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How to Change Your Life Circumstances

how to change your life circumstances

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You woke up one morning & realized your life went in a direction you never thought it would. Or maybe you feel like life dealt you a “bad hand” from the beginning & the odds are stacked against you. Whatever the reason you clicked over to this article, you want to learn how to change your life circumstances.

how to change your life circumstances

The good news is that you CAN change your life circumstances!

You are NOT stuck where you are. Life is always changing & what you have or experience now does not have to be what you have or experience for eternity. Even better, YOU have control over whether your circumstances will change.

Focus on YOU & what you CAN control.

If you don't like your circumstances, make the choice to do something about it! Be passionate & unfaltering about it. You cannot control other people or anything outside of YOU. You just can't. So, why not focus on YOU & what you CAN control?

First, change how you think.

Start with remembering you have more control than you think… Then take it a step further & remember you have more control because of HOW you think. When you catch yourself with limiting or negative thoughts, snuff them out with abundant & positive thoughts. Here's an example: Instead of, “I am broke & I will never be able to afford that,” think, “I am always learning something new & that will be mine soon.” That's just ONE example.

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Your thoughts really are that powerful.

Don't discount this whole concept as “hippy dippy” or far-fetched! I mean what I am saying to you! Will changing your thoughts, ALONE, change your circumstances? Of course not! BUT, changing your thoughts CAN be the START to you being able to change your circumstances. You'll never get to the proverbial finish line if you don't first believe you can enough to actually START. πŸ˜‰

Get up off your ass.

I know. I said it… Sometimes we ALL need to hear this, though — myself included. You have agency. Yes, you do. YOU have the power to be an independent individual & make your OWN decisions, even if it goes “against the grain.” You aren't stuck unless you're unwilling to wiggle, work, & walk yourself out of your current situation. Take control! YOU are the one who can change your life circumstances.

STOP with the excuses & take ownership.

I wouldn't exist if someone didn't exercise their agency somewhere along the line. (Hello! I'm mulatto — Halfrican – half white, half black! πŸ˜‰ ) Women wouldn't be able to vote or work outside the home if it weren't for agency. Small businesses everywhere wouldn't have a shot if there was no agency in this world; no one would have taken the leap to step out on their own! YOU have the power to make changes, so DO IT. Do your homework, take the risks, & step OUT of your comfort zone.

If, while you're mustering up the courage to make the necessary efforts to change your life circumstances, you would like to be a part of a community of super encouraging, empowering women, please accept this invitation. The Calculated Chaos Community is exactly that & so much more! No judgement, but lots of support from women who are there boost confidence in themselves & others. Join us!

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AND, if you think the 3 Steps to Better Confidence guide might be key to helping you change your life circumstances, just click-through HERE to have it emailed over to you. πŸ˜‰ No charge. Nope. No way!

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