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‘Plum’s Cyber Puddle

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A bit over a year ago, I decided to start my blogging adventure & I had absolutely no idea what I was doing! (On many levels, I still don't; figuring it all out is half the fun!) As such, I began a blog to simply start poking around on WordPress, to learn a bit about the site. The “problem” occurred when I started another blog when I was ready to begin posting. Yep; I wound up with two blogs & only began posting on one — the one that wasn't attached to my user name (mochamama0205). Oh well. What's a gal to do?

Well, while Calculated Chaos (the site you're currently reading) is my main blog & is, obviously, up & running with several posts (& is the blog I intend to nourish further), there was still the issue of how to best utilize the “mochamama0205” space. A friend, through a FaceBook chat discussing blog formatting & inspiration, made a passing suggestion of posting a simple entry, re-directing any visitors to Calculated Chaos, thus ending my dilemma. In the same conversation, on the subject of “html” (I said I know very little about it, but would love to learn!), I mentioned that, years ago, my mother had the equivalent of a blog, where she was learning html & that I should blog about it sometime.  It occurred to me, I could take my friend's suggestion a step further & do both, tying the vacant page back to my blog, as well as commemorating the page my mother maintained years ago. . .


You see, mom passed away over 15 years ago. BUT, just over three years ago, during a visit I made to Southern California from my home in Washington State, my uncle (one of mom's four younger brothers) showed me a website that my mother had maintained in the several months before her death. Before then, I had never known that it existed! I knew that my mother liked to chat through something called “ICQ” & that she really enjoyed her time on the Internet, but I never paid close enough attention beyond that. . .

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Mom's website was titled, “‘Plum's Cyber Puddle.” Note the apostrophe (‘) at the beginning of the word “plum.” One of her handles was “Purple Plum”; cute, huh? 🙂 For whatever reason, I never took note of the all-important detail of noting the actual address of her website, but I did copy & paste the text of the site, in my mother's words to a “note” on my personal FaceBook page. Anyone who had the privilege of knowing my mother could practically hear her voice reading the words off the page. . . They are definitely her words, her creation. It may be simply chronicling the details of & her thoughts about her cancer treatment, but it is still something neat to discover all these years after she's passed.

Maybe I will add to Mocha Mama's Cyber Celebration in the future. . . Or, maybe it will stay as it is now. Either way, it now has a pretty cool purpose in addition to directing visitors to Calculated Chaos. . .

10 thoughts on “‘Plum’s Cyber Puddle”

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    1. Thank you, Torrey! This is why I felt it important to do. . . And, not just for ME, but also for my family that may not be as “tech savvy” or as in touch with their emotions as I am. . . Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  3. You are lucky to have the words to share and treasure still.

    As far as blogs go, I had multiple blogs at one time ( I write in different voices and styles) and the constant logging in and out annoyed me so much that I created a new, consolidated blog. I simply put a static post directing everyone to the unified blog.

    Of course, being an ex-techie, I did some exporting / importing of posts and wasted many an hour re-tagging and categorizing everything to suit the new, improved and consolidated blog.

    1. I am far from being a “techie”, but I have often wondered if it’d be something I’d enjoy. . . Once upon a time, I wrote short stories as well. But, again, that was quite a long time ago. Perhaps one day, I will repurpose that blog into something having to do with my fiction, but for now, I will work on Calculated Chaos. 😉

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by. 😀

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