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How’s THAT for some Calculated Chaos?

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SO…. I went & did something. It's quite a bit back-asswards. I won't lie… I am a bit in shock that I did it. I am relieved, excited, & extremely anxious & nervous now as a result. I am not sure yet if I am ready for the world to know, because I am also almost ashamed that I did it because it is far from a “responsible” thing to do… I thought my BF would be upset with me, but, apparently, he knew it was coming & swears he supports my decision fully. 

Anyway, I verbally gave my notice at my place of employment yesterday. I said I would have it in writing by tomorrow (Monday). I said I would stay a minimum of two weeks, but if they would like me to stay longer, (perhaps through the end of the month), I would be open to that. I cited personal reasons, because I have realized that, although I want the company to be at fault, in all reality, it was just a bunch of little things that I didn't like & no REAL one thing that tipped the scales towards my decision to leave.

I have no idea what I am going to do or where to go next. All I know is that this job is NOT what is going to make me happy. I absolutely dread going into work every day & I recently made the decision that I could not tolerate such work in my life. While it feels good to liberate myself from something that is so NOT me, I am now faced with the task of deciding what IS me, because I am certainly not the type to remain unemployed for long. I'd go even further insane than I already am! 😉

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How's that for some calculated chaos? The story of my life… We shall see what this next chapter brings!

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