What is a GROUND FLOOR Direct Sales Opportunity — & WHY is it like GOLD?

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You’ll be perusing your Facebook news feed or browsing on Pinterest or Instagram & come across someone touting something about some “ground floor” direct sales opportunity & you’ll wonder, Why on Earth is that such a big deal?

Or, perhaps, you’re involved in direct sales & you’re sick & tired of feeling like your affiliated company is, like, EVERYWHERE & you’ll wonder, Where are all the direct sales opportunities that are NOT already saturating the market?

This is where a ground floor direct sales opportunity could be like gold!

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A ground floor direct sales opportunity is when a direct sales company is just starting out & has very few representatives out sharing its products.

The opportunity is HUGE for those willing to jump onboard during such new stages! The risk is that you can never know just how big a company will get or where its successes (or pitfalls) will lie.

However, taking the plunge into a ground floor, brand new direct sales opportunity means YOU get to introduce these new products — & this new opportunity to the masses! YOU get the commissions on those sales. Plus, the company isn’t well-known; YOU get the benefits of building a team beneath you during this time!

This is HUGE!

It takes hard work in the short-term. But it can REALLY pay off in the long run! Imagine how many team members you can be coaching to success a year from now with this kind of opportunity.

Imagine the many people who you will get to engage with on a regular basis! All as a result of being the first to introduce them to some grand new product they had never heard of before!

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I am going to take it a step further.

What if you could find an opportunity with all the possibilities of a BRAND NEW company, but with a product that has been proven time & again?

What if you could stumble upon a company that started with a product designed to be natural & fabulous? A cosmetics company with skin care & body care lines? Products made from minerals & non-toxic ingredients? Designed to actually HELP your skin while making you look flawless, even through active lives?

This is what I have found & what I am presenting to you!

Sweet Minerals has a flagship offering of a Flawless Face system that is WATERPROOF, lasts 18+ hours, & is toxic-free, cruelty-free, with natural sun protection! Like, seriously!

On top of that, the company has expanded into full skin care lines, oils, body butters, & more!

Their representatives are called “educators” & there are less than 2,500 throughout the United States as I sit to share this with you.

Talk about THE perfect ground floor direct sales opportunity!!

Sweet Minerals has established products THEN decided to bust into the direct sales world once its processes were in place.

The owners have bootstrapped their way to where the company is today & its success is JUST starting to multiply! Wouldn’t you LOVE to be a part of its story?

You can!

Whether you’re intrigued by a natural, organic whenever possible makeup & skin care line or need a makeup that will withstand sweating or swimming or a downpour in nature… Or whether you’re entrepreneurial-minded & really want to see what you can do with such an amazing ground floor opportunity…

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Sweet Minerals is the up & coming direct sales opportunity of which to be a part!

Listen to one of the Sweet Minerals founders talk about how this ground floor opportunity is structured differently from others in the direct sales world. (If the above video doesn’t load correctly, you can click here to view it.)

Then, take a peek at the products.

Strike up a conversation with me about all of your questions! (Even ask me to add you to an exclusive, totally casual group to learn about all the SWEET POSSIBILITIES I can help you realize with Sweet Minerals.)

Then, when you’re ready to take the plunge, I will make it quick & easy for you!

There are even TWO options to choose from when deciding to partner with me & Sweet Minerals.

One is digital only. It gives you a replicated site INSTANTLY to start your business with AND access to an exclusive community of women for support, encouragement, & information. You get training & ready-made graphics & all sorts of stuff to help you be successful — all online — for just $1! (This option is only available for a limited time, though! So act quickly if it’s the one you have your eye on.)

The other option includes EVERYTHING in the digital-only membership, but ALSO includes a kit with products valued at over $500!! PLUS, you ALSO get a monthly join gift! (Private message me to find out what this month’s gift is!) This option, obviously, affords you the opportunity to have a beautiful collection of products to try for yourself &/or use to demo or sample out to others if you choose. PLUS, a few catalogs to have on-hand — all for just $99.

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No matter which option you choose, you are a full-fledged Sweet Minerals Educator with access to our exclusive community, opportunity for commission & special offers, & training from some pretty fabulous women who have gone before you.

The community ALONE is worth it!

But there is SO MUCH more value to this ground floor direct sales opportunity than what meets the eye!

My confidence is through the ROOF as a result of this amazing company & the opportunities it has afforded me. No lie.

Ground floor = few representatives & a company JUST NOW gaining momentum in the direct sales world.

GOLD = HUGE opportunity for YOU to capitalize on the newness of this company & its AMAZING product line!

Talk it out with me today — or, don’t delay, & partner with me now!

(Email me at [email protected], shoot me a PM on Facebook, or comment below. Seriously. Take your pick! You can even text JOIN to 509-289-2499 to subscribe to Confidence & Chaos featuring Sweet Minerals. Then, as a subscriber, you can even converse with Reta Jayne via text message!)

You’re also welcome to come join our group of empowering, inspiring women without any pressure! Just hang out, lurk, or participate as you see fit — make a few new friends over in the Calculated Chaos Community. There’s always room for one more. <3

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