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Direct Creatives: A Solution for & by Home-Based Entrepreneurs

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As a home-based entrepreneur, diversifying income & automating your efforts is a constant desire. Just because you work from home doesn't mean you don't want to maximize your time so you can do more of what you want & less of the things you dislike. Direct Creatives can be the solution to so many of these struggles for home business owners.

direct creatives screen shot. collaborate & create. a marketplace created by home-based entrepreneurs for home-based entrepreneurs.
This is a screenshot of the Direct Creatives homepage. It's a wonderful place to collaborate & create, whether you are there to shop or to open your own store for an added revenue stream.

What is Direct Creatives?

Direct Creatives is a collaborative digital marketplace created by home business owners for home business owners. They do really well at catering to direct sellers, but they are extremely inclusive of all creators, including graphic designers, writers, crafters, & more! If you can create, you can sell on Direct Creatives. And, if you need something created, chances are, you can find it on Direct Creatives — if not now, then soon!

Plus, all products & services are digital or virtual; everything is downloaded or virtually arranged. So, there are no shipping fees or wait times.

Start browsing around the Direct Creatives Marketplace & you'll find:

  • Graphics & graphics packs;
  • Branding packages;
  • Social Media metrics trackers;
  • Done-for-you Trello templates;
  • Email marketing workbooks & templates;
  • Crochet patterns;
  • Social media engagement graphics & games;
  • Direct sales team content planning;
  • Digital or printable planner pages;
  • Daily Fitness trackers;
  • Ideal Client worksheets;
  • Party graphics & copy;
  • Workflow Trello templates;

… & so much more! There are new items being added frequently. And, because of the uniqueness of Direct Creatives, you can even have a say in what is created next through the Direct Creatives Marketplace Community.

What makes Direct Creatives different?

The biggest thing that sets Direct Creatives apart from other marketplaces (like Creative Commons & Etsy, for example) is the community. There is a Facebook community that connects customers & prospective customers & store owners with current Direct Creatives store owners. It's a wonderful place to ask questions, make suggestions for products you'd like to see offered in the Direct Creatives Marketplace & just be in the company of other like-minded business owners who are pushing toward their next level of success. (You know that saying about how you are who you hang out with? Well, this is a place you want to hang out!)

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Plus, as a Direct Creatives store owner, there is a Facebook community just for you & your peers. It is an incredibly supportive environment & the owners of Direct Creatives make frequent, regular appearances to help with troubleshooting. Plus, weekly training via Facebook Live is offered to help with strategizing & goal-setting, shop critiques & modifications, search engine optimization (SEO) to help your shop & products get found, & more!

When you sign up for a premium membership, there is yet another exclusive group & it comes with added opportunities. You can be featured in Direct Creatives communications & social channels, know about upgrades to the platform first, get a monthly opportunity to meet & collaborate with the owners, & be invited to moderate the public-facing marketplace community for added exposure & relationship-building.

Why should you choose Direct Creatives?

Each home business owner has their own unique set of circumstances. But, I can tell you why I chose Direct Creatives: It began with a desire to have more control over my income. My direct sales business is fulfilling, but it is also highly dependent on the choices the company makes. It is one avenue for income for me. I wanted to diversify my income — add another way to make money every month.

So, I started thinking about my strengths as a home-business owner & had some serious conversations with myself about what I really LIKE doing versus what I do for my business because I feel like I have to.

This all led to the realization that I love to write. I love sending emails & blogging. I love posting on social media & finding others' posts with questions that I can answer. The written word. It's my jam. So, I took a look at the home business owners in my circle & decided to start by writing out my process for creating emails. It seemed that was a great place to start.

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Within my first six weeks as a Direct Creatives store owner, I was turning a profit!

I started with just four products in my Direct Creatives shop:

In the works next are products to help re-engage your email list, consistently take care of YOU, have your website/blog set-up done for you, & have select content written for you. Of course, there's plenty more on my mind. The potential is endless!

The point is that you can repurpose the things you have already made for your business, direct sales team, or household. Checklists, schedules, processes, graphics, templates. Make them a bit more generic so anyone can use them & offer them for sale on Direct Creatives!

And, as for those things you don't love to do? Check out Direct Creatives to see what others are offering to make those tasks easier for you. (I will be taking a closer look at some of the graphics packs to schedule out my social media more efficiently! I love writing, but graphics are a time-suck for me! LOL)

How do you get started with Direct Creatives?

  • Plug into the community. Head over to Facebook & join the Direct Creatives Marketplace Community. (Tell them Reta Jayne sent you!) Ask your questions. Get a feel for the vibe. The community aspect of Direct Creatives is the reason I stayed with them over other options — & the store owner community really solidified that choice after I opened my shop.
  • Get on the store owners' waitlist. Direct Creatives only opens up a few times a year for new shop owners. (But, there is at least one back door to sign up ASAP that I know about. Comment below or shoot me an email to ask about the Direct Creatives side door to become a store owner sooner.)

    The staggered openings for new members give the owners of Direct Creatives the opportunity to fully support their store owners. We get training & support & recognition & contests. There are all kinds of things to help you be successful & have fun with your new endeavor.
  • Get your products ready! Start modifying your tools, checklists, templates, workbooks, workflows, & other potential products to be ready to sell on Direct Creatives. Ask questions in the Direct Creatives Marketplace Community if you need to. And be prepared to list your items when the doors open to become a shop owner.
  • Set aside your fees, if you wish. However, the cost of being a Direct Creatives store owner is as low as $8 per month (depending on the plan & payment frequency you choose), so your budget should be able to absorb the cost associated with your new Direct Creatives shop, even while you are getting set up & finding your bearings! It is super affordable, especially considering everything you get!
home business owners: the solution to diversifying your income & automating your efforts. direct creatives.

I feel so empowered & invigorated since I jumped out on the ledge, got out of my comfort zone, & opened my Direct Creatives shop. I am blown away at the success I have experienced with minimal effort & stoked to see how far I can go when putting some energy into marketing.

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I want you to feel that way too.

You deserve to feel in control of your income, have the peace of mind that comes with having an added income stream, and the extra time that goes with having the resources to be more efficient at the tasks that don't excite you. Direct Creatives can provide those solutions for you. All you need to do is believe in yourself & have the courage to try. I hope to see you in the Direct Creatives communities! Tag me (“@Reta Jayne Pearson”) & say, “Hello!”

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