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A Slow Death in Hell

a slow death in hell

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Stepping across the threshold, the coolness left on my skin from the air conditioning inside my home abandons me.

I gasp from the shock of the stagnant hot air that hits me in the face; I feel like I cannot get quite enough oxygen to my lungs.

A Slow Death in Hell

Beads of sweat form & begin dripping instantaneously & simultaneously from pretty much everywhere; I feel a trickle from both temples, down the back of my neck along my spine, & down between “the girls.” Under boob sweat has got nothing on what I feel in that moment.

I might have just stepped out of the shower, but, already, I feel like I could use another — preferably cold. . . It's a good thing I applied a good layer of strong deodorant to my underarms; I was going to need it today.

I get in the car & start it, as I buckle myself in. The air-conditioner doesn't work. Frustrated, I roll down all of the windows in the hope that some airflow will provide some kind of relief.

I back out of the driveway & my eyes are assaulted by the sun.

It's brighter than it should be. I just know it. There's no way this can be a natural phenomenon. 

I try to sigh heavily, but the air is too hot & thick.

Am I going to suffocate? How do people live here?

I had been out of comfort of the house's air conditioning for less than sixty seconds & I was already miserable.

As the car picked up speed heading down my street out to the main road, I realized that the air circulated throughout the car from the open windows was too hot to make any difference in my comfort. . . Yet, rolling the windows back up would suffocate me that much quicker — or at least that's what my brain told me. . .

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Too bad I don't like to swim. A pool would be my only saving grace right now. . .

Can I drive my car into one?

That's me, pretty much every time I leave my house. You might think that is overly dramatic, but, I assure you, I've toned it down a few notches from what I wanted to say. I live in the desert. Arizona. For those that can only imagine what it is like in Arizona in the summertime, perhaps you have a better idea now.

Seriously. How can humans be expected to live in this crap?! And, it's JUST STARTING to warm up! Ugh.

Seriously. How can humans be expected to live in this crap?! And, it's JUST STARTING to warm up! Ugh. (Those lows look pleasant though… Too bad it's kinda creepy to have it be so warm when it's pitch black outside!)

Do not leave home without plenty of water — & probably cash to buy more because the tap water here is DISGUSTING. Seriously. It is vomit-inducing, people; don't drink it. They say it is still safe to drink, but I think anything that smells that much like chemicals has got to be bad for you! We bought a water filter to put on our faucet when we first moved here & it did no good. I wound up adding $30 to our monthly expenses for a home water delivery service. . . It's one of the best things we've spent our money on! No joke.

We bought an above ground pool last summer — our first summer here. Little RJ particularly enjoys it when he is here for visits, regardless of the time of year. The handsome husband & I used it a few times to cool down & relax just before dusk last year — right before most of the bugs came out, but as the sun was starting to set so it wasn't QUITE as scorch-worthy outside.

I do very little baking or broiling — the oven is not used except when ABSOLUTELY necessary. . . In fact, I cook as little as possible when it is that hot outside because, no matter what the house thermostat is set to, any use of the stove or oven heats the house up incredibly fast. It's nastiness. The husband put up misters around the back patio, so I ask him to go out there & barbecue or smoke a bunch of stuff at a time, then we freeze it in portions & eat off it for a few days to a week to minimize other cooking for those few months.

This year, we get a bit of a break from the Arizona nastiness that is called summer. We are renting a car & driving home to Washington State for a visit. We will be gone for nearly two weeks in July. I am SO looking forward to it. MOSTLY to see loved ones, but also to get away from the hellacious temperatures.

I cannot wait to breathe air with moisture in it. . . I can imagine my sinuses rejoicing! I almost look forward to being cold in 60-degree weather because, as much as I dislike the heat of Arizona, I have started getting acclimated to it. (I guess it was inevitable after being here for 15 months now.) Seeing green trees & mountains & grass instead of brown dirt & nastiness will be a pleasant change too. 😉

When we come back from Washington State, we will have Little RJ with us for about a month to finish off the summer before he & I both go back to school. I hope his presence distracts me a bit from the miserable heat — even if it is mostly just to watch him swim or play video games. 😉

Sigh! I could go on, but I won't. . . I think most have gotten my point. . . This summer, I might die from heat stroke. It's a slow death in this place I call Hell. . . Pray for me, y'all!

This post was written for Finish the Sentence Friday. Today's sentence was “This summer…”

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21 thoughts on “A Slow Death in Hell”

  1. Kristi Campbell - findingninee

    Praying for you although I enjoy and miss the dry heat of Colorado summers (I KNOW nothing compared to Arizona) but the humidity of a Virginia/DC summer with the heat has been killing me since I moved here 10 years ago. Thank you so much for linking up your summer stroke with Finish the Sentence! Here’s to vacation!!

  2. Oh gosh… that sounds MISERABLE Reta!! I don’t think I could handle that kind of heat. I would probably share similar details describing my own experience if I lived there! Thank GOD for AC… And even over here,when it is in the 90’s- the AC just can only work so hard. I get the oven – the thermostat and the attempts at keeping the house as cool as possible.

    Glad you have a trip planned to get a break!!

  3. Here in BC we’ve been having rather hot weather for us so I suspect it’s the same in Washington. I do hope the cooler weather returns for your visit in July. Will cross all my crossables for you. I don’t do well in the heat either and cannot imagine constant high temperatures like the ones you have. Whew. Sweating just thinking about it.

    1. Yes! Ugh. I feel like I am ALWAYS sweating here. . . SO glamorous! SO lady-like! I can’t remember the last time I felt like I could bother wearing make-up because of it! Sigh! SO looking forward to Washington. . .

  4. OK every single word above that photo? Me today. Me every day it’s over like 75 degrees. And I’m on the east coast – not even Arizona! I absolutely hate to be hot and all those things you describe are precisely how I feel about it. I think we could have a wonderful time sitting in front of the air conditioning together! 😀

    1. Haha. Ugh. I am glad I am not the only one! 75-degrees IS about my limit. 80-degrees? MAYBE. But, ugh. I sweat too much in this state. It’s not good for a lady’s self esteem! 😉

  5. Hi Reta Jayne! Nice to meet you via FTSF. Here in Michigan, Summer is our best time of year. Having lived in Arizona (Litchfield Park) for 4 years a long time ago, I find it hilarious that native Michiganders pretty much stay inside and shut down the minute it gets above 85 degrees. Seriously, it’s so cold here in the winter that they can’t acclimate to hot weather, which they consider high 80s and above! They would never make it in AZ.

    1. Hi! Nice to meet you too! 🙂 LOL. You’re so right! Yes, Litchfield Park is super close to me. People in Washington do the same thing. . . If it gets close to 80, it’s ridiculousness. .. 60’s call for shorts & flip flops up there. . . I don’t get that part, but I do still miss it. LOL. 😉

  6. I love Arizona, but of course, I don’t have to live there. I spent a couple weeks there two summers ago, in July and it was hot, hot, hot. But still, it was (for me) more tolerable than south Florida hot. The humidity kills me –love the dry heat. And I do like the PNW, but I think it’s is to wet and cold. What wild and strange country we live in, no?

    1. The handsome husband went to Florida for a few days for work last month & he said the same thing. .. 😉 It IS pretty neat we have such diversity in our climates right here within our country. You’re right! 😉

  7. I know you’re feeling suffocated and burning in the bowels of hell, and really on some level I feel for you. But I live in Winnipeg, which is practically the north pole, so I experience the total opposite where I spend 9 months of the year longing to wear clothes that don’t weigh more than a polar bear. Grass is always greener, right? Well, I’m both our cases there doesn’t seem to be too much grass 🙂 Enjoy your time in Washington State.

  8. Sorry about the heat, but glad you are getting acclimated to it. I’ve enjoyed Arizona when I’ve been out to visit relatives, but even they speak about the summers in Arizona with a kind of hesitation – as if remembering what 120 degrees in the shade really feels like…

    1. Yeah. This will be my second summer here & I am already disliking it. . . I think this coming fall/winter will be super nice, though; who doesn’t like 70-degree weather in the winter? 😉

  9. I finally figured out why I was not getting your post! It was a stupid little button I had accidentally hit on my WordPress profile! We have been melting here at 102 and 103 I can’t imagine how miserable it must be for you! I’m glad you are getting to go to Washington for a few weeks! Have fun!

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