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Do You Feel Like You’re Not Enough?

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There's an epidemic affecting women that is so disturbing. It's nothing new, if you think about it. And it's gaining more & more attention across social channels. But, still, women are afflicted. I have some theories about why… But, do you feel like you're not enough?

I'll come right out & say that I am one who feels like I am not enough on a regular basis. I can talk about this because I am one of the women who deal with it. I am intimately familiar with the emotions that go along with this.

But let's talk about what I think is the core reason behind feeling “less than” or “not enough.”

do you feel like you're not enough, do you feel like you are not enough, value yourself, dare to dream, confidence and chaos, confidence and chaos featuring sweet minerals, reta jayne

You don't feel like you're enough because you don't see your value.

At least, you don't fully realize your value.

I can still remember the day that a smile gazing back at me from the mirror — my smile! — triggered alligator tears streaming down my face & the realization that it had been WAY TOO LONG since the last time I'd smiled at myself!

It's jarring to realize you've become so okay with monotony!

You only go through the motions of your day to day life like that if you're not actively pursuing JOY. There's a fine line between doing what needs to be done & determining what actually will make you happy & inserting more of THAT into your life. And when you cross that line & forget YOUR VALUE, it means you've sacrificed finding your joy — your spark! — in life.

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It is NOT selfish to want more for yourself.

You need to get honest — brutally honest — with yourself & decide, in an ideal world, what would you be doing? What would life look like?

Chances are, your brain is already working overtime telling yourself how awful you are & how much you don't measure up. Am I right?

So, if that's the case, you've got the brutal part down; how about adding the HONESTY? Allow yourself to dream for a moment?

“But, Reta Jayne, this isn't an ideal world we're living in!”

I hear you! (And way to state the obvious! 😉 ) BUT, every great change & every fabulous adventure starts with a little bit of dreaming! INDULGE!

Because, once you give yourself permission to dream, your brain opens up to a whole new world of possibilities! And, eventually, instead of feeling like you're not enough, you start to wonder if what you're striving to be “enough” for is even what you want in the first place.

Dreaming can even open up a new REALITY.

Once your dreams start to flow, you may realize that what could happen in an ideal world could actually ALSO happen in YOUR world! Maybe you take a slightly different route or accomplish something on a smaller scale.

But, the point is that your life has room for bits of your dreams in so many different places!

Case in point: I've had many dreams. Among them, I've been a writer, a business owner, a stay-at-home mom, a domestic goddess, & even a teacher. I've gone on all kinds of vacations, helped random people, fallen in love, met my father, & owned a home.

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I didn't necessarily dream all those things at the same time.

I dreamed of falling in love when I was the most lonely & of owning a home when I was living in my car. My dream of being a stay-at-home mom was when all I could do was work full-time & my kids lived with their fathers; I wondered what life would be like if I had the time to be with them all the time.

Yet, now? Most of those dreams have come to fruition.

I might not be a best-selling author, but blogging sure is fulfilling! I am successful with my home-based business & I get to teach others how to be successful with theirs too — all while learning more & more. I am madly in love with my handsome husband & get to be home every day with our daughter in the house that we own. I've met my father — & a bunch of siblings to boot!

I still suck at most things domestic.

But I have learned to cook pretty well! So, there's that! 😉

But, you get my point. When you dream, you allow yourself to be open to the things you want in your life. But when you are focused on everything you lack & how you do NOT measure up? That's when you'll just keep bringing more of the same…

So, today, take that first step: Start dreaming!

It's YOUR voice in your head that is the most powerful.

Do you feel like you're not good enough? Then start shaping your world to fit YOU instead of trying to change YOU to fit your world. See your value, beautiful. You're worth it.

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