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about reta jayne
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Equal parts confidence & chaos.

Meet Reta Jayne.

As a writer, aspiring author, & mediocre homemaker, Reta Jayne explores themes of mental health, self-care, & faith in stories (& blog articles) written for anyone who is working finding the balance in the confidence & chaos in their lives (but, particularly women who need to feel less alone & more empowered). She has a love of the written word & writing & turning around to help others in their journey has always been her passion.

In a previous life, Reta Jayne dabbled in retail management, office administration, & even network marketing. When procrastinating from all things writing-related, she enjoys curling up with a good book on her Kindle Fire, playing The Sims 4, getting creative with a new recipe in the kitchen, or streaming a favorite show.

Reta Jayne lives in Southeast Washington State on over two-&-a-half acres with three goats, five chickens, one pony, & one barn cat, for which she totally blames her handsome husband & young daughter. Eventually, they will add a couple of dogs, a another horse, a cow, & a pig (at minimum) to the brood. Reta Jayne tolerates them all because of the peace & quiet that comes with country life — & a house that is cozy & caters to her extreme introversion.

Round Reta

You are in the right place if you want to grow your confidence & learn to take better care of yourself alongside Reta Jayne. You are worthy of spectacular self-care. (No! It is NOT selfish to take care of YOU!) And, no matter what you have done or what That Bitch in your head tells you, self-care & protecting your mental health are oh-so crucial. Reta Jayne is here to remind you.

Blog Posts

In a world of uncertainties, gazillions of reasons to doubt yourself, & criticism around every corner, Reta Jayne considers it her job to foster confidence (mostly through her writing) as much as humanly possible.

Several years ago, Reta Jayne founded this site to not only provide her own self-therapy but also empower you — & other women like you — to do & be what your heart desires.

Now, she gets to provide the inspiration & tools & services to help you confidently practice self-care, foster your mental health, & even communicate better with others.

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Reta Jayne does not have a public listing for services provided (though that might change in the future). However, she is always open to helping you gain consistency with quality self-care, seek mental health resources, &/or learn effective writing skills.

In the past, Reta Jayne has helped others set up email providers for their small businesses, create & launch their blogs/websites, & start self-care challenges. She can even write the copy for your blog, about pages, or other online presence.

It never hurts to ask! Whether it's self-care-, mental health-, homemaking- or writing-related, just shoot an email to [email protected] with your inquiry. She will respond personally.

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