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On Purpose: Getting Passionate

on purpose

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When I read today's prompt for the Blog-tember Challenge, I couldn't help but think how extremely broad it seemed (in my opinion). . .

“I am passionate about ______________. “

I am passionate about so many things! I asked myself, “How can I even start to narrow this down?!” Then a thought struck me. . .

Several weeks ago, I started a series of posts, scheduled for every Friday. (Coincidence that today also happens to be a Friday? I think not!) This series is called “On Purpose.” (To get a better understanding of what it is all about, please read the introductory post here.)

On Purpose

These posts have helped me tremendously in becoming more purposeful & — perhaps even more importantly for me — being able to measure my productivity in staying purposeful & living intentionally, rather than letting life happen to me. This is something I have become quite passionate about (among many other things, of course)! It is imperative that I make sure I stay productive & do not stagnate — or even feel like I am stuck. It's quite a big deal in my world & a huge factor in whether I feel happy. 

So, naturally, I feel inclined to combine my weekly On Purpose series with today's Blog-tember Challenge post. The correlation is clear. . . Plus, I want to introduce a (fun?) change to the On Purpose series & today's prompt helps me to explain the reason for the change. . .

When I first started poking around the Brave Love blog (ran by Bailey, our gracious host for the Blog-tember Challenge), a selection at the top of her page on her menu bar caught my eye. It is titled “101 in 1001.” Intrigued, I clicked on the link. It is a list of 101 specific goals that are to completed within 1001 days (approximately 33 months). I wanted to know more, so I plugged the phrase into Google & it brought me to a site called Day Zero Project, which appears to be a site all about creating challenges for yourself that are specific & measurable & include a clear time-frame for completion. This is exactly what I am trying to accomplish here!

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Now, with all of this said, I am not done exploring that site. I might do something further there; I might not. BUT, the concept is one I absolutely love & if I had not found the Brave Love blog & Bailey's 101 in 1001, I wouldn't have had quite this inspiration. . . I've been wanting to create a “bucket list” of sorts, but the whole idea seems entirely too morbid for my taste. . . I am too old (ahem! what??) for a “30 by 30” list & I don't want to wait for a “40 by 40” to play out. This could very well be my solution!! 😀

SO, keeping all of this in mind, there will not be a weekly On Purpose post, going forward. I am going to transition to a monthly post, most likely on the first of each month. (But, please stay tuned! It could very well wind up on the last Friday of this month or the first Friday of next month!)

By the next edition of On Purpose, I will create a list of 101 specific, measurable, attainable goals, to be accomplished by a specific date, (1001 days from its launch). Each month's On Purpose post will not only include explanations of successes & short-comings in attempting to reach those goals, but also additional, unrelated goals, specific to that month. The master list (my “101 in 1001” list), will be updated each month, coinciding with the On Purpose post.

I am really looking forward to this new chapter! I think it will be a ton of fun building my list of 101 things to accomplish (& I encourage others to give it a try too!) Plus, it'll be super fun once I get to the point where I can start to cross things off that list!

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Now, if you're wondering if there's anything else I will seek to accomplish the rest of this month until it is time to unveil my 101 in 1001, here is a brief list:

  1. CREATE my 101 in 1001 list. (Duh!)
  2. Maintain A's in all four of my classes. (Tall order, I know. BUT, you have to aim high, people! It's totally attainable.)
  3. Follow-through with the Blog-tember Challenge! I will follow the prompts to the best of my abilities, but there will be a few days when I do my own thing. . . The main objective is to keep posting daily (& to pop over to a few of the other blogs each day so I can check out what they did too). 😉

And, if you were wondering how I did with the goals I set last week, well, they were pretty much slam-dunks. . . The only one that could even remotely be called into question is the catching up on housework bit — because, well, when are you ever really caught up on housework? Hmmm? Exactly!

So, what's on YOUR list to accomplish the rest of this month? What would you include on your 101 in 1001? What do you think I should make sure to include? Leave a comment below, email me at, or find me on Facebook. 😉


4 thoughts on “On Purpose: Getting Passionate”

  1. GREAT post, so good to see you so full of enthusiasm! Have made a mental note to take a look at the goal setting/planning tools you mention. I have recently made a ’40 after 40′ list (things I got sidetracked on, due to my marriage, and that I want to realise before I shift this mortal coil).

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