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How to Apply Loose Mineral Foundation in 5 Easy Steps

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I am Reta Jayne with Confidence & Chaos featuring Sweet Minerals & I am launching a quick how-to series today so you can feel confident, using your minerals. So for this first video, I’m going to show you how to use your dry mineral foundation.

Step #1 to Apply Loose Mineral Foundation: Prime.

I am starting with my Moisture Prep. Moisture Prep is part of our Daily Essentials skincare line. Now, yes, this is a video to show you how to use dry mineral foundation. But, ladies, a primer is super important for all foundations. But for loose minerals, in particular, you really want to have a good primer on your skin. It makes a difference in how it adheres to your skin.

Minerals need to be applied differently than your run-of-the-mill foundation.

It behaves differently. And it’s going to last a lot longer on your skin, your skin can be able to breathe.

Your skin is going to gonna love it, but you have to apply it differently than you’re used to. And it starts with making sure you use a primer.

And the beautiful thing about the Moisture Prep is that it’s also a moisturizer.

It comes in a whole skincare line if you want to make it part of your whole routine. And you can get it in a little travel set so that you don’t have to invest in the whole big kit if you just want to give it a shot. This is a one month supply if you’re using it day and night as you should.

Again, the Moisture Prep in there doubles as a primer, the cleanser doubles as a brush cleaner. It’s so gentle you can clean your eyes with it it doesn’t stand burn you can have your eyes open.

There’s a gentle facial scrub in there that smells so fresh and clean, not like highly fragrant or anything like that. And then the toner does not have alcohol. It’s very light; I use it to wet my brushes when I want to have, like, a foiled look with a more vibrant look with some of my colors. Things like that.

So do start with moisture prep when you’re doing your mineral foundations.

Step #2 to Apply Loose Mineral Foundation: Make Sure You have the right color.

Moving on, here’s my actual mineral foundation. I am a 3N. If you do not know your color, go to That’ll take you over to my blog. There’s a few questions to answer on that page &, at the end, it will take you to the shopping cart.

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Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to purchase just yet if you’re not ready! But know that when it takes you to that shopping cart, it is showing you all of your perfect match options. So, when I fill it out, it takes me to 3N & it’ll show me my dry mineral 3N & it’ll show me a liquid mineral 3N, but it will also show me all my flawless face package options in my shade! So you can browse around and see what your options are for your perfect shade while you’re there.

All right, so let’s get to playing. I open this up. I tap just a little bit into my cap. It does not take a lot ladies. I don’t know if the camera is going to fully pick it up, but you can kind of see, I use this one. You see that little bit that’s in there? There’s not a lot, right? It’s kind of like, let it spread out across my lid.


Step #3 to Apply Loose Mineral Foundation: Use the right brush.

The other key is a kabuki brush. This is our Sweet Minerals kabuki brush. It is really soft, you guys. It is so super soft. It feels like heaven on your face. Like, seriously. The kabuki brush makes difference; you want to use a kabuki brush gals.

If you do not have one, get the Sweet Minerals one — if you can. If you have one already, go ahead and use it if that’s what you wish. But do keep in mind that this particular brush is made to be used with our minerals. So when it’s time to replace the one you have, do consider switching over to the Sweet Minerals brush. You will not regret it. This is, like, seriously… It is fabulous.

It is fabulous. It feels delightful.

So, spread those minerals out in there. Swish that around in there a little bit, pick up some minerals on the tip of your brush as best you can. And then what I want you to do is tap the minerals down into your brush. It’s called loading your brush. It loads it all in there. Right?

I do like a three and an “e” pattern. You can do however you want to make sure you get it evenly dispersed over your face because you don’t need a lot. Notice how I skipped my concealer today for the purpose of this tutorial?

And with regular foundation you just kind of blend it over your skin, right?Notice, with minerals, you’re buffing it into your skin! Like, you’re literally, like, buffing it in.

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Step #4 to Apply Loose Mineral Foundation: Buff it in.

Don’t be afraid to buff it in. These are minerals, ladies, it’s not going to hurt your skin.

Your skin is going to love it. It’s going to actually heal some of the imperfections you’ve got going on. So if you notice a few breakouts the first time or two that you wear it, it’s because there are already some imperfections you’ve got going on in there & that is speeding up the healing process.

And then after a few weeks of wearing your minerals your skin and can all of a sudden go, ‘Wow, it’s just the most amazing thing ever.’ And this first time wearing it, you’re going to notice a difference in just how it feels.

You can barely tell you have it on!

It’s that powerful of a feeling, you know what I mean. So buff, those minerals in ladies. So primer & buff.

Step #5 to Apply Loose Mineral Foundation: Use thin layers.

And here’s the thing. Remember, I said, just a little bit in your cap. Now, if you get that all buffed in evenly all over & you’re still feeling like you might need more coverage… See how I skipped my concealer? Like, it’s doing pretty good coverage wise for me. But if I wanted to — like, I’m having a hot date tonight or something, the husband is taking me out — I could take a little more in load my brush back up a little bit. Then just go back over the areas where I need a little extra coverage for me, if I feel like I want.

(Notice how I do my eyes, I use it as kind of a primer for my eye color. So I can skip that stuff later.)

So you can go back over the areas where you need more coverage.

But the key is, don’t go thick right at first. You want to do a thin layer. Buff it in well, and then go back and do another. Buff it in well.

If you go to thick with it at first, you’re not going to get the results that you want. Number one, it won’t have the same staying power AND it won’t give you the same kind of airbrushed, glowing look that you can get.

And don’t you want to feel the most confident that you can? So, seriously, ladies, buff in thin layers. Prime & buff in layers with a good quality kabuki brush (and we do provide that too). If you get a Flawless Face package, the kabuki brush is in there. If you go with the Deluxe Flawless Face package, you’ll get a travel-sized bottle of your Moisture Prep.

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With your Flawless Face, you’ll have everything you need.

I highly recommend the Deluxe package if you’re able to. And the travel size Daily Essentials skincare set is a great add on if you can do it.

Alright guys, as simple as that. Right now, I highly recommend if you have to stop there with foundation, do a mineral veil as well. Look for my tutorial on that next.

However, for my process, my next thing is going to be my brows. I love that this kabuki brush, with that little bit of foundation — the kind of remnants left in there — is kind of like a magic eraser for the face. So I tend to do my eyebrows, and then my eyes and my liner next, before I move on to the rest of my face because this can clean up any mess that I make. Since I’m not a pro I’m gonna make a mess. Sometimes, not always! But it helps me feel better about cleaning up if I’m not also taking off something I’ve already done.

So, you have any questions at all, please do not feel bad about reaching out!

I actually enjoy it! Email me ( You can pop over to the Calculated Chaos Community on Facebook as well; you’re welcome to join us there. If you can’t find it in a search on Facebook just type in “” & it’ll pop right up.

You can message me on Facebook. An easy way to find me is just to type in “” & Messenger will pop up straight to me.

And, you guys, comment right here on YouTube. And if you found this video somewhere other than YouTube, you can find the rest of my youtube channel with all the other tutorials that I offer at, you guys.

One more time. If you need to be color matched:, or reach out to me and one of the ways that I mentioned & I will help you get ‘er done. And if you’re ready to shop in other ways — remember color match will bring you to the shopping page specific to your colors, at the end, if you need it. But if you’re ready to just browse around and shop in other ways, look for your kabuki brush if you already have your stuff, look at skincare…. Go straight to & you can shop there as well. Alrighty. Look for the next “how-to” on brows. See you soon. Bye.

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