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In a world of uncertainties, bazillions of reasons to doubt yourself, & criticism around every corner, I consider it my job to foster confidence as much as humanly possible. But, that isn't a mission I can take on completely on my own. I seek out community in several places throughout the InterWeb & now, I get to share those places with you!

These are everything from Facebook communities to blogs to email subscriptions to places I love to shop. They make me feel like I am a part of something special & give me that extra pep in my step that I need every now & again. Take a peek around & join me wherever suits you too. (I will update from time to time, so check back in when you can!)

Self-Care Membership

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Go from hesitant & insecure to KNOWING YOUR WORTH. This self-care membership has monthly challenges to help you know your worth, cut through the day-to-day overwhelm, & consistently set aside time to practice self-care. You are worth it. And the more you take care of YOU, the more you can be there for those who depend on you. You deserve this. Find out more by clicking the button below.

The C4 Community

The C4 Community with Reta Jayne. Connect & Celebrate with Confidence & Chaos. Formerly the Calculated Chaos Community.

The C4 Community is where you can find the connection you crave — with both yourself & others. It's the place to celebrate your wins no matter if they are big or small or if they came from courage & confidence or from pushing through your chaos. The C4 Community is CONNECTION & CELEBRATION with CONFIDENCE & CHAOS. You can be yourself here & all it takes is a Facebook account. Come to the C4 Community to start your journey from feeling “less than” & overwhelmed with your circumstances to knowing your worth, giving yourself the care you need, & growing to help others grow in their confidence too. Join us.

The Confidence Connection

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The Confidence Connection is a monthly-ish email newsletter that covers all of the happenings in Reta Jayne's corner of the InterWebs. It's an easily-skimmable email with the most important highlights from, Confidence & Chaos, Style Life, NoFilter Global, & Reta Jayne's Direct Creatives shop. Plus a few other insights, deals, or tidbits. By signing up for the monthly email, you get the opportunity to tailor your receipt of other content too. Your inbox is precious! Make sure you're getting the emails you actually want.

The Elite Suite

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The Elite Suite is a premium coaching community by Brenda Ster. This is a place to get all kinds of training & support for your home-based business. Brenda's platform is all about helping change direct sales from the inside. But that doesn't mean you need to be a direct seller to benefit from her training & the unique community that follows her. The Elite Suite is for all home-based business owners. After all, when you grow your direct sales business into a well-oiled machine, the next step is to learn how to push beyond its limits to form additional income streams using everything you've learned! Click the button below to join the waitlist for when the Elite Suite opens back up for members. And, in the meantime, check out the Suite's freemium Facebook community!

Direct Creatives Marketplace Community

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The Direct Creatives Marketplace Community is for creators & their customers to connect. But it's more than that. The community is on Facebook & it supports Direct Creatives, the marketplace created by direct sellers for direct sellers. But the beautiful thing about Direct Creatives is that, even though it caters to direct sales, it is for all creatives.

There are crochet patterns, social media content calendars, email templates, graphics packs, & so much more! If you have a need for something for your business, take a look at the Direct Creatives shop. And, if it's not there or you have a vision for something different, pop over to the Direct Creatives Marketplace Community to ask if a creator can whip it up & get it posted for you!

The community is fun to be a part of because it supports home business owners & fosters even more creativity. Check it out & see what inspires YOU! (And when you become a Direct Creatives store ownerlike me! — there are exclusive communities you get to join too!)

Confidence & Chaos blog

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Confidence & Chaos is where I help women learn to love themselves again (or more!) through no-bull discussions about mental health, self-care, & more. I am a wife, a mom, & mulatto. I am imperfect. I am human. I am a Christian. I have bipolar disorder. I am brutally honest. There are always (at least) two sides to me: Confidence & Chaos. This blog is my therapy & maybe yours too. It is where I unload my brain… Stay plugged into the Confidence & Chaos blog & always know how VALUABLE & UNIQUELY beautiful you are.

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Style Life is all about connection, empowerment, & celebration. You will find products to help you connect with yourself AND others & celebrate every little thing. Journals & notebooks, pens, greeting & note cards, gift wrap supplies, mugs, candles & wax, trinket trays, serving trays, decor, towels, beverage napkins, sticky notes & list pads. The list goes on! If it will help you connect with you, connect with others, or celebrate any occasion, you will probably find it with Style Life. Take a peek now. New products are offered regularly! Humor or grace. Floral or symmetric. All tastes are covered.

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NoFilter Global offers a group of brands that specialize in cruelty-free, non-toxic products with no fillers. You can find high-quality mineral makeup, skincare, body & spa products, & even cleaning products (like a surface cleaner, hand wash, & sanitizers!). Plus, the company is woman-owned & based in the United States. And, every purchase supports Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) in the fight against human trafficking.