennifer Weiner. We haven't set a date for our next book gathering, but as soon as we do, I will choose one of our two selections & get to reading. Should be fun. 😉

Sad about: My little RJ flying back to Washington. He left this morning & is back with his dad now. That, by itself, isn't so sad. . . What's a bit heartbreaking is the fact that I won't see him again until at least Thanksgiving. .  It'll take some getting used to.

Trying to find a solution for: Getting to one of my best friend's birthday parties in a few months. She celebrates the weekend before Thanksgiving & it is a milestone birthday. (I won't mention which one!) Not only has she made it a point to express how much she would really love for me to be there, but also, she helped me get to Las Vegas for a weekend in June, to celebrate her daughters' 21st birthdays. . . It was a very much needed getaway. Plus, I really want to be there. I will be heartbroken to miss it. I get that it's not always practical to spend $300 on a plane ticket. . . & it will be hard to fit seeing a bunch of people in for such a short visit (because how can I go back to Washington — even briefly — without seeing as many as I can). . . BUT, I am a firm believer that where there's a will, there's a way. . . & your best friends do not celebrate milestone birthdays every year. IF we can work it out, I intend to justify the expense by calling it my birthday gift (which is the weekend prior to this friend's celebration). Plus, maybe I could save the unaccompanied minor fee for Little RJ's Thanksgiving visit by having him fly back with me, only to have to fly home unaccompanied after the holiday. . . I still have some time to try to sort it all out. . .

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Excited about: My college classes that just started. My online English class started today & my other three (face-to-face) classes start tomorrow. I am getting a head-start on the assignments that I know about & making sure I am set up for success. I have high hopes for this semester & look forward to making progress towards my ultimate goal of a bachelor degree in finance. For now, getting through my first week of my first semester, working towards my Associates in Business will do the trick. 😉 Baby steps, right?

Smiling about: the handsome husband. There are plenty of reasons he makes me smile, but, in particular, he realized that I was struggling with the silly task of catching up on folding all the clean laundry. . . I had expressed, through one of my blog posts, that it was difficult (partly) because I either don't want to disturb his sleep (since he works graveyard shifts) or I don't want to miss out on time with him when he is home & we're both awake at the same time. SO, what does he do? He made a point to pull me into the bedroom to fold the laundry together. We talked & goofed around a bit as we did it & now, I feel so much better as a result. I definitely married a keeper, y'all. 😉 It is okay to be jealous. 😉

I could go on & on this week, but I think I will end on that note. What are YOU currently up to?

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5 thoughts on “Currently. Volume 3.”

  1. We have had some rather hot days here in NC, but the humidity is what smothers us and smacks us in the face making it feel like you can’t breathe. Hopefully you’ll be able to wear a jacket soon!

  2. Congratulations on taking the plunge into the world of books, papers, and in the end, a BA in business! One of the best things that I have found true in returning back to college is…you are not alone. Email classmates, ask questions and enjoy the ride!

  3. Oh, so wonderful to read all your enthusiasm in this post! Loved the picture of you two folding laundry together! SELL those leather jackets, girl – you’ll get so much more out of using the money productively….and when you need a jacket, the opportunity will come for you to buy another jacket.
    HOPING YOUR STUDIES ARE GOING WELL (off to start work now myself xx)

    1. For such a seemingly insignificant moment, it really WAS quite the opposite, Helen! Seriously. Not only was it a big deal to me that he took the time to do it WITH me but it was also the kind of interaction I had been craving from him since his schedule switched to graveyard shifts. . .

      As for the leather jackets. . . I think I am going to let go of them. I need to wait another two or three months, though, because it’s still nearly 110-degrees here. Bleh. BUT, I am going to do it! They are just material possessions & I can’t even use them! It’ll be worth it. . .
      And, thank you! My studies ARE going well! I took my first math test today & have high hopes for it, so we will see. .. 😉

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