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5 Qualities to Look for in Your Sweet Minerals Sponsor

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In the direct sales world, one one hand, choosing the right sponsor can make or break your success. On the other hand, your business is a culmination of YOUR effort & decisions. That said, one of the things you can put effort into deciding is your direct sales sponsor. For the purposes of this article, here are five qualities to look for in your Sweet Minerals sponsor.

1). Your prospective Sweet Minerals sponsor should actually listen to you.

When you are chatting with your prospective sponsor, is she asking more questions than she is reciting information? Is she taking the time to get to know YOU & YOUR goals in relation to your business? Or is she rambling off statistics & information that feels memorized & unprompted by you?

It is important, if for no other reason than your own mental health & happiness, to align yourself with a Sweet Minerals educator to sponsor you into the Sweet Minerals opportunity who will take the time to LISTEN to what your wants & needs are. She shouldn't be pushing her own agenda on you. One of the BEST qualities to find in a Sweet Minerals sponsor — or any direct sales sponsor — is sincere concern for YOUR well-being & goals.

2). Your prospective Sweet Minerals sponsor should be open to answering your questions.

A simple, “what other questions do you have?” can go a LONG way in judging how any direct sales sponsor might be about answering your questions even after you've submitted your application to join. Does the person you're considering to be your Sweet Minerals sponsor exude patience or does she seem annoyed by your questions? Pay attention to this. She should welcome your every question. You should be well informed & excited & happy about whatever decision you make.

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3). Your prospective Sweet Minerals sponsor should be confident in her success.

I am not saying here that she should be boastful or never show her flaws. However, if your prospective Sweet Minerals sponsor cannot say, “I don't know, but I will find out!” to you instead of leaving it at “I don't know” or throwing some negative comment to you, it might be a good idea to question that. 

No one needs to know it all… & it is OKAY to sign with someone who is also new to Sweet Minerals. Totally! But make sure she is confident enough to guide you to where the answers are if she doesn't have them herself.

4). Your prospective Sweet Minerals sponsor should be an active member of her Sweet Family (team).

Does the person you're interviewing to be your Sweet Minerals sponsor talk about her Sweet Sisters or her Immediate Sweet Family (downline) or her mentors within the business (upline)? What does she say about “team” encouragement, training, & support that is separate from what the company provides? 

Sweet Minerals, as a company, does so tremendously well at fostering a family atmosphere, regardless of “team,” but it can really give you a leg up to have that “family within a family” that a good Sweet Minerals team can provide. The support you can get, the added boost of team-specific contests & incentives, & the extra opportunity to really connect can be KEY in a successful Sweet Minerals business.

5). Your prospective Sweet Minerals sponsor should be willing to be both your coach & cheerleader.

Here's the thing: You will be your BEST you if YOU are at the wheel. Your Sweet Minerals sponsor should be providing you with knowledge & places to find knowledge & she should be cheering your EVERY success! However, your Sweet Minerals sponsor, in my opinion, is doing you a HUGE disservice if she is pressuring you into working your business in HER way instead of your own or demanding specific results (especially if they weren't on your radar anyway). 

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There is a very fine line between guiding you to take a step out of your comfort zone so you can grow — & shoving you out of it instead. YOU need to make the choices. She can't — & shouldn't try to — make them for you. The ONLY time (again, in my opinion) when that is even remotely okay is if that is something you stated you needed when talking about goals & how to reach them.

Are you ready for a conversation about the Sweet Minerals business opportunity?

If you are searching for a Sweet Minerals sponsor (& aren't already in cahoots with another Sweet Minerals educator), I can promise you will find every one of these qualities in me. I would be honored to answer your questions & get to know your potential goals with a Sweet Minerals business of your own. 

It is truly a partnership when you decide to join Sweet Minerals. We become business partners with each other and with Sweet Minerals, the company. You get to be an entrepreneur in ways you simply cannot find in other direct sales business opportunities. Plus, it is an exciting time to join Sweet Minerals! 

Reach out via an email to or shoot me a private message. Ask all of your questions. I will patiently answer every single one — & all the new ones that arise from my answers! There is absolutely NO pressure to ask your questions. I will not push you to do ANYTHING. It's just information & getting to know you. Promise! 😉

Of course, if you have done your research & are ready to JUMP, please partner with me & Sweet Minerals & grab your Sweet Minerals join kit by clicking HERE.

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PLUS, whether the Sweet Minerals business opportunity is for you or not, you are more than welcome to join me over in the Calculated Chaos Community. We are a group of women whose mission is to feel & be empowered by one another, build confidence in each other, & learn & grow & make new friends in our judgement free corner of the InterWebs. We would LOVE for you to join our ranks. Simply request to join us HERE.

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