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What is a Welcome Email Sequence?

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When you sign up for a new email subscription on someone's webpage & an email hits your inbox, like, immediately, it's likely the owner of that list has a welcome email sequence set up. It sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? Or does it? What is a welcome email sequence, anyway?

what is a welcome email sequence? reta jayne

When your followers decide to entrust you with their email addresses, you have a responsibility to enter their inbox with respect.

Not only are there laws to follow, but there are also rules of integrity to keep in mind as well. And, as luck would have it, acting like a good person will usually keep you on the right side of the law too. 

To start, once someone joins your email list, you have made a promise. Either you offered a lead magnet to entice them to give their email address up. Or, on your sign up form, you told them what you would be sending them in return for their information.

Maybe you offered a checklist or an ebook or a coupon. But, maybe you simply told them you would send updates or a newsletter. Either way, you need to have a plan for exactly how & when you will be fulfilling that promise to your reader. 

Do not take it for granted. 

Deliver everything you promised in the way you promised. And, if you cannot do so, make sure your sign-up form or landing page reflects what you will do. 

Your Welcome Email Sequence is your chance to introduce yourself.

But, it's also your opportunity to deliver any lead magnet you promised at sign-up, tell your new reader what they can expect from you, & entice them to go further into your funnels.

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So, as you create your series of welcome emails, you should keep in mind your follower’s experience. What is the social or sales funnel you want him or her to fall into? In an ideal world, what do you want from this new reader in exchange for entrusting you with their email address?

Your Welcome Email Sequence is your chance to form a relationship with your reader & help them feel like they know you.

Give them a reason to like you & help them learn to trust you. 

Yes! Email can do just that — if you craft them properly.

Would you invite someone into your home, close the door behind them, then ignore them for two hours before showing them around?

Probably not. Ha!

You would take their coat, show them a comfy spot to sit, give them something delicious to eat or drink, & maybe show them where the nearest restroom is, right?

You want to be hospitable. 

You want to make your home a place they’ll consider inviting & cozy. You want it to be a place where they’ll want to visit again & where they’ll tell others about how beautiful it is & how wonderful you made them feel while they were there.

Doesn’t that sound like what we would all strive toward? (Well, assuming you’re not a total hermit. I border on that tendency. But, bear with me. You’ll see my point!)

When you invite someone to sign up for your emails, it is a lot like inviting them into your home — only they are giving you consent to barge into their email inbox every so often.

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You want to acknowledge that consent immediately with an email. And, you want to email regularly, especially at first, to make sure they know who you are, what you do, where else to find you, & when they can expect to hear from you on a regular basis. 

That’s where your Welcome Email Sequence comes in: It’s your chance to solidify your new reader’s decision to let you hang out in their inbox.

AND, it is your chance to compel them to WANT to open up every email they see with YOUR name on it!

This email sequence isn’t just some campaign you set & forget. It’s the foundation for a new relationship & it has SO MUCH opportunity tied to it. 

But, it is an art more than a science. Be YOU & don't be afraid to tweak things.

Use your words to share who you are & the amazingness you have to offer. And, as long as you keep that in your heart (& keep learning!), you cannot go wrong. I promise.

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If you are looking for more extensive guidance in setting up your Welcome Email Sequence, take a peek in my Direct Creatives shop for a workbook to take you through the entire process as many times as you need!

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