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10 Things to Consider When Creating a VIP Facebook Group

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VIP Facebook Groups are a valuable tool for creating community among your audience.. When you are in a network marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM), affiliate marketing, or direct sales business, I cannot recommend Facebook groups enough as a tool to create those relationships necessary for exactly that. The thing is, so many just don't know how to create a VIP Facebook group — or don't even know if a VIP Facebook group is for them in the first place! A network marketing Facebook group is not equal to all others of its kind. Trust me. Here are some  VIP Facebook group tips.

1). Actually create your VIP Facebook group & follow ALL of the prompts.

FROM A DESKTOP, go to a group you like, click the “MORE” button found under the cover photo toward the left side, then select “Create a NEW group” from the drop-down menu.

ON MOBILE, tap the “groups” icon at the top of your app (it looks like three people “figures,” then to the right of “YOUR GROUPS” on the next screen, select “Create.”

Leave no stone un-turned after that. If Facebook prompts you to do something in the creation of your group, by all means, do it! And put some thought, care, & effort into it. Leave nothing blank if you can help it.

2). Be prepared to add ONE person during your VIP Facebook group creation.

You’ll need to add at least ONE other person while you’re getting the group set up. Choose a best friend or spouse. Let them know what you’re doing ahead of time so they know what’s up & are okay with it! You can remove them from the group after it is created if you or they wish.

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3). Have a cover photo that matches your branding ready. 

Calculated Chaos Community cover photo, Confidence & Chaos: Reta Jayne featuring NoFilter Global, VIP Facebook group

If you don't know about personal branding, make a point to educate yourself about it. You can also invest in an inexpensive course on personal branding. It is what sets you apart from everyone else who sells the same thing you do. Put some effort into it. As for creating your cover photo, I love PicMonkey to create my graphics like that. You can also check out WordSwag if you’re stuck only on a mobile. AND, if you need help learning to do graphics, there are courses to help you OR resources to find ready-made graphics to quickly modify.

4). Consider choosing a name for your “VIP” Facebook group that does NOT have “VIP” in it.

Seriously. Try to keep “VIP” out of it – unless that expressly matches your branding. The “VIP” lends a cold, selling feeling to the group instead of a warm COMMUNITY that, I assume, you’ll want to build. Don't make this mistake & wind up driving people AWAY from you! Find every possible way to create an online environment that is actually welcoming.

5). Make your group CLOSED or SECRET. 

A PUBLIC group leaves too much in the open & doesn't lend to an exclusive community vibe where people can relax & get to know each other. A CLOSED group keeps the group's contents private to only the members, but still leaves A LITTLE public (like the cover photo, description, & admin & moderator names). A SECRET group is on lockdown. People can only join it by invitation only. (I prefer a CLOSED Facebook group because it is still searchable.) 

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6). Don't worry so much about the TYPE of group you create.

The TYPE of Facebook group doesn’t matter so much for this purpose. That is your choice. I do NOT recommend any kind of “BUY” or “Sell” group because the posts default to those that can show up in Marketplace with prices & such — & we’re creating COMMUNITIES, remember? We aren’t there solely to sell. Also keep in mind that a “Social Learning” group will have the “UNITS” section. That isn’t a horrible thing. I can think of ways to be strategic with it; but just beware.

7). Give some thought to what you put in your VIP Facebook group’s description. 

The description should tell people what to expect in your group & entice them join. (Remember, with a closed group, the description is viewable by anyone, even those outside the group.) Give it a little personality & maybe even include a link to contact you or also follow you elsewhere.

8). Give your VIP Facebook group an easy-to-remember address.

Make sure, during set-up, you give your group an actual URL – something other than all those random numbers. Make it easy to remember so it is easy to share. YOU want to remember it easily so you can invite people when appropriate AND you want to make sure it is easy for OTHERS to remember it if THEY want to invite their friends or navigate back to it.

9). When you start inviting people to your VIP Facebook group, actually INVITE them. 

No “group-napping”! Don’t just grab people & put them in your group without saying anything. Message people individually to tell them about the VALUE they’ll get from the group & ask if they would like to join. Share your group’s link with them. Maybe make a post on your personal profile sharing your excitement for this NEW thing & WHY others should be excited too & give a blanket invitation to join. (See why I like the CLOSED Facebook group the most? You can't do that with a SECRET group!)

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10). When you start posting in your group, make it mostly fun, informative, or inspirational. 

Don’t just sell. Pick stuff that matches your branding & helps create a sense of friendship & community. For every four or five posts like that, THEN throw in something promotional. Over time, you’ll figure out how to tie in all of your posts so they naturally lead up to the promotional post. But, to begin with, if you focus on RELATIONSHIPS – you with each of your community members & helping your community members bond with each other – it won’t be AS hard to decide what to post & how to post it.

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