40 Before 40 (in a Pandemic)

Hitting a milestone birthday is a weird mix between exciting & exhilarating. To determine which one the scale tips a bit more toward, I think it might depend on WHICH birthday we’re talking about… BUT, for me, there’s a lot of emotional baggage attached to my next couple of birthdays. So, my ultimate 40 before 40 list of things to accomplish before the age of 40 holds some extra personal meaning! There’s less than a… Read More »40 Before 40 (in a Pandemic)

what would you do if you knew you would be dead in just 2 years? The family took a photo on Easter Day 1998. "Pie" was mom's nickname. Get Well Pie.

What If You Were Going to Be Dead in Just 2 Years?

I’m not really dying. Or, at least, I have no real reason to believe it. But, since I was a teenager, I’ve had this irrational belief that I wouldn’t make it to my 41st birthday. I just turned 39 years old. You do the math! So, what would you do if you were going to be dead in just 2 years?? When I was 16 years old, I got a phone call from my step… Read More »What If You Were Going to Be Dead in Just 2 Years?

Reta Jayne wearing a crown, I believe every year God gives us on this Earth is a reason to be celebrated, and my mama always said to celebrate your birthday all month long, and it's my birthday month. I celebrate my birthday all month long!

How I Celebrate My Birthday All Month Long

How do YOU celebrate YOUR birthday?? Going out dancing? Dinner out with family? Something entirely different? For me, it’s most definitely morphed over the years, but one thing that’s stayed fairly constant is that I celebrate my birthday ALL month long! This doesn’t mean I literally wear a crown around… BUT, I could. 😉 And it’s not about vanity. I swear! It’s about actually celebrating YOU. It’s about taking some intentional time to reflect on… Read More »How I Celebrate My Birthday All Month Long

nofilter proage skin therapy skincare set, good skincare is for any age, age is to be celebrated you are to be celebrated

Introducing NoFilter ProAge Skin Therapy

Skin therapy begins when YOU are ready. We aren’t about shaming women into “taking care of that frown line” or pointing out wrinkles she didn’t realize she had. No matter your age, no matter the condition of your skin, YOU are to be celebrated! Your skin is to be celebrated too. Nourish it. Care for it — “perceived flaws” & all. Because are wrinkles REALLY flaws? Or are they, maybe, signs of a life well-lived… Read More »Introducing NoFilter ProAge Skin Therapy

why can't I just be normal

Why Can’t You Just Be NORMAL?

Have you ever made plans & had EVERY intention of keeping them only to cancel at the last minute — or just totally flake out without notice? Or, have you created a new schedule for yourself (in an attempt to just be normal, if nothing else!) that you SOMEHOW managed to keep for all of ONE day before you just let it fizzle out from under you? Maybe you’ve simply just FINALLY rolled your booty… Read More »Why Can’t You Just Be NORMAL?

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3 Unbelievable NoFilter Global Monthly Sponsoring Incentives

To kick off the pre-launch of NoFilter Global, the company is offering a sponsoring incentive for the month of September! All affiliates are eligible to earn the NoFilter Global monthly sponsoring incentive! Whether you were a Sweet Minerals Educator who transitioned to being a NoFilter Global affiliate during the transition OR joined NoFilter Global as an affiliate at ANY point during September, you are eligible to earn the NoFilter Global monthly sponsoring incentives for September… Read More »3 Unbelievable NoFilter Global Monthly Sponsoring Incentives

nofilter proage skincare, nofilter global starter kit, become a nofilter affiliate, join nofilter, nofilter pre-launch kits, join reta jayne, confidence & chaos

NoFilter Global Starter Kits

So, you’ve poked around & have seen the amazingness that is the NoFilter business opportunity. You are intrigued. So, the next step would be to choose your NoFilter Global starter kit to become an affiliate. When you go to the site to join, just click the “Join My Team” button at the top of the page. Then, you will input your basic information & choose a replicated site URL. (Don’t worry! You can change it… Read More »NoFilter Global Starter Kits

reta jayne, should i tell people about my bipolar disorder

Should I Tell People About My Bipolar (or other Mental Health Issue)?

When you’ve been diagnosed with some kind of mental health issue, your first emotions are probably a mixture of fright, confusion, defeat, & even shame. You might think, Should I tell people about my bipolar disorder? How could I even fathom sharing such a thing? When I first got my bipolar disorder diagnosis, I certainly had a mix of all of those. But, I also had a sense of relief because I had a label… Read More »Should I Tell People About My Bipolar (or other Mental Health Issue)?

sweet minerals joins nofilter global, nofilter global enters pre-launch september 1

Exciting NEW Opportunity: NoFilter Global Enters Pre-launch!

NOW in pre-launch! NoFilter Global enters pre-launch on September 1, 2020! Today, something AMAZING begins! And I couldn’t say it better than one of the NoFilter Global & Sweet Minerals brand founders did in the affiliate FB group this morning. So, I am sharing her words with you here: Good Morning!! Today is such a BIG DAY as we begin the prelaunch for NoFilter!!! There is magic in the air! Do you feel it?! I… Read More »Exciting NEW Opportunity: NoFilter Global Enters Pre-launch!