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New Year, New Focus (On Purpose #11)

new year new focus

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In a little more than 48 hours, we leave 2014 behind & dive into the new year of 2015. It's a clean slate of sorts for many. . . Just another day for others. . . For me, it is something in between.

I am not usually in the habit of New Year Resolutions. . . But, I am constantly making new goals & monitoring & revising goals that I have already set for myself. . . The bulk of this comes around my birthday (November 16), so the new year is nearly perfect timing to take another look at how those new goals are shaping up & to fine-tune what I really want to be focusing on over the next several months. . .

It is time to focus in on those goals. (Image from

It is time to focus in on those goals. (Image from

The end of October, I published my 101 in 1001 list. It was super fun to write — & it is even more fun to be able to mark items as complete! As of today, I have been able to mark five of the 101 items off as complete & I have another dozen that are in progress!  Not too shabby for only two months, eh? (Not all of the “in progress” items are marked as such on the list; can you guess which ones they are??)

The list is perfect for keeping me focused on things that matter to me when I start to get into my funk too hardcore. . . But, there are certain things that have really been on my mind lately. . . So, those are the things that are going to take up the majority of my time & energy & thoughts until they are either completed or well-underway. . . It is perfect because there are several things to focus on (since I have the need to bounce back & forth between several things, rather than just one or two), but it gives me three main categories when I need to think simply. . .

I need to make our house more of a home.

In my opinion, making a house a home is half-way done simply by considering the people in it. . . &, frankly, wherever the handsome husband lives is my home too. I couldn't see my life any other way. . . With that said, our one-year lease is up in three months & there are still a few boxes out in the garage that we haven't unpacked. . . Some of it might just get sold, donated, or thrown out at this point, but some is sentimental & deserves a more prominent position in our home. Plus, there are plenty of picture frames that haven't been hung up, (plus new frames the handsome husband gave me for Christmas that need photos put into them & hung). . . Then, there are a few purchases that I really want to make for our home, such as new nightstands & lamps for our bedroom, new chairs for our dining table, & furniture for Little RJ's bedroom. . .

It's those touches that make you smile when you walk into a house. . . The photos & decorations on the walls, the completed bedrooms, ready for loved ones when they can visit. . . Those are the added things that make a house a home, in my mind. . . & I haven't really done that in any of my last several dwellings. It has been YEARS since I last felt comfortable putting in that effort (& money, frankly). . . & the last time I did it, I wound up having to move abruptly & lost A LOT of my favorite possessions. . . I am ready to take that “risk” again finally — especially now that the handsome husband & I have decided that, barring any significant unexpected occurrences in the next month or two, we will be renewing our lease in March. It is time to make this house a home. . . & this will contribute to at least nine items being marked off my 101 in 1001 list — mostly in the “Home” section.

I need to be more bold in my writing.

I enjoy writing so much. . . Calculated Chaos is great for me because it is an outlet for my emotions & my over-thinking. . . & a way to share with others everything that floats around in my noggin' that is hard to share otherwise. . . BUT, I don't really view it as WRITING; I view it as sharing or purging or conversing, depending on the exact post. . . It is nice because, as is the case with this post, it is a way to hold myself accountable in my goal-setting or to create a sense of community & comradery in some of the feelings & thoughts that I have — to know that there are others out there who feel or think the same things. . . & while it involves the act of writing to do these things, I censor myself a great deal in the process. I do not share much that I think could be viewed as controversial — no matter how strong I feel about a subject. . . I don't do much research for my “writing,” because it comes from how I feel more than from facts. . .

I do not want to lose what I already have going on here, but I do want to add to it. . . I want to lose the censorship I have placed on myself & write about my opinions more often without worrying so hard if it will be taken negatively. I want to research events in the world & ask the questions that I want to ask about them & start real conversations in my little corner of the web here. . . In a nutshell, I want to be more authentically ME. . . Tell it like it is without holding back — & without apologizing. My opinion is my opinion — & it'll be even more concrete of an opinion if I do a little research along the way. . .

Additionally, I want to get some more momentum going on this idea of writing a novel. I have a nearly formed idea, with a few notes to get me started, but I have been hesitating on the logistics of actually getting that ball rolling with enough speed that it'd be difficult to stop. Do ya get where I am going with this?? 😉 I have poked around online quite a bit to get ideas on how others have done it. . . & I have joined several groups on Facebook for the community of it all. (I am always looking for more, so if someone reading this happens to have a few favorite groups, please let me know!) I need to just give myself that kick in the ass & get it going. I'd say I am not sure what my hang-up is, but I really think it is just fear. . . The same kind of fear that keeps me from writing that different kind of blog post. . . That is why it needs to be one of my focuses.

I need to do more that just makes me smile.

From finally getting my “Heart of Pi” tattoo (a pi symbol within a heart) in honor of my mother to getting my passport to visiting family more often. . . I need to make these things a higher priority — because they are important to me, regardless of whether any of them seem to be frivolous in nature.

Included on this list will be celebrating our two-year wedding anniversary in some significant way. . . Our first anniversary was a major bust — due to no fault of our own, admittedly. . . But, now I really feel the need to make the next one special, ya know? On a separate note, I need to figure out my set-backs in being more active. . . (I think eating a bit better will come a bit more naturally when I get up & move more.) Activity is not a part of my nature. . . I am stuck in my head a lot more than I enjoy just getting out & walking or enjoying nature or whatever. BUT, I am a creature of habit. . . It is disturbingly hard to break bad habits (or form new good habits), but once I form a habit (good or bad), I tend to stick to it until something life-altering happens (or until A LOT of hard work goes into changing it!). I have put on A LOT of weight over the past few years & I know I would smile a whole Hell of a lot more if I would just figure out my roadblock in being more active. That is the key. . .

I keep putting these smile-inducing things off for one reason or another & I really would like it to stop. . . Plan better or re-prioritize or something. Life is too short & these are the things that matter.

Which areas of your life are going to get your focus in the coming months? Care to share?

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