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its not okay

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There is a lot in this world that saddens &/or disgusts me. There is a lot of unnecessary hurt from people jumping to conclusions, acting as if everyone else needs to share their view of the world, &/or being hateful or even violent in the name of whatever cause or viewpoint they are trying to bring into the light.

It's Not Okay

The world could use a lot more tolerance & compassion & respect for fellow human beings.

Caitlyn Jenner. It doesn't matter what your viewpoint is on transgendered people. They are people. They deserve the respect of being referred to by their preferred pronouns & names. They deserve to be able to live the life they want if it isn't hurting anyone else — &, guess what? Bruce Jenner deciding to be Cait Jenner doesn't hurt anyone! If this doesn't fit into your moral scale, that is okay too. BUT, don't go degrading & insulting & spreading hate because of it. If that is your viewpoint, you are allowed it, but in objecting to Caitlyn Jenner's decision to be a woman, if you drum up negativity & hate &/or threats for violence, that is NOT okay. Remember the whole, “If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all” bit? Yeah. . .

#BlackLivesMatter. Ugh. I get it; I do. Black people have had to put up with a lot in the past. You'd have to be under a rock to not know about it. It's ugly. It's sad. It was wrong. Some of that nastiness does still exist. I know. Being half-black, to bigots, I might as well be 100% black — & in their minds, that's a negative thing. I've experienced plenty of discrimination & hatred & sideways glances & nasty things muttered under people's breath — or even directly to my face — because of the color of my skin. That is not okay. But, do you know what else is not okay?? Grouping every white person into a category, designating them as hateful racists. Waging a war on all police. Destroying your city in the name of “justice.”

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I get that not all people who are a part of the #BlackLivesMatter movement do these things or have these viewpoints, but these things are happening entirely too often as a result of this thinking. Whatever happened to speaking your truth peacefully? Turning the other cheek might not get the same immediate attention as violence & r, but, in the long run, it sure would be more effective — & a lot more respectful. I know this is a loaded subject & there's a whole Hell of a lot more to it than what I can fit into a paragraph or two of a single blog post, but there's the gist of my views on the matter. (You can also read #BlackLivesMatter is Bullshit if you're curious on more of my perspective on this.)

Welfare. I don't care who you are, chances are, at some point or another in your life, you have needed a helping hand. It might not always have come from the government, but someone probably gave you that hand. I've had health insurance, paid for through the state at one point in my life. I've also been on “food stamps” a couple of times. I've had what some would consider a rough life at certain points. I used that help to get back on my feet again, then I got off the program. There are many others like me in that regard. Grouping everyone into a category & calling them lazy & accusing them of hand-outs & shit like that is not okay. Making a single mother feel horrible because she took sixty-seconds longer in the check-out line to use her WIC coupons for nutritious food for her young one is not okay. Just because someone has a nice-looking phone or shoes or handbag & pulls out an EBT card to pay for their purchase does not always mean they're scamming the system. . . Maybe they recently hit hard times. .. Maybe those items were gifts or held sentimental value.

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You. Don't. Know.

Have some compassion. Have some respect. Be more tolerant of people who aren't like you.

I could go on & on. . . But, I won't.

This was written in participation of Finish the Sentence Friday. This week's prompt was “The world needs more. . .”

The host is Kristi of Finding Ninee & this week's co-hosts are Anna's Blog & Shelly of Slightly Off Kilter. Pay them a visit to see how they each finished this week's sentence. (Click here to see everyone else's entries for the week!)


16 thoughts on “It’s Not Okay”

  1. This is great. I love what you said…you don’t know. People don’t know the struggles of others but they stand in judgement as if they do. But they should not judge even if they do. Our posts are quite similar…great minds and hearts.

    1. Exactly! Why is there judgement at all. . . &, even if you catch yourself judging, why is done so loudly & in such a hateful manner? Our posts ARE quite similar. . . It is nice to see. 😉

  2. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    YES! Nobody has the right to assume that they know another person’s motivations or lives. We don’t ever know the full story and should always act with kindness and compassion. This was a perfect answer to this week’s sentence. Thanks so much for joining!

  3. I wonder if people have been judgmental since the beginning of time, or if it’s particularly bad in the modern world. We definitely need more tolerance and respect – well said.

    1. I really dislike saying so, but I think people HAVE been judgmental since the beginning of time. . . I think it is a natural tendency (especially in this day & age) to reject things that are not like us or that are unfamiliar to us. . . I think it takes a conscious effort to remind ourselves that we can be better & do better in that regard.

  4. Ooooh… this is SO good!! I’m just so glad I came over to read this post, Reta Jayne! You truly have a powerful message to share here, and I for one, couldn’t agree MORE! I am off to go read your other posts you referred to here. SO wonderful to connect with you!! LOVE your perspective.

  5. You definitely picked some tough topics in today’s post! Striking a just balance for African-Americans is particularly troubling; you can certainly appreciate how much anger and resentment has built up. It’s great though, that moderate voices like yours can still be heard and make a difference!

    1. I do understand. I really do. I am mulatto & can identify with some of the black viewpoints, as well as the “privileged” white. . . It IS a delicate balance; I can’t deny that. 😉

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