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Wear It Free: How to Try Sweet Minerals FOR FREE

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I get it. Trying new cosemetics — even busting into a new brand of anything you put on or in your body can be stressful sometimes. There's all kinds of irritants, inside & out, that contribute to our hesitation to make a change, even if we aren't happy with what we're currently using. But, there's a super EASY way to try Sweet Minerals for free right now!

wear it free, how to try sweet minerals for free, try sweet minerals foundation for free, confidence and chaos featuring sweet minerals, sweet minerals foundation, what makes sweet minerals foundation different, reta jayne

The flagship product for Sweet Minerals — the main thing that got it all started — is the Flawless Face system. The reason for this is because the foundation was formulated unlike ANY other foundation on the market.

Before you try Sweet Minerals for free, you should know, it is made different.

Sweet Minerals foundation is free of parabens or phthalates. There are absolutely no sulfates, bismuth oxychoride, synthetic fragrances, or talc. There are NO FILLERS! You get actual mineral foundation. Yes. What I am implying is true, so I will just say it:

Sweet Minerals foundation is a REAL mineral foundation.

It's not a powder foundation with minerals as an ingredient. When you try Sweet Minerals foundation for free, you will be getting actual crushed minerals as a foundation! So, you'll want to keep this difference in mind! It will mean it lasts longer on your face, you will need to use WAY less to get the coverage you desire, & your face will not feel gross like it might with many other brands.

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So, how do you try Sweet Minerals foundation for free?

1). Get your free virtual color match.

Get virtually color matched to get started. You need to know which color is the best for you. Head over to the color survey & answer the questions to the best of your abilities.

Be sure to enter your email at the start of the survey! This will ensure your result is emailed to you in case you get lost or distracted along the way. (I know that's something I'd appreciate with my household!)

Click here to take your FREE Virtual Color Match Survey.

2). Select Your Free Sweet Minerals Foundation.

At the end of the survey, you will be taken to a separate shopping screen. Those are ALL of the options available to you in YOUR perfect shade!! Look among them to find the one listed as $0.00 with “Wear It Free” in the description. That's the one to put into your cart!

If you've never shopped with Reta Jayne before, you'll be prompted to register. Don't worry. It's the standard stuff like name, address, & email. From there, you are welcome to browse around the site some more. Or you can continue to checkout. You will only be charged a flat $3 shipping for to be able to try Sweet Minerals foundation for free. Your “sample” should last you a MONTH!!!

Try Sweet Minerals for FREE here.

3). Keep in mind, to effectively wear Sweet Minerals foundation you apply it a bit different than other foundations.

You want to make sure your skin is prepped. Not only should it be clean, but it should also be exfoliated (with a gentled scrub &/or mask, depending on your skin type) & moisturized. Sweet Minerals has a fabulous Daily Essentials skin care set that works really well with its foundation & Flawless Face Deluxe system as a whole. The Daily Essentials skin care set takes care of ALL of that.

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At the absolute bare minimum, PLEASE, use a moisturizing primer & a kabuki brush when you try Sweet Minerals for free or otherwise.

Sweet Minerals Moisture Prep doubles as a facial moisturizer & a foundation primer. It is also part of the Daily Essentials skin care set I previously mentioned. (What I like about the whole Daily Essentials set is that you can get a travel-size set that will last you a month or so when used daily. That's about the same length of time your FREE Sweet Minerals foundation should last you!)

Sweet Minerals' kabuki brush is a super soft, synthetic brush that helps you buff the minerals into your face just right. Slowly building your foundation coverage is key with minerals like this. You will most likely find you need WAY less foundation than you think you do. So start with a SMALL amount & buff into your skin. Then layer another SMALL amount until you get the coverage you desire. You can watch a tutorial on it here:

4). Remember, you don't have to decide on your own!

Try Sweet Minerals for FREE, sure. But, you can ask questions, shop for additional items, &/or get makeup & skin care advice simply by contacting Reta Jayne. She loves helping you find the solutions you need! Every one of them contribute to happier, more confident women.

Email Reta Jayne at or send her a private message over on Facebook. You can also text JOIN to 509-289-2499 to get on her text alerts; by doing so, you can text her at that number with your questions at any time! Even simply leave a comment below on this blog article & she will respond to it soon! <3

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