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4 Advantageous Reasons Your Home Business Needs a Website Today

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Working for yourself from the comfort of your own home has a lot of perks! But, just because we are enclosed by our four walls doesn't mean our business needs to be as well. Bust out into the World Wide Web! Let me line out all the top reasons your home business needs a website.

4 advantageous reasons your home business needs a website today,

1). Online “real estate” is a valuable commodity!

Many people who run home businesses online do not own their own “online real estate.” They are borrowing space from someone else to market their business. Social media, direct sales directories, & even Google My Business are all platforms controlled by others.

Social media is “rented” online real estate. Your profiles & groups & pages are all owned by someone else. The rules are constantly changing & people are getting “put in jail” or banned left & right for reasons that are not always crystal clear. As a responsible home business owner, there comes a point when you want to start paving a path for which you have more control.

That is what makes having your own online real estate so valuable: CONTROL.

2). Your website is the key to automating your business.

Through strategic content, you can not only inform your readers, but also pull in new leads & create new customers. And it works for you 24 hours a day!

Do you have a ton of frequently asked questions that you feel you are always trying to answer? Put it in a blog post. Then, it's quick & easy (& improves your website traffic!) to copy & paste a link for reference in your conversations with others.

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Do you have products or services that people don't know how to use? Describe them each in their own blog post & show them why they're so invaluable! Use those blog articles to answer questions, inspire social media content, or share in your emails.

Turn your “why” into a compelling story to share on your website. Fine-tune your description of all the problems you can help your ideal client solve with what you offer. Give advice related to your niche & create an online hub that your audience craves visiting.

Then, embed throughout your site free (helpful!) tools & digital trinkets to act as lead magnets to entice your readers to join your email list. Tie your products & services into your free website content to show — not tell! — your audience what you offer, how you offer it, & WHY they should be clamoring to buy it from you.

Once your content is created & published, it is always out on the InterWebs working for you.

3). Your website puts the power of SEO to work for you.

SEO. Search engine optimization. When you fire up your computer — or tablet or phone — & pull up the Google webpage to search for that recipe or tutorial or to find out whether that thing you do is normal (*wink*), you are utilizing the Google search engine. (There are other search engines too, but work with me here.)

What you type into that search bar is riddled with what are called “keywords” & the more detailed your search is, the more specific your results will be.

The key to SEO is to optimize how the search engines work for you.

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Putting the power of SEO to work for you means loading your content with the keywords YOUR ideal audience is typing into that search bar.

And, a “keyword” doesn't have to be just ONE word; it can be a phrase. In fact, for most home businesses, a long-tail keyword (a string of words for a specific search) is the most beneficial type of keyword to use. It helps you show up on search engine results pages (SERPs) that give you a flying chance of actually ranking (showing up on the FIRST page of SERPs), instead of hiding with all the “dead bodies” on page two, three, four, or worse — because no one goes looking for dead bodies! (I should pause & give thanks to one of my business coaches for THAT analogy! Ha!)

And, when you are putting SEO to work on your home business, you find yourself no longer chasing after customers &, instead, having your ideal clients knocking on your (virtual) door.

It's a beautiful thing when your business makes that shift from feeling like you're always hustling to forming strategies & implementing tactics to accomplish your goal. You no longer have that underlying frantic feeling; it's replaced with calm & control. (There's that word again: CONTROL.)

4). Having your own home business website puts you in control.

This might be the most compelling of all reasons your home business needs a website.


When you have your own website, you control you own content. How will it look? The layout? The colors? The language & logos & personal flair are all set by you. The rules are yours to make.

Provide value on an entirely new level with blog content to entertain & inform your audience on your schedule. Have a platform to link to in order to answer frequently asked questions — in your own branding!

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Give your audience a professional-looking forward-facing platform that taps into the heavy-lifting power of search engine optimization to get found. Control how you run your business by actually being found instead of chasing potential customers like a shot of an arrow into the dark!

Your marketing funnels will all gain clarity — for you & your audience! — when you create a website for your home business. Streamline your efforts & minimize your workload. Work smarter, not harder. In today's world, to get ahead & be set apart, there are too many advantageous reasons your home business needs a website. Don't ignore them!

What is holding you back?

If it is that you don’t have time or energy or interest in learning yet another platform, I have your solution. You can now get done-for-you website creation by Reta JayneYou can have a website up-&-running within the month.

The service comes in one of three levels: BASIC (just the bones – you create your content), INTERMEDIATE (some content done-for-you on the created site), or READY-TO-LAUNCH (you don't have to add anything right away!). AND you can choose whether to pay for it in one installment or two. You're in control right from the start.

AND, you aren’t blindly given your new website without any direction. The goal is for you to be able to actually use it. Learn more in Reta Jayne's Direct Creatives shop. And, if you have any questions, just contact Reta Jayne via email or Messenger.

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