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How does that common saying go? Something like, “Everyone has baggage. The key is finding someone to help you unpack.” Bogus! I mean, it sounds nice & all, but I think it’s just wrong. Sometimes baggage is just meant to be carried. It’s more important to find someone that will just share the load. “Finding someone to help you unpack,” to me, implies that you need to be fixed; that is not always the case. 

ONE of my “pieces of baggage” is that I tend to overthink things. I am compelled to think of every possible scenario for a given situation – all its outcomes, obstacles, conversations. If there is a decision to be made, this can prove quite tiresome. It creates an awfully brooding, emotional version of me. I am in one of these phases currently, asking a few trusted people for their takes on a string of life-altering decisions that need to be made in my life over the next several of months.

Tonight, amidst my insomnia & emotions & spinning brain, I had a few epiphanies. With all of my overthinking, trying to find the best-case scenario, or the decisions that I would regret the least in the future, or what would have the least amount of negative impact on those I love, I actually had an epiphany! It’s not a life or death situation. Sure, it’s life-altering, but it’s not life-THREATENING.

What will make me the happiest? What will enable me to learn the most – about myself, about life? It’s really as simple as that.

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OMG! I know what I want! Now I just have to go about the details of making it happen… SO, a new round of over-thinking will begin. BUT, first, that guy that helps “carry my baggage”? He’s my handsome man, who lets me overthink as I need to, but is there when I need to talk it out too. And, now, we have plenty to talk about over the coming days. 😉 Yep. You can be jealous. I am a lucky, lucky gal — “baggage” & all.

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