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That feeling when you almost meet your own gaze in the mirror: Do you know it? You know what you’re going to see &, frankly, you don’t exactly like it. You’re not proud of it. Maybe you’re even disgusted with it. So, you avoid actually looking at your own reflection. 

That was me just a few years ago. 

I remember the day I finally caught my own eye in that mirror, though. A smile spread across my face before I even knew what was happening! The tears of joy that fell shortly after are something I will not soon forget.

That day, everything changed. I realized there must be other women — gals just like you! — who started off thinking so low of themselves (& seeing themselves in such low light!) that they avoided mirrors & took their value & beauty for granted. 

The basis for my entire mission began then.

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    reta jayne: writer, self-care strategist, mental health advocate

    “Always know how VALUABLE & uniquely BEAUTIFUL you are.”

    ~ Reta Jayne ~

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