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How Can I Do It All?

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Women are practically super heroes. We are capable of SO MUCH. Care-giving. Housekeeping. Career-conquering. Plus a bazillion other things I couldn't even attempt to try to identify & list. We are unique, complicated, powerful, emotional, strong, capable beings. The questions that begs to be answered is: How do we do it all?

Better yet, DO you do it all?

Media is full of so many powerful women. Television personalities. Online influencers. CEOs. Authors. All kinds of women out there conquering the world, making names for themselves, yet still having picturesque homes, raising beautiful, well-rounded families, staying fit, looking totally happy. Dinner is on the table every night & looking Pinterest perfect. Timmy gets to soccer; Suzy gets to ballet. Ha! You get the picture. How do they do it?

Is it possible to be successful at more than one thing?

All of these “super women” seem like they have it all together. They appear to be successful at being a mother, career woman, chef, chauffeur, housekeeper, & numerous other titles. But, could it be that they are successful because they don't actually do it all by themselves?

Why do we rarely see behind the scenes?

Could it be that most women who “do it all” have mastered asking for — & accepting! — help? Maybe they let their husband's feed the kids dinner without them a few nights a week. Perhaps they hire someone to come clean their house every so often. Meal delivery services, a teenage helper weekday afternoons, a landscaper, a dog-walker, &/or a simple date night babysitter could even contribute to a woman's success!

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It's important to talk about all the things that contribute to our success.

Especially as women, this is important. Our society is still a bit skewed toward “mom guilt” in the sense that you cannot have a great career without sacrificing how you care for your children or vice versa. That's just one example. How flawed is this thinking?! There are SO MANY resources out there that will help us “have it all” without making us have to “do it all,” ladies. We just need to remind each other of this — & be willing to ask for, pay for, & accept the help when it will get us that step ahead.

Think about it.

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