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Currently. Volume 5.

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I am currently. . .

Thinking about: All the things that I want to accomplish over the next two to three years. I've set goals, but they either haven't been properly documented or haven't been significant enough to be thoroughly passionate about. Then, I came across Bailey Jean's 101 in 1001 list & I realized that's what I should be doing! Don't they say something about how the best form of flattery is imitation? Or something like that. . . LOL 😉 I have made the commitment to have my list ready by the end of the month or so. 😉

Reading: All kinds of things, (just as I've discussed here). But, my most recent reading, in addition to what I do recreationally, has to do with witchcraft in colonial New England. It is for my History of Women in America course & it's actually quite interesting, despite the fact that the writing itself is a bit dry.

Proud of: Having  A's in all of my classes so far! I know it's only two weeks into my first semester, but dang it, I am still proud! It's also highly motivating to see those scores. . . It is a lot easier to maintain than it is to “play catch-up.” I intend to stay caught up so that I can put forth my best work, rather than having to rush & compromise my scores. We'll see if I can keep it up!


Looking forward to: Getting a second vehicle. It is looking like that might be happening within the next couple of weeks! We are managing alright with the one vehicle since my school schedule is during the day & the handsome husband works twelve-hour shifts overnight. I took care to make sure my classes start late enough in the day so the handsome husband is home from work in the morning (from his graveyard shifts) & that I get done with classes early enough that I can get home & still have time to have a quick meal with the handsome husband before he has to leave for work. . . . Now, our budget is pretty small, so I won't have anything super fancy. . . & even if I could, I am not sure I would want it. BUT, it'll be nice to have my own vehicle again & for it to (hopefully) be more economical than our clunky 1993 Toyota 4-runner. Plus, it'll free up my schedule to be able to have more options when I am registering for my spring semester classes (which, apparently starts happening next month already!). 😉

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Baffled by: The seemingly large amount of people who don't seem to realize how miscarriages work. I was one of those people until it happened to me! It seems like so many think it's just this one traumatic occurrence that happens, then is over. They seem to get that the psychological scars can last a while, but they don't get that it takes your body a considerable amount of time to miscarry, then go back to normal. . . I think people are a little uncomfortable that I keep talking about it too, though. . . Like it's something that should be “swept under the rug.” I get it. It's an uncomfortable, sad topic — & I had it pretty “easy” in comparison to some. Maybe I'm still upset by it & I just need to talk about it to feel okay again now that my HCG levels finally went back to normal. . . I don't know. . . It feels like people think it's the past already when it kind of isn't. I am trying to make it be, but it's not. Yet.

Nervous about: the handsome husband's job. We moved away from our family & our home state to take a chance on this opportunity. Now, please do not misunderstand me — I do still believe that was the right choice for us. BUT, seven months after he accepted the position & just over four months after we moved to Arizona from Washington State, he got moved to twelve-hour graveyard shifts. It might be okay for some — & I am not saying he can't handle it because I know he can. It's just that it's not what we signed on for. He already has issues sleeping properly, so he's always tired even when tries to say he's not. Plus, I feel like I only see him as he's waking up, going to bed, or leaving. If we're home together for any length of time one or the other of us is asleep in the other room. When they changed his schedule on him, they told him it would rotate every six months, meaning that come January, he will have twelve-hour day shifts instead. That seems much more feasible. Okay, we thought. We can get through six months of this crappy schedule.

But now, there's been plenty of talk & hinting that his particular shift might not rotate. They might actually leave him on graveyard?? Um, no. NOT okay. Not even a little bit. The problem is that we are in our lease for our house through March. Plus, I started classes at the local community college & it would set me back quite a bit if I don't at least finish out the school year (through the end of May) before we packed up & left.

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Maybe that should've read “pissed off about” because that's probably closer to what I am currently feeling about this whole situation. I feel like they “duped” us into moving here, away from our family & friends just to shit on him in the end. Then again, there's still plenty of time for the idea to settle in & for things to go any which way. We will see.

Well, that went south awfully quickly, didn't it? That wasn't my intention for this post. . . But, it's honest. 😉 What are YOU currently up to? Share in the comments below, email me at, or find me on Facebook.

This post was written in participation of the Currently. link-up at A Mama Collective AND the Blog-tember Challenge at the Brave Love blog, (who actually had the writing prompt of “Music that moves you. Are you a Spotify addict or a Pandora guru? Tell us your favorite artists/stations!” for today. I am a rebel, I guess!). Please go check each of them out to either see what others are currently up to or to get some musical inspiration. 😉

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