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Appreciating the Little Things (TToT #4)

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I don't know about y'all, but it's been a pretty fabulous week in my world. . .

Even though I had to say goodbye to my Little RJ on Monday (& won't get to see him in person for another three months or so), I am still super grateful that I got the chance to spend some time with him this summer. (Thankful #1) (I don't have that luxury with my oldest son — long story. Perhaps I will get into it another time. . . Then again, perhaps not. We'll see.)

On Tuesday, I very nervously went to my first day of face-to-face classes at the local community college! It is a beautiful thing to be able to “start over” 15 years after leaving high school, huh? (Thankful #2) My mother fell ill the end of my junior year of high school & at the beginning of my senior year, I transferred to our district's alternative high school, which screwed up any hopes I had of going straight to a four-year university after high school. My mother passed away half-way through my senior year & I barely graduated on time. I attempted classes at the local community college that next fall, but I had not allowed myself to properly grieve & wound up doing a hardship withdrawal. There's been a stint at a career school (which I left around the time I found out I was pregnant & it was closed down just a couple of months later) & an attempt through a for-profit online school (but I was also single, working full-time with an infant at home & I over-extended myself). The third time's a charm, right? This time around, I have the support of a loving (handsome) husband & the added confidence that comes with 15 years of some major ups & downs. It feels good.

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Just before I left for my classes on Tuesday, I spotted a handwritten note in my school bag. It was from the handsome husband, saying “You will do great. I love you.” I snagged a keeper with him; I already knew that, but here's yet another reason! (Thankful #3) I folded up the note & tucked it into a pocket in my binder as a reminder — just in case I need it later in the semester. . .

My husband's note for me on my first day of classes.

My husband's note for me on my first day of classes.

In my math class on Thursday, I caught myself bragging to one of my classmates about the note. . . She is a bit older than me & visibly teared up when I told her about it. . . Apparently, she has been widowed twice. . . She told me to savor & appreciate the fact that I have such a supportive husband because not all are like that. . . I do know this. . . BUT, I also appreciate the reminders. (Thankful #4) It's a beautiful thing.

Also on Thursday, I was browsing around the clearance bins at the campus bookstore when I came across a USB cord for only two-dollars! (Thankful #5) Just a few nights before, I realized I didn't have one & needed it to scan some important documents to my computer. . . (We have a wi-fi printer that also copies & scans, but to scan, I need to physically hook it up to my computer, apparently. LOL.) It was unexpected & fabulous timing! (Sometimes it really is all about the little things.)

When I got home from school on Thursday, there was a voice-mail waiting from the jewelers. . . Almost a month ago, the handsome husband's wedding band disappeared into the Salt River when we were floating with some friends. 🙁 He seemed upset about it — & appeared to be worried that I would be upset about it. . . It took us about a week before we could go in to pay to have it replaced; the phone call was to tell us his ring had finally arrived! I have to admit, I was pretty upset that his ring finger had nothing on it! He barely had a tan line, somehow! (WTH?!) I know how lucky I am to have him, so why shouldn't I want everyone else that lays eyes on him to know that someone's already snagged him up?? Just sayin'. SO, I got to go pick up his ring so he could have it back on his finger before he left the house again. (Thankful #6) What a relief!

I'm looking forward to a better tan line this time. ;) LOL

I'm looking forward to a better tan line this time. 😉 LOL

Also on Thursday, I came across a post on “Bloggers Unite!,” one of the Facebook blogging groups I belong to. (It's a smaller group, but still quite enthusiastic & fun.) The post was by Elise of Polka Dotted Blue Jay, sharing a series of link-ups for September that will be hosted by Bailey Jean of Brave Love. It is called the Blog-tember Challenge. I have seen similar blogging events where you are challenged to write every single day for a set period of time. . . BUT, they all seem like you're just grasping at straws — writing just to write, but not really sharing anything of value with your readers. Some bloggers actually pull it off & write quality content each day, but a lot of them — well, let's just say that it is abundantly clear that they have stretched themselves too thin. I am grateful that I came across Elise's post about this challenge (Thankful #7) because it is so different. Bailey Jean has a list of writing prompts for every day of September — & they are all quite interesting, if you ask me! PLUS, she says we should “feel free to follow one of the prompts, all of the prompts, or none of them.” I love this! It takes the pressure off of the act of writing — which, to me, is supposed to be fun, first & foremost — & it puts the focus back on learning about & meeting other bloggers. Pretty cool, if you ask me. 😉 FUN AND SOCIAL. 😀  SO, after all of that, perhaps it is needless to say, but I intend to participate in as much of the Blog-tember Challenge as my life will allow. I am seriously looking forward to it!

Brave Love BlogOn Friday, as I sat down to reflect on my week & write this week's post for my “On Purpose” series, I came to a couple of realizations. First, it's been a pretty damn good week! (Thankful #8) It might not seem like much, but it doesn't diminish its awesomeness! I feel like I have had a small storm cloud hanging over me a bit lately & the sun is starting to shine through — & in a way that it is not right in my eyes! LOL. Second, the handsome husband did a few extra things around the house this week. From vacuuming (which I cannot stand) to putting together a bed frame & organizing one of the spare rooms. I feel like those things were a touch above & beyond his usual share of our “workload”  & I am tremendously grateful that he did it. (Thankful #9)

Lastly, as we are going into a three-day holiday weekend, even though many I know are heading out for camping or barbecuing or some form of fun in the sun, it is just another weekend around my house. The handsome husband works Friday, Saturday, & Sunday nights of the weekend, &, thus, will be sleeping through the day Friday through Monday. With all of that said, I am grateful that I have plenty of homework, housework, & blogging to keep me productive. (Thankful #10) Most of these, I do not mind at all, but to break up any monotony, I will be sure to add in plenty of Facebook time, along with staying up-to-date on the “Every. Simpsons. Ever.” marathon on FXX. 😉 Should be a fun & relaxing weekend.

What are y'all thankful for this week? Share in the comments below, email me at, or find me on Facebook at Calculated Chaos. 😀

This post was written for the Ten Things of Thankful weekly link-up hosted by Lizzi over at Considerings. Please, go check out what others are thankful for this week too! 😀




20 thoughts on “Appreciating the Little Things (TToT #4)”

  1. I am excited for you as you start classes. Such a good choice! And yes-the 3rd time sure can be the charm. Speaking of charm-kudos to hubby for the note. Sweet.

  2. Your husband is a good man! Little things like this mean 1000x’s more than something that’s done out of obligation, like Valentine’s Day flowers and such. Just my opinion. Best of luck with the schooling. You can totally do this. My old butt made it through law school while I worked full time and tried being a decent dad and husband, and if I can do something anybody can.

    1. Your opinion is my opinion in this regard, Don! These types of things ARE WAY more meaningful when they come out of the blue, rather than being forced. I have always thought this!

      I forgot that about you! Your story DEFINITELY lends me some inspiration! I know it is possible. I am such an “all or nothing” kind of a person, though, so I worry that I will be too hard on myself if I don’t get the A’s that I desire. . . It’s all about balance, though, right?

  3. Oh this is lovely. And I’m SO glad you managed to get your husband a new ring. I lost my engagement ring once, and I was DEVASTATED…I phoned Husby in tears to tell him…but thank goodness, it was found about a week later! Such a relief.

    YAY YOU FOR COLLEGE. That’s so awesome. I love that you’re DETERMINED to make a go of it. GOOD FOR YOU and I hope it goes brilliantly. That note is way sweet 🙂

    1. Is it horrible that I just kept thinking that it was better that we lost HIS ring, rather than MINE? Ugh. I would’ve cried for sure! Plus mine was more expensive, thus would’ve been longer & harder to replace. . . I am glad that is behind us for now. 😉

      Thank you for the compliments regarding college. I am super excited about it. . . as my personal FB page reflects. . . I am pretty sure some of my friends want to smack me by now. LOL. 😉

  4. What a great opportunity to be able to go back to college. I went when I was 32~ hardly a traditional student but I did OK! I have a feeling that you are going to rock it! And I totally appreciate where you are coming from with regards to your husbands wedding ring. I feel the same way too!

  5. What a sweet thing for your husband to do on your first day! Third time most certainly will be the best time to finish your education. You can do it!
    I’ll be looking into the blog challenge. It sounds like a fun, no-pressure kind of link up, which is my favorite kind.

    1. It caught me totally off-guard, Christine! I am SO blessed to have him; I know it. . . As for the blog challenge, I intend to sit down tonight to write out my first few posts. . . We will see how it goes. 😉

  6. Congratulations on getting back to school! That really is awesome and what a sweet thing for you husband to do for you on your first day. Very sweet…and yes, he sounds like a keeper. You really have a lot of happy things on this list. It is pretty much a perfect gratitude post! Enjoy what is left of the weekend and have a terrific week ahead.

    1. Thank you so much, Sandy!! I am proud & excited (& still a bit nervous) about school. . . And, I do my best to remind myself how lucky I am to have the handsome husband every day. . . I appreciate you stopping by & taking the time to comment. 😉 Enjoy what’s left of your weekend as well.

  7. Totally in love with your blog and your outlook on life…..will be a regular visitor xx (Thanks so much, also, sweetie, for your comment – soo appreciated xx). Am just trying to make lunch at the moment (daughter arrives home from nursery shortly!), but have left ‘you’ open on my screen to delve in deeper later tonight when the littles are both in bed xx

    1. Oh. My. Word, Helen! You’ve totally made my day! What a fabulous thing to say! Seriously. It’s, like, the compliment of all compliments. 😉 No joke! I really enjoyed reading your first blogtember post & am thoroughly looking forward to more. . . I’ve followed your blog so that I can find you easily again. . . Are you just starting out with the blogging?

  8. My husband accidentally threw away his wedding ring a year or two ago. Seriously, it was an accident, and we only realized it had been thrown away as the trash truck pulled away from our curb. He wants another gold one and is absolutely unwilling to pay the high price for gold these days. So he does without. I’ve gotten used to it, to tell the truth. I think it bothers him more than it bothers me.

    1. No kidding?? I think that is very strong of you. . . It would bother me. . . We lucked out in the sense that the handsome husband’s ring was relatively inexpensive. Honestly, I would have suggested a tattoo in its place if it weren’t!

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