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You Don’t Control Your Own Life.

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The thing about this life is that it's incredibly fleeting. We are here one moment & gone the next. We love & lose & hurt & feel immense joy. But whatever it is we feel in this moment is not going to last. Even more so, there is nothing we can do to change that fact. You don't control your own life anyway. So, there was no way you could lose control in the first place.

Our society is one of immediacy & an abundance of choices. We rarely pause to “smell the roses,” so to speak, yet the United States (where I live, obviously) is also known for its laziness. Our schedules are packed from the moment our eyes open to the second our heads hit the pillow at night. We cram as much as we can into each & every day in an effort to get ahead, earn an extra dollar, stay afloat, or gain recognition.

you don't control your own life, confidence and chaos featuring sweet minerals, confidence and chaos, sweet minerals, from the heart of pi, from the heart of pie, reta jayne

It's our schedules that keep us in the illusion of control.

We plan & plan & plan. The majority of our lives are given away to our jobs. Most jobs tell us we need to be there at certain hours, so the rest of our lives are planned around that. We construct our days in a way that gives us a sense of control. We need to feel like we can conquer anything. That sensation of knowing what to expect is crucial to most of us.

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Yet, what happens when something unexpected happens?

What if something beyond our control takes place? Our whole routine is thrown off. Life is thrown askew. Chaos ensues. Who has control now?

It doesn't matter if it is the car not starting when you need to get to work or your kid getting sick the night before a big vacation. You're not the one in control.

It doesn't matter if it is an unexpected late winter storm that shuts down all of the roads or a flash flood that washes away a bridge when you have an event you were looking forward to attending. You're not the one in control.

You get where I am going with this. Life isn't meant to be controlled.

You can't micromanage life!

I am of the firm belief that life is a gift. We each have a purpose & we are wasting our lives away if we aren't living in a way that uses that purpose fully. Walking along blindly, trying to control every moment isn't helping anyone.

Pause. Breath in the Spirit of God. Let Him be your guide. You don't have to pray all fancy or take a long time. It can literally be a deep, cleansing breath in with the thought, Lord, take the wheel. You're the One who is in control here. Then a solid breath out thinking, Rid me of my temptation to try to control that which I have no control over anyway, God! Help me give it all to You. Guide me today & every day.

Nothing fancy. Nothing Earth shaking. But, it can totally be life changing!

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When you realize you don't control your own life but GOD DOES, life is a whole different ball game.

It's not always easy, but I promise it is totally worth it.

Then, consider, are you living the life you were meant to be?

What changes can you make to live fuller? How can you STOP living for the clock, for the dollar for the sake of the dollar, for what others think, & for what society's standards dictate? If everything could just plain work out, what would your day, your week, your month, your year look like? What would you do with your time? Who would you spend it with? How would you make a difference in this world?

That vision & what could be in your reality isn't so far-fetched. I really believe that. I believe that for me, for you, & for anyone else who sets their mind to it, prays about it, & does the work to make it so.

Setting intentions, giving them to God, & moving with His Spirit in you are WAY different from trying to control your world.

You don't control your own life, but I know who does…. & it looks even better! Stick around the Confidence & Chaos featuring Sweet Minerals corner of the Universe for a bit. I will show you what I mean…

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