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Currently. Volume 4.

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I am currently. . .

Thinking about: my messy house! Okay. It's really not THAT bad. BUT, after my first week of my first semester of college, I have definitely put my homework first. I have a bit of housework to catch up on as a result. I will find my balance, though. At this point, I do not anticipate this becoming too terribly overwhelming to juggle. . . I am relieved, because I was worried that would not be the case.

Reading: I am still reading “Dragonfly in Amber” by Diana Gabaldon, but now I am also reading two technology-related books & an algebra book, along with various readings related to the history of women in America. It's interesting how your reading expands when you become a college student, eh? Plus, I will have to settle for the fact that my recreational reading will take me much longer now, as a result. That's okay. It'll be worth it. 😉

Trying out: two new things! First, a friend introduced me to a fantasy football league to try out. I have never participated in one & I will have quite a bit to learn. BUT, she assures me that it is super fun & that she doesn't know all there is to know about it either & that the league she invited me to will not be aggravated by a newbie such as myself trying to participate. I am hoping it proves to be fun! I am still bummed that I won't be able to regularly watch my Seahawks since we moved, so maybe this will alleviate that at least a bit.

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The second thing I'm trying out is a blogging challenge. It's one of those post-something-every-day-for-the-whole-month types of things, but she gives prompts that appeal to me. Some of the posts might be more trivial than my usual, but it should be a ton of fun & open the door to “meeting” other bloggers. If it ever doesn't seem fun, I'll know it's not for me. I've never attempted such a thing, so we'll see what happens. . . Maybe I will make it two days, or maybe it'll be ten or twenty — or the whole thirty days! It should be fun finding out, though. 😉

Thankful for: the handsome husband. I know this is nothing new to anyone who knows me or has read just about any of my posts. BUT, it will always be worth mentioning. I didn't really think I would marry — & I think the main reason for that is because I felt that I would have to settle to make my marriage last & have it be worth being “forever.” I didn't want to be one of those women that has two or three marriages. . . I didn't think that the right man for me was really out there & I wasn't going to settle. There was no settling with the handsome husband. He truly was made for me & I for him. He works his ass off & still takes a moment here & there to make me feel loved & important. He is my best friend & my partner for life; if I wasn't sure of it, we wouldn't be married. . . Definitely something to be thankful for every single day.

I think that's a good note to end on, so I will keep this short & sweet this week. 😉

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This post was written in participation of the Currently link-up over at A Mama Collective AND as my initial post for the Blog-tember Challenge over at the Brave Love blog, (although, my “Who is Reta Jayne?” page more-closely meets the writing prompt for September 1, so you can always pop over there to “meet” me!). 😀

6 thoughts on “Currently. Volume 4.”

  1. Oh the joys of having your nose buried in college books. How well I can relate to that. That blogging challenge looks, umm… but fun! Saying hi from the currently link up.

    1. Right?! I am relieved that I got through my mound of homework for the weekend, with plenty of time to spare. . . This blogging challenge doesn’t seem SO bad because I was able to sit down for a bit last night & schedule out my first few posts so that all I have to do for much of the week is simply link-up each day. 😉 The prompts make it seem A LOT less daunting than it could be! We will see how the month goes, though! LOL. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. 😉

  2. Great post Reta! Can’t to see your 30 days or however many. That’s what about blogging, you getvtodo wwhatever you want. I’m also thankful for my hubby. We spent the day paddling around the lake on our canoe with my mom. She loves going out like that. It was a perfect day!

    1. Thanks, Rena! It IS a beautiful thing — blogging. I am quite enjoying it. 😉 Paddling around a lake sounds super fun! I really miss Washington for those types of opportunities. . . There are some lakes here, but they all seem so dirty, I wouldn’t want to be on them or in them. . . LOL.

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