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lularoe, why i left

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When I joined the ranks of other LuLaRoe retailers, I was so stinkin' EXCITED! I had several tear-filled conversations with my husband about WHY the huge investment would be so worth it, how I could make it work without taking over our family — & WHY I just NEEDED to do it. But, now, to be explaining why I left LuLaRoe?

Little did I know that just over a year after launching, I would be throwing in the towel.

So what happened?

lularoe, why i left

You have to understand the build-up to grasp the disappointment of the fall.

Here's the thing. I started with LuLaRoe because of the confidence boost it gave me. Somewhere along the line, I let my self-esteem & self-worth slip so far under that I couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror. No joke.

When I bought those first few items — just to help out a mama friend who was hosting an online party — I figured I would try to wear the leggings around the house… That maybe I would actually shower & dress more often, even if it was to shove my fat thighs into leggings & go sit back down on the couch with my infant daughter, y'know?

But, then, something happened.

LuLaRoe got its grip on me.

A pair of leggings & a top turned into a few skirts, then a DRESS. Yes! Dear Lord, me in a DRESS.

I had just gotten out of the shower & put on a new LuLaRoe Nicole dress & paused at the over-the-door full-length mirror that I insisted I needed (which should have been a sign in & of itself that something had shifted in me!). During that brief glance in the mirror, I made eye contact with myself & smiled & twirled, then headed back down the hallway of our home.

Then, BAM! I stopped in my tracks.




At ME!

I smiled at myself — at my own reflection in the mirror — for the first time in a LONG ASS TIME, y'all.

I had tears streaming down my face. Blubbering like an idiot.

How had I let my confidence get so low? Were there plenty of other women who needed the reminder that they are beautiful? How many other women didn't even KNOW they had such a low vision of themselves?

I am the type of person who has to share what she loves.

Why would LuLaRoe be any different? I hosted a few online parties & had good result from them. I got several free items & realized I could be making the money from this instead of just free stuff… & that is when I decided to hop on board the LuLaRoe train.

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LuLaRoe was family owned, had good values, treated people as people (& not as numbers). They wanted to spread love & help families by helping women boost their confidence & feel beautiful too.

It was a match made in Heaven — or so I thought.

There is negativity surrounding anything if you go looking for it. I did not look for it with LuLaRoe. I found my match & why would I go looking for reasons to fail? It just didn't make sense. It was hard work & it took up space in my home & all that jazz — but I knew all of that going into my business. I knew that I would be WORKING for any success I found.

When the “new capsule” launches kept increasing in numbers & frequency, it started getting more stressful than was necessary. They would be hyped up to high heavens, then sell out within minutes — either crashing the site or not giving but a handful of retailers an opportunity to even see what was available to be purchased to offer our customers.

Was it worth the stress?

In November 2017, there was the first Noir release. For a company who has based their success on ever-changing colorful patterns, having an ALL BLACK collection wasn't such a bad business move, if you think about it. Most people want black staple pieces to be comfortable wearing all those pops of color. It takes time to build up to pattern mixing, even on the most subtle of levels.

The problem was that the Noir launch was hyped up so hard & it crashed & burned so bad. To me, it wasn't a matter of getting black items — especially since I was one of the few (that time) who actually got a few things. It was more a matter of how retailers were being treated with those launches. They all seemed sporadic — reactive instead of proactive & planned. It seemed like the company was aiming for a quick influx of cash once per month or so.

Instead of trickling things out & giving all of us, their consultants, the LuLaRoe retailers, a heads up so we could plan ahead & “think like a retailer,” as they always told us to do, it felt more like they were using us as their piggy bank to fuel business.

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This is when the doubt crept in for me.

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I looked at all of my LuLaRoe retailer friends & teammates who were just devastated they couldn't get this newest collection to offer their customers. They were encouraged to hype up the collection to THEIR customers, but were not given a fair chance to get it to offer. They felt betrayed! This company who said they had our backs was not treating us so much that way… At least that is what it FELT like — &, frankly, what is sales? It is a feeling, it is story-telling & appealing to the emotions. When you lose the ability to help people FEEL the way they need to feel, you lose a lot.

I started feeling angry.

Why would LuLaRoe be OKAY with letting people feel this way? And it wasn't just a few people, there were A LOT. It was the MAJORITY of their consultants who felt frustrated in some way — maybe not to the degree of questioning why they were in business with LuLaRoe, but isn't that where it starts?

This was the start of the end for me. I joined the ranks of LuLaRoe because of the confidence boosts it afforded me & the confidence boosts I could help give others. When I started to doubt that the company was there to do the same, I had no choice but to question it all.

When I realized I was getting upset over silly black items, I realized I had to look at WHY I was so upset.

It wasn't the black items at all, but it was about how they were presented.

It was the lack of planning & empathy that put the bad taste in my mouth.

Then, it all came flooding in. The lawsuits that I had been ignoring: Were the more frequent launches to help fund settling behind-the-scenes? Of course, I could never know, right? Besides that, why would I even try to speculate… But the fact that the door was open for my brain to even go there?

I took it as a sign — & so began the whole reason why I left LuLaRoe.

Then, I had reason to take a closer look at the things that no longer had anything to do with the company's decisions. I sat myself down & asked a few pretty important questions:

  1. Was I profitable? If I actually paid myself a decent hourly wage, would I still  be profitable?
  2. Was the time I stressed about my business actually paying off any more?
  3. If I had no barriers, what would I change about my business to get where I wanted to be?
  4. Was I actually willing to make those changes?
  5. WHY did I start my LuLaRoe business in the first place?
  6. Could I fulfill my WHY without LuLaRoe? If so, how?
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My answers to these pointed questions were eye-opening.

For me, I could argue that I was profitable — but certainly NOT if I factored in actually paying myself an hourly wage that couldn't be laughable. The time & energy & space my business took up in my home & away from my family wasn't worth it anymore. Even more so, in order to make it worth it, I would have had to invest A LOT more money into growing & turning my inventory &/or start lugging my inventory all around my town, my state, my REGION to get it in front of more people. I simply wasn't willing to do that.

Factor that all together with the fact that I started LuLaRoe because I very desperately needed to feed my confidence, find an uplifting community of women, & spread some love around to others. I don't need LuLaRoe, specifically, to be able to accomplish ANY of those things.

My WHY could most definitely be accomplished without the stress & imbalance LuLaRoe dished up…

So, I made the tear-filled decision to leave LuLaRoe behind. I told my online community in a tear-filled Facebook LIVE video & that was that.

I am so happy to have moved on!

Have the tough conversation. Do it. Be brutally honest with yourself. I found another way to fulfill my WHY & I am so happy I had the courage to say goodbye to LuLaRoe, something that was no longer serving me in the ways I needed it to.

Are you thinking of leaving LuLaRoe or your current venture? Would you like to continue this conversation with me? Please reach out. I will share more about why I left LuLaRoe if you'd like. Comment below, shoot me an email, start a conversation in our community, or message me on Facebook. These aren't decisions to be made lightly; they are important & can very well be emotional. I don't mind helping you sort through it, just as I have done.

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