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Top 5 Reasons to Start an Email List

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As a home-based entrepreneur, you have probably heard by now that you have to start an email list. It's a necessity, apparently. But, why is this list so important? Isn't just a bunch of email addresses? What makes an email list such a valuable asset as a business owner? Let me tell you; here are the top 5 reasons to start an email list. (Yes! Even as a home business owner or direct seller!)

top 5 reasons to start an email list - reta jayne

#1 of 5 Reasons to Start an Email List:

An email list is the best way to ensure your contacts remain your contacts.

This one is especially for direct sellers, affiliate marketers, & multi-level marketers — though it applies to ALL home-based entrepreneurs.

When you run your business based on someone else's platform (think: your direct sales company or on social media like Facebook), you are putting all of your customer information into their software. If ever they decide you are no longer suitable to affiliate with them, you are locked out of YOUR customer information!

YOU are working hard to develop relationships. Shouldn't you protect their information & keep it so YOU can safely communicate with them, regardless of which changes to the future might bring to your business?

#2 of 5 Reasons to Start an Email List:

You get to maintain control of how you communicate.

Putting all of your eggs in social media baskets can be detrimental to your success, regardless of whether you are in direct sales, social marketing, or run your own home-based business.

Social media platforms might not cost you money to use, but you do sacrifice control of your marketing & targeting of your audience because you do not own the platform. You’re a renter with very few rights other than a limited amount of privacy. 

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When you have an email list, however, you own the rights to that list (provided you obtained it ethically). No one can take it from you or tell you when or how to use it (within the confines of the law, of course). 

(The same is true for owning a website or blog versus using only social media to share your knowledge.)

Locked out of a social media account? With email, your business goes on.

Plus, as long as you're abiding by simple, common sense rules, you can communicate to your audience however you see fit. You don't have a social media algorithm flagging you as spammy for no reason or some snoopy leader in your direct sales company breathing down your neck for every compliance-related grey area.

#3 of 5 Reasons to Start an Email List:

Email is a personalized way to communicate.

Sure, as a home-based entrepreneur, you can send out emails in bulk. You can automate & do all kinds of fun things. But, if you do it right, every email that hits your readers' inbox will feel like you've written directly to them.

And do you know what happens when people feel seen & heard?

They start to like & trust YOU more.

It's nothing to take lightly. It's a huge opportunity — & responsibility.

But, it IS an opportunity, nonetheless. Don't squander it!

#4 of 5 Reasons to Start an Email List:

An email list gives you the gift of time.

Yes, every person on your email list needs to be introduced to you & nurtured on a regular basis. Maintaining an email list does take effort.

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But, did you know that having an email list through an email service provider (think: Aweber, ConvertKit, or MailerLite, for example), you also get an abundance of tools to make that job easier & so many more?

Email service providers give you the ability to segment your subscribers into groups so you can target them by their interest & activity & they let you send automatic emails set to start at triggers of your choosing.

For example, do you want to send a set of three to five emails to every new subscriber you get? Let them know who you are, what you stand for, why they should be so excited to be in your “inner circle,” & all that jazz?

You can set up an automation that sends an email on a schedule you choose (every other day, each week, etc.) to welcome new email subscribers, as one example.

Are you a direct sales leader? What about sending an onboarding email sequence to your team's newest members?

Or, do you want to give your audience a spring cleaning challenge or teach them how to do something simple? What about setting up an email automation as a mini-course?!

The sky is the limit — & I'm just touching the surface!

You can even create landing pages, embeddable sign-up forms, web notifications, & more using your email service provider.

There are so many tools to simplify your business activities & stay at the forefront of your audience's mind. But, you need to be willing to take the first steps.

#5 of 5 Reasons to Start an Email List:

Email opens a whole new world of marketing to you.

Keep YOU on your ideal client's mind by enticing them to join your list & interacting with them regularly.

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Make promises & over-deliver on them. Be human. Show off.

Do you know the saying about how people need to know, like, & trust you in order to do business with you? Well, email is an added opportunity to do just that.

Get into your ideal reader's mind & deliver content they want to read.

I read somewhere that, through email alone, you can estimate a monthly income equal to $1 per email subscriber. And that's just doing the best you can with what you know now — even as a beginner email marketer.

One dollar per subscriber?

Reach 1,000 subscribers, & it could be argued that you could be sitting on $1,000 per month in additional income to your other selling activities! Why wouldn't you give something like this a shot?

So, how do you get started with email marketing?

I'm glad you asked. Here are some resources for you:

[aweber listid=5819372 formid=1050494660 formtype=webform]

Make starting an email list even easier with a set of 8 fill-in-the-blank templates to know exactly what to write in your emails! Just head over to my Direct Creatives shop & take a peek around.

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