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How to Launch a Sweet Minerals Business

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You've found this little “secret” of a company called Sweet Minerals. This diamond in the rough. This ground-floor direct sales opportunity. And you've decided you need IN on this awesomeness. You've maybe even gone as far as to choose your Sweet Minerals sponsor. So what's next? How do you know how to launch a Sweet Minerals business?

1). Become a Sweet Minerals “consultant.”

In the Sweet Minerals universe, our “consultants” are called EDUCATORS. We get to educate others on the loveliness that is Sweet Minerals & guide them on how to shop for & use our products. 

To become a Sweet Minerals Educator, you simply fill out the application & purchase your Sweet Minerals starter kit or digital membership. You can do that all HERE (Or, if you're already talking with another Sweet Minerals educator you jive well with, ask her for her link to join.)

2). Pave the way to your success with EXCITEMENT!

Even more so, SHARE your excitement! It is OKAY to be excited & to share that you are stoked & WHY. Seriously. Consider recording a video about WHY you're starting this adventure. Capture it to share with others AND for yourself down the road when you hit a hiccup & need a reminder. (It happens to us all!) Be excited! Protect that excitement by sharing with supportive people & you'll go SO far.

3). Decide HOW you want to work your Sweet Minerals business & set your first goals.

Are you going to be primarily ONLINE? Or are in-person one-on-one makeovers & parties more your jam? Maybe it is a combination of the two? Decide what suits YOU. Don't worry about what others do. It IS okay to pave your own path. You CAN be successful that way too. There is no ONE correct path with this Sweet Minerals business opportunity.

I always recommend as a first goal for your Sweet Minerals business to be aiming to hit all of your Sweet Starts. The first is to simply obtain $300 in sales (PV) within your first 30 days. Then, there are two more goals to follow to help you within your first 90 days in business with incentives that get progressively SWEETER. (Pun intended!)

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4). The technical side of how to launch a Sweet Minerals business is setting up your business “tools.”

If you are going to have an online presence, consider creating things like a Facebook business page as a “virtual,” SEARCHABLE business card of sorts, a Facebook group to foster community, a blog (especially since Sweet Minerals doesn't bog you down with rules like some other direct sales companies), a directory listing, a social media account on the platforms you enjoy.

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For in person, consider creating &/or ordering business cards, thank you notes, invitations, palettes & demo applicators, gift bags, & decorations to make your parties festive & inviting.

I also highly suggest finding networking & coaching groups to help you through making decisions for your business. As a Sweet Minerals Educator, you get access to the company-run Facebook groups for support. As one of MY immediate family members (when you join using my link), you get the support of yet another Sweet Family group AND access to me & my upline, directly, if needed too. BUT, it is also extremely beneficial to grow by learning from others outside of the company as well. 

I strongly recommend Sassy Suite by way of the Socialite Suite AND, if you're able to swing the small investment, the premium coaching group The Elite Suite. There are even a number of trainings you can purchase on how to run Facebook partiesfunnel strategyhow to properly follow-up with people, how to make the most of Instagram or Pinterest, & MORE if you don't want the ongoing investment of a monthly membership.

5). Unbox your Sweet Minerals starter kit!

Want to kick things up a notch? Unbox your Sweet Minerals starter kit on camera!!! Do a Facebook or YouTube LIVE of you opening your Sweet Minerals join kit. If LIVE video isn't your thing, just record your unboxing & share it after you've edited (if you choose to edit at all!).

You can even invite friends over to be a part of the unboxing too! Make it a party! Have fun with it. Play in your new goodies together! 

This is yet another way to share in your excitement! It is contagious in the BEST of ways. You never know who is watching & might want to get their own, go shopping, or simply JOIN you in this adventure.

6). Plan a Sweet Minerals LAUNCH party!

You can even COMBINE your launch party WITH your unboxing of your Sweet Minerals join kit! OR, if you'd prefer to take more time to plan, consider setting a date & time for your launch party (online &/or in person) & ADVERTISING IT during your Sweet Minerals starter kit un-boxing event!

Look ahead to make one event seamlessly promote the next event by planning even just a little.

7). Be careful to actually, personally invite your guests to your Sweet Minerals events & groups.

Whether your Sweet Minerals launch party is online or in person, an actual invitation is CRUCIAL. Make it about the connections — the relationships — more than the sales. There is NO benefit to spamming people or “group-napping.” Direct sales gets a bad reputation from people adding others to Facebook groups without actually inviting them & making sure they even WANT to be a part of it. Don't add to that nightmare. 

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“Group-napping” (adding people to Facebook groups without inviting them or getting their consent) is NO different than snatching someone on the sidewalk outside your house & dragging them into your living room because you want guests at your party. You wouldn't do that. You know you wouldn't! So, resist the temptation to do it online. 

8). If you're not having fun, you might be doing it wrong.

I know, I know. I said there is no ONE “right way” to run your Sweet Minerals business. I meant it when I said it & I still do. BUT, you NEED to be having some fun too. Push yourself out of your comfort zone & DO THE WORK to be successful. Of course! But don't push yourself so hard to be or do things a specific way that you forget that this is actually an ENJOYABLE endeavor as well as a lucrative opportunity. 

What will help you & your guests have FUN at your launch & your future parties? As long as it still gets the product in front of them so they can learn & invite more friends too, you're hitting your objective with the whole event! Let the rest slide! Then, after it is all said & done, list the things that went well, the things you would like to try differently, & the things that just aren't for you at all. It is an ART not a science. 

For instance, after much time & effort, I have decided the party plan is not my idea of fun, for the most part. So I don't do them hardly at all. I will do one occasionally when I have someone who is super excited at the idea of it or when I have a super fun & unique theme idea… But I only work online & won't stress about doing them regularly. It just isn't my thing — & that's totally OKAY! I put my focus elsewhere.

9). Be consistent in your plan.

Whether you are recording videos, going live on Facebook, booking parties (online or in person), attending vendor events, or any other myriad of activities that bring new eyes to you & your Sweet Minerals business, do it CONSISTENTLY.

Daily? Sure! That would be FABULOUS! But the consistency of your actions matters more than your frequency. 

Pick a schedule that will work for you then FOLLOW THROUGH with that schedule. Stick to it. This is a marathon, not a sprint. To make the most of your Sweet Minerals business & reach your goals, doing what you say you're going to do WHEN you say you're going to do it is crucial. And, the more consistent you are at producing content & getting in front of people, the more people will start to talk about you & find you & seek you out on their own! It takes time & consistent effort to get to that point.

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10). Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Your Sweet Minerals sponsor is your first line for questions & help talking things out & forming a plan for yourself. If she is still new too, go to HER sponsor (your upline). You also have the Sweet Minerals Educators group on Facebook & your Sweet Family group. Plus, if you joined any of those networking groups back in Step 4, you've got even more options!

If you're genuinely putting in the work & making an effort, there is NO reason to be ashamed to ask for help when you need it. If you need permission to do that, consider it given here. Seriously. Your upline can only help you so much without YOUR questions. Even if it is just to share your goals, reach out to her! Don't wait for her to contact you. If she is worth her salt at all, she will be GLAD to help you — &, if for any reason she isn't, you have those other resources already set up, remember? 

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. 😉

When you find yourself in a rut, go back to these basics! Start again. Over & over. This is how you can be successful. Do what you know as you know it — & when you learn better, layer that in. It is a matter of consistency in your actions AND in your growth as a person & as a business owner. And, as long as you remember that, your Sweet Minerals business will grow too. 

So, go forth & launch your Sweet Minerals business (or re-launch it if you're on that “repeat” step). You can't go wrong. Just hold onto that excitement & DO IT.

What to continue this conversation?

I'd love to! Email me at or shoot me a private message. If you prefer texting usually, text JOIN to 509-289-2499 to subscribe to Confidence & Chaos updates. You can also join me & a bunch of other women over in the Calculated Chaos Community where we are all about empowerment, confidence-boosts, & judgement-free sharing & commiseration. We'd LOVE to have you!

And, of course, if you're looking for a “direct sales home,” talk to me about Sweet Minerals. Just contact me via the methods above. We have a community like no other, the Sweet Minerals compensation plan is phenomenal, & we put a lot of thought into our training — both through the company & within my team & upline. Or, if you just KNOW, dive into our partnership now.

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