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My vision blurs with tears, my heart feels it'll burst out of my chest, & my head spins just enough to remind me how alive I am…


These are just some of the sensations I feel when I lay my eyes on the ones I love: My husband of now-three years, my three-month-old daughter, my 11-year-old son, & my 14-year-old son, in particular.

My mother's death when I was a teenager, homelessness (not once, but twice!), sending each of my sons to live with his father, a miscarriage, coping with attempting to start a new relationship with my own father, a nasty feud with my sister (&, arguably, one of my best friends!): These were all things that filled me with such deep sadness that, at the time, it was hard to see the end of the dark tunnel I felt I was in…

My world is so incredibly different now than it was even just a few years ago… Some might call it luck of the draw, but I know better.

I am so incredibly blessed & it humbles me; I just want to soak it all in.

This post was written in participation of Six Sentence Stories. This week's prompt was “draw.”Β 

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15 thoughts on “Blessed.”

  1. I am so SO happy for you. This post had me smiling with delight because I remember a few of those hard times, and I couldn’t be more pleased for now-you πŸ™‚

  2. Some things we plan, others just happen but then there again there are times when we feel that someone watching and looking after us all the time. What a beautiful story this is.

  3. This was such an uplifting read! You know enough of my story to know that my life has also undergone an amazing transition in the past ten years, one that I never would have believed possible. I think that out of the saddest times will. Come the most joyful because we appreciate them – and the One who gives them to us – all the more!

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