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How Identifying an Ideal Reader Makes Marketing Easier

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What if you could just pull up a chair next to each & every person who came across ANY of your content? I mean, you could carry on a conversation tailored right to them & their objections & reasons you can help them. But, what if you could act like you were talking to just ONE person every time you sat down to write an email or blog post or video script? This is how identifying an ideal reader makes marketing easier for home-business owners.

identifying an ideal reader makes marketing easier, reta jayne

What IS an ideal reader, anyway?

A what? LOL. An ideal reader can also be referred to as a “target audience,” “client avatar,” ideal audience,” “ideal client,” & a myriad of other similar phrases.

A lot of people start to tune out at the mention of “ideal reader” (or anything of the sort). If you aren’t familiar with it, you might think we are getting all technical & going overboard on marketing & technical crap, right?

But, here’s the long & short of it:

Your ideal reader is simply the person you want to attract to you.

It's the person you can relate to the most. Even more precisely, it's the person you think will relate TO YOU the most. 

Most people select an ideal reader that is THEM, but 5 minutes ago.

So, for me, on my Confidence & Chaos blog — & even for my NoFilter Global business — I have decided to target women in their late 30’s to 40’s who have been struggling with their confidence levels. She knows her worth is higher than her brain sometimes lets her believe & she wants MORE for her life than she currently is getting. Something is missing. And, she craves community & empowerment. She wants to feel successful & valued & beautiful — but she doesn’t want to feel self-centered in the process.

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There’s more to it than that, but do you get a bit of an idea? I will be 40 years old this year & all of those things are ME — I just have a better grasp on it now AND I have figured out how to gain that empowerment & confidence I’ve been seeking. SO, I am positioned to help my ideal reader in plenty of ways!

You'll be surprised to find out how much identifying an ideal reader makes marketing easier!

So, sit down & get familiar with your ideal reader.

Answer questions about them. You can’t really narrow it down too much. So, be specific. The more people feel like you’re speaking RIGHT to them, the more effective your marketing & communication will be going forward.

Get in your ideal reader's head.

For instance, what drives YOU to buy?

What made YOU decide to start YOUR business or make your last purchase?

Chances are, it wasn’t blatant advertising & someone’s link plastered everywhere that coaxed you into your last few purchases. And, it probably wasn’t high pressure or guilt trips or unsolicited messages that got you excited about that business or product either.

It’s emotions & the need or want to SOLVE some problem.

THAT’S what we need to appeal to. There are all kinds of problems your ideal reader might want to solve with what you have to offer.

Now's the time to figure out which you can relate to the most. WHO do you want to attract? What kinds of problems have your products, services, &/or opportunity solved for you? What kinds of problems do you hope they’ll solve for you? 

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And, remember: Having an ideal reader does NOT mean you won’t sell to anyone who doesn't fit that mold. Identifying an ideal reader makes marketing easier by helping you know WHAT to share, HOW to share, & WHERE to share it. This is important groundwork; don’t skip it. (You can always go back & finetune it more later, but get SOMETHING down to get you started!)

Get the Ideal Client Worksheet.

If you'd like more specific help identifying your ideal reader (aka “target audience”) & pinpointing how to use it to develop your business strategy, just use this Ideal Client Worksheet.

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