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Teetering On a Ledge

Lately, I feel as though I have been teetering on a ledge. . . I either want to curl up & fall asleep or I want to attack my surroundings like a maniac. . . Sorting & organizing & cleaning. . . There's SO much I want to accomplish, but I just don't feel like I have the energy to bother. There was a glimpse of motivation yesterday morning when I used catching up on one of my favorite television shows as a bribe to myself for getting on my new elliptical-like contraption. . . BUT, it fizzled after little else. . . Ugh.  Read More »Teetering On a Ledge

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Just Thinking Out Loud

I have certainly not made it a secret that I have a ton of gunk floatin' around up in my noggin' at any given point in time! Sometimes it's funny. . . Sometimes brooding & almost dark. . . Others, it's downright emotional girl crap. . .  And, still other times, it'll barely make any sense to anyone but me. Either way, from time to time, I need to purge my brain of all the gunk swirling around up there. . . And, it's nice to let the normal conventions go in doing so. Therefore, just as the title suggests, Thursdays, going forward, will be for thinking out loud.

The benefit is that, over time, it should make for some pretty interesting Thursday posts to read &, if I should ever find myself with a writers block, it'll help give me material for subsequent posts. I will make an attempt to format after purging, so it makes for an easier read, but that's the joy of a thing such as this. . . It's a little unpredictable (& surprising difficult in terms of letting it be a bit messy)!


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For This, I Am Grateful

So. . . I have a little bit of a confession to make. For whatever reason, it makes me feel ashamed to admit this; I am not entirely sure why. . . But it is what it is. It's a struggle to come up with the right words. . . (Me?! At a shortage of words?! What HAS this world come to??) BUT, maybe I can “paint you a picture” with a few of the events of the past twenty-four hours. . .Read More »For This, I Am Grateful

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My Happy Monday

Everyone needs an outlet. . . Something they enjoy that lets them blow off some steam or get their thoughts organized or whatever. One day, I'd like to be more active on a regular basis & maybe that'll turn into one of my outlets. In the meantime, writing here is what does that for me. You can't even imagine the extra peace of mind it gives me to just get my thoughts out of my head for a bit. Hopefully there's a few people who don't mind reading it!

As an extra boost of motivation to post more regularly and as an opportunity to meet a few other bloggers (& maybe even form a few online friendships), I came across a few link ups that I thought I might enjoy on a regular basis. Today, marks the first on the list: My Happy Monday, hosted by Sarah of My (Mostly) Healthy Life
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God Will Decide

The handsome husband & I got married just shy of a year ago. . . (Trying to decide what we'd like to do for our one-year anniversary is an entirely different subject!) Although, he says it was never a “deal-breaker” in our relationship, I always knew he wanted to be a daddy. . . Don't get me wrong; he more than claims his two step-sons & prides himself on getting to help mold them into respectful young men, but I want him to be able to experience having a biological child of his own as well. Furthermore, I would love to be the mother of his child. . .

The handsome husband & I (about a year before we got married)

The handsome husband & I (about a year before we got married)


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Will Pigs Actually Fly?

Recently, I had a falling out (of sorts) with someone I deeply care about. . .  Things are strained between us — & that's putting it mildly. The other party has recently eased into small interactions. . . But I just cannot let things go so easily this time. I really feel that an acknowledgement of what has transpired is more than reasonable to expect — as is an apology. Unfortunately, I think pigs will fly before the apology comes, but that's not to say that I think an acknowledgement will come either — at least not without finger-pointing, rather than personal responsibility. That's the sad part.Read More »Will Pigs Actually Fly?

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Drool-Worthy Homemade Beef Tamales

These turned out so mouth-watering delicious that it borders upon ridiculousness. Seriously!

It all started the day before when I made the shredded beef concoction that was to die for. . . I pulled it out of the refrigerator & couldn't resist adding a splash of beef broth & a few dashes of hot sauce to it while I heated it up a touch — on low — on the stove.

While the beef got rid of its refrigerator chill, I poured myself a CoronaRita, soaked my corn husks in a bowl of hot water in the sink (to make sure they wouldn't tear), & began mixing my masa: Read More »Drool-Worthy Homemade Beef Tamales

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Flavorful Mexican-Style Shredded Beef

The handsome husband & I recently moved to Arizona from the beautiful Washington State & while grocery shopping for the first time down here, he saw some frozen tamales that only required to be steamed before eating. . . While these were quite delicious, I am not really feeling the pre-made stuffs in our house anymore. . . Other than ice cream, I mean, really? If I am going to be — ahem — curvy, why shouldn't it be by ingredients that I knowingly put into my body? Read More »Flavorful Mexican-Style Shredded Beef