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about reta jayne

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You are in the right place if you want to grow your confidence & learn to take better care of yourself. You are worthy of spectacular self-care. (No! It is NOT selfish to take care of YOU!) And, no matter what you have done or what that Bitch in your head tells you, self-care & protecting your mental health is oh-so crucial. I am here to remind you.

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In a world of uncertainties, bazillions of reasons to doubt yourself, & criticism around every corner, I consider it my job to foster confidence as much as humanly possible.

Several years ago, I founded a blog & social movement to not only provide my own self-therapy but to also empower you — & other women like us —  to do & be what your heart desires.

Now, I get to provide the inspiration & tools & services to help you confidently practice self-care, foster your mental health, & even communicate better with others.

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At this time, I do not have a public listing for services provided. However, I am always open to helping you gain consistency with quality self-care, seek out mental health resources, &/or learn effective writing skills.

In the past, I have helped others set up email providers for their small businesses, create & launch their blogs, & start self-care challenges. I can even write the copy for your blog, about pages, or other online presence.

It never hurts to ask! Whether it’s self-care, mental health, or writing-related, just shoot an email to [email protected] with your inquiry. I will respond personally.

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