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about reta jayne

start where you are.

Grow your confidence.

You are in the right place if you want to grow your audience — & make more money! — by learning to write effective, powerful content & copy.

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Finally, it is totally okay that, when you sit down to write, the right WORDS evade you. Not everyone is as “wordy” as I am. Capitalize on what I love by getting all kinds of FREE writing tips, tricks, formulas, & inspiration.

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Your business no longer needs to suffer when you don’t know how or what to say. Whether you want to learn so you can do-it-yourself or you just want it done for you, I can cater to your unique entrepreneurial needs.

More products & services will roll out periodically. In the meantime, check out my Direct Creatives shop.

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What I blog about

In a world of uncertainties, bazillions of reasons to doubt yourself, & criticism around every corner, I consider it my job to foster confidence as much as humanly possible.

Several years ago, I founded a blog & social movement to not only provide my own self-therapy but to also empower you — & other women like us —  to do & be what your heart desires.

Now, I get to provide the tools & services to help you confidently communicate with your customers, team members, & prospects for each.


They matter. How you say things, what you say, & even when you say them makes a profound impact!

Yet, communicating — especially in the written form! — is not something that comes naturally to everyone.

So, this is my answer to that calling.

YOU can write powerful, effective emails even if you’re a beginner.

YOU can be found on Google even if you know nothing about SEO (search engine optimization).

YOU can speak your mind & share your business on your own website even if you don’t know a lick of coding.

All of this holds true even if you do NOT consider yourself a writer or know anything about coding, websites, or blogs. 

Let’s start there. Grow your confidence with me, bit by bit, as we strive to cover all aspects of writing for your business.