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A Fashionista Extraordinaire — Wait, WHAT?!

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In participating in the Blog-tember Challenge, I have decided I would do my best to follow the prompts listed by the lovely Ms. Bailey, but — I won't lie — today's prompt is extremely difficult for the likes of me!

Pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate. Win us over!

What?! It's not a bad prompt, I suppose. . . & I bet there are plenty of gals out there that are trying, with all they have, to try to narrow down all of the wonderful things that come to mind when they think about fashion & the latest trends. But, for me? Well, let me explain. . .

My last retail job was as a manager of a specialty store that made a transition into trying to be more of a “boutique” atmosphere. They highly valued fashion-conscious associates who were up with the latest trends &, apparently, I did a convincing-enough job of adapting my own standards to be viewed favorably in that department. Frankly, however,  I have never been overly into fashion — at least not that I can remember. I've mostly gone for what was comfortable or practical, with my own tastes coming secondary to that. I remember my mother & grandmother taking my sister & I school-clothes shopping. I would roll my eyes because my sister always seemed to want something that was out of the budget or that just didn't seem practical to me. It didn't really change as we got older. . . I didn't mind shopping the thrift stores or the clearance racks. As long as the clothes fit, were comfortable, & weren't too terribly out-of-date, I didn't mind.

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I shied away from dresses & skirts, preferring jeans — or other pants (remember the over-sized overall trend of the '90's? Wow.) — more than anything else. I remember a particular pin-striped pant suit that my mother bought me back in high school (maybe my sophomore year?) that I particularly liked & felt good wearing. . . I have always preferred to wear black over any other color, but when I did opt for a pop of color, it has been purples, reds, blues, oranges — even bright pink. I don't know what to tell you, my complexion likes the bright colors — &, frankly, I particularly like the purples & reds, so there! 😉

I am the same way these days, except I've got quite a bit of extra weight that I'm lugging around on my body and I've moved to the desert from the Pacific Northwest. (Can you say “Heat wave”? O. M. G.) As a result of these changes, I have gone from not wanting to wear dresses, to absolutely, positively loving the maxi dress trend. I thought I hated it, but they are quick to throw on, breath in the heat, & are super-duper comfortable.  Who would've thunk?! I only have three & wish I had several more. I will definitely be adding to my collection in the future.

On the flip side, starting at the local community college recently, I have been exposed to some of the latest trends even more than when I did nothing but stay at home. . . There's one, in particular, that I cringe at every time I see it. What is up with these younger girls wearing those high-waisted jean shorts that are cut so short, you can practically see all their private bits?? Setting aside the impracticality & “hoochie-mama-ness” of the look, they just look flippin' stupid. How can shorts that are as high as your rib cage & as short as some women's panties even remotely be seen as attractive? Some of these gals are quite pretty when you force yourself to look them in the face. . . But those God-awful shorts make that very difficult! Who thought “mom jeans” cut into shorter than Daisy-Duke-length shorts would be any kind of popular? Ugh. Gag me!

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What about you? What's a fashion trend you enjoy & one you can't stand? Why? Comment below, email me at, or find me on Facebook. 😉

This is post was written for the Blog-tember Challenge, hosted by Bailey Jean of the Brave Love blog. Pop over to today's link-up to see how others interpreted today's prompt. 😉

4 thoughts on “A Fashionista Extraordinaire — Wait, WHAT?!”

  1. Love your post (I also found today’s post really difficult!). Here here for comfort over fashion! And, my oh my, that shorts trend hasn’t reached here yet, I’m having a hard time imagining it 😉 (I’ve got a black and white stripy maxi dress, it’s so comfy, I just want to wear it all day every day….!!)

    1. Phew! I am SO glad I am not the only one, Helen! LOL. I haven’t read through some of the other posts over at the challenge today, but I have to admit, I was somewhat worried that I might’ve been the only one taking that stance! LOL. haha. Well, thank you for the validation! I needed that! 😉

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