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Finally, it is totally okay that, when you sit down to write, the right WORDS evade you. Not everyone is as “wordy” as Reta Jayne. Capitalize on what she loves by getting all kinds of free writing, tips, tricks, formulas, & inspiration.



Your business no longer needs to suffer when you don’t know how or what to say. Whether you want to learn so you can do-it-yourself or you just want it done for you, Reta Jayne can cater to your unique entrepreneurial needs.


About me

I am confidence & chaos all rolled into one kinda-middle-aged woman. Expressing myself through written words is my therapy. And, when I realized I had a knack for it, I decided to help you express yourself & your business with words too.



Hiiiii! Welcome.

I am Reta Jayne, a kinda-middle-aged wife & mother & home-based entrepreneur like you. I’ve learned to find a way to take the things I love to do (like, writing!) & incorporate them into my daily life more. And, even better, I’ve turned it into a business that helps you do the things you love to do — & make more money while you do them.

Stick around a bit. This site is full of writing & digital marketing tips to help you speak your mind & market your business. And it will be updated with more helpful, actionable articles on a regular basis.

I am stoked to get to help you make more money doing what you love!

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What’s your favorite social media platform? I am only active on my favorites & I don’t try to be everywhere all at once. (I am also in the process of revamping them all, so please be patient with me!)

And, while social media is a powerful business tool, I strive to make my time there FUN-FILLED! I wish the same for you. If my favorite social media platforms (below) are yours too, will you consider following me? Let’s hang out & get to know each other!