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Seeking Guest Bloggers for New Mental Health & Self-Care Series

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Starting Monday, September 13, 2021, a new mental health & self-care series will begin to post as a new weekly feature right here on I am currently seeking GUEST BLOGGERS for this new series. The topics need to be centered around SELF-CARE &/or MENTAL HEALTH.

seeking guest bloggers for an ongoing mental health and self-care series

I am seeking guest bloggers to write about self-care &/or mental health topics.

If you are interested, here’s all that is needed for this opportunity:

  • A 600-word (approximate minimum) article that tells a compelling story or gives advice from your experiences regarding a self-care or mental health topic.
  • A blurb about who you are &/or what you do (to appear with your blog post).
  • A photo of you that you would like me to use with your author blurb.
  • A link to your funnel endpoint &/or to a lead magnet related to your article’s topic. (This is, of course, optional. But if you have a business or online platform, it's a nice opportunity for more exposure.)

Your platform doesn’t have to be centered around these things in order to submit your article.

If you have a story to tell or advice to give, this is a place for you to do so.

You can be an author, direct seller, home-based business owner, or anything (or nothing!) at all. There is NO prerequisite. I am seeking guest bloggers regardless of platform or experience. You simply need a story or lesson to share that has something (anything!) to do with self-care &/or mental health.

It is important to have an outlet for these types of stories. Now you have one, whether you have your own or not. THIS is your chance to use your voice.

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In addition to linking to you within your post, I will also share it on my social channels &/or to my email list. Neither are huge, but they are fairly engaged, all things considered.

I prefer original submissions, but if you have published your submission previously, please disclose where it has been published so I can link back to it too.

Ideas for submissions include:

  • Your mental health diagnosis story;
  • Your self-care tips;
  • A story of burnout & the lesson you learned from it;
  • Coping strategies for a specific mental health ailment;
  • # Ways to know you suffer from fill-in-the-blank ailment;
  • Relateable humor regarding mental health &/or self-care;
  • Devotionals related to self-care &/or mental health;
  • Inner dialogue surrounding a tough decision;
  • A day in the life of ____;
  • A story about what made you decide to seek (or NOT seek!) medication/help/therapy;
  • A story of encouragement;
  • A story of sadness or grief;
  • A lesson learned about who you are;
  • How your relationships serve you — or how to know when they don't;
  • Whatever else you can think of that ties into how we care for ourselves, nurture who we are, live up to our potential, protect our mental health, identify when something is amiss with our mental health or self-care, or anything else of that nature.

This is NOT an all-inclusive list. I am very openly seeking guest bloggers who want an opportunity to express themselves further. And, I do not anticipate any specific topics that will NOT be used. However, I must reserve the right to deny submissions that do not align with my branding or that are too far out of line with my own views.

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Submit to in the form of a link to a Google Doc at your earliest convenience.

This is intended to be an ongoing weekly feature, but it will greatly depend on submissions received. As such, I am seeking guest bloggers on an ongoing basis & multiple submissions are welcomed & encouraged at this time. Right now, I am scheduling new submissions for October 2021 & beyond. Once you have submitted, expect to hear back from me within 10 business days.

Any updates to submission requirements or the submission process will be noted on this page going forward. So, please feel free to share this URL with anyone you know who has a story to share, lessons to teach, or thoughts that need a platform in regard to mental health or self-care.

Questions? Just comment below! Not sure if your idea qualifies? Comment below. Emails (to are also encouraged.

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