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How Do you Stay Active with Sweet Minerals?

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One of the most common questions on the minds of prospective & new Sweet Minerals Educators is about how you stay active with Sweet Minerals. There's usually a certain amount of activity that a company needs to see in their representatives in order to keep their accounts open with all of the perks that come with it. In other words, what are the requirements to stay a Sweet Minerals Educator (known by other direct sales companies as a “consultant”)?

How do I stay active as a Sweet Minerals consultant?

The short & sweet answer is, to stay ACTIVE with Sweet Minerals, a minimum of $300 PV (personal volume) is necessary within a ROLLING four-month period. In other words, look at THIS month, last month, & the TWO months prior. You need to have sold at least $300 through your replicated site (which is made available to you the moment you finish your online join application, regardless of which join option you choose). The cool thing is that YOUR OWN purchases through your site DO count toward this number! So, when you are buying your personal use items, it counts toward your active status.

What is the difference between “active” & “engaged”?

In Sweet Minerals, when you are ACTIVE, you have access to all the Sweet Minerals “back office” tools & training. An active status also means you have maintained that $300 PV in a rolling 4-month period.

When you are ENGAGED, you are considered as currently working your business. If you are ENGAGED, you have at least $150 in sales between THIS month & LAST month. So, to be considered ENGAGED as a Sweet Minerals Educator, you must have $150 PV in a rolling TWO-month period.

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Usually, if you are ENGAGED, you are also considered ACTIVE, but it is important to notate the difference. If you aim for $150 every month, you'll wind up hitting both numbers with no problem even if you fall short… Then again, you might find that is a rather LOW number to shoot for once you get going, so don't sell yourself short either!

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It is important to note difference between “active” & “engaged” when promoting up the career path.

Each career title is only earned when the proper PV & family volume (sales of you AND your downline, combined) is reached in conjunction with the proper number of active AND engaged immediate family members. In other words, in order to gain the first promotion of Flawless Educator, ONE active & engaged immediate family member is required. PLUS, your combined family volume must be $750 or higher within the month.

This means you must have at least ONE person sponsored by you that is active & engaged in addition to gaining that $750 combined PV for you & your entire downline. (You can learn more about the entire Sweet Minerals compensation plan by clicking HERE.)

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How do NEWLY-SPONSORED educators stay active with Sweet Minerals?

Newly-sponsored Sweet Minerals educators are considered active & engaged during the month in which they join AND in the following month. So, if you sponsor Suzie (as an example) on September 25, she is considered active & engaged for both September AND October, regardless of her sales (PV). This is helpful because, as she is getting her business off the ground, she doesn't have to worry about what it takes to stay active with Sweet Minerals. Instead, she just needs to get familiar with how it all works.

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For this reason, creating momentum in both sales & sponsoring can be extremely beneficial if promoting up the career path is part of your goals. The key is to be helpful without being pushy. You are a support system & coach & cheerleader for each new Sweet Minerals Educator you sponsor. Getting to know her goals & helping her form a plan to reach them will eventually help you reach your goals too. (Read about qualities to look for in a Sweet Minerals sponsor; they can be helpful when gearing up to be a Sweet Minerals sponsor yourself too!)

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