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How to Strike a ‘Happy Medium’

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I've been tempted to say that I am getting overwhelmed lately. . .

But I am not entirely sure that would be 100% truthful. . .

I think it's more that I get behind on what I know I should be doing. . .

There really IS enough time to get through everything I want to get through. . . & I can see the path to get there.

Where it is tempting to say that it is overwhelming is only when I allow myself to get distracted. . . Or when I cut things too close to a deadline  (whether real or arbitrary) & I didn't give myself a back-up plan to still get things done the way I wanted to.

It is a delicate balancing act. Sometimes, it's more cerebral than tangible. . . 

It's a tug-of-war in search of a “happy medium.” You know, that small space that gives you the best of both worlds. . .

I have found myself saying it a lot lately. “It's a matter of finding a ‘happy medium.'” And it's true.

It's the struggle between getting ahead on my studies, having assignments completed ahead of time, versus taking the proper amount of downtime just for ME.

It's finding the balance between deep-cleaning my house when I want to have company over, versus cleaning just enough to be comfortable, thus being ME.

It's allowing the very real feeling of jealousy towards pregnancies while still sincerely being happy for the new soon-to-be parents.

It's taking a sufficient amount of alone time while still being sure to remain social.

It's knowing when to crack the whip on my housework & when to just let it go in favor of another activity.

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I tried to get ahead on my studies to make up for an impromptu out-of-town trip recently. It put me a bit closer to some homework deadlines than I would have liked — & I even missed turning in one small assignment. It kind of sucked. BUT, it also told me that — under some circumstances — it might be okay to let some smaller things go in order to strike that balance. . .

Perhaps I can't have EVERYTHING just as I want it, but I can have A LOT of things pretty damn close, if I just give it some thought & effort, eh?

It's a daily struggle, though, is it not? It's on my mind A LOT lately. . . & this only slightly scratches the surface. . .


2 thoughts on “How to Strike a ‘Happy Medium’”

  1. I have no happy medium. I have a filthy house and the jealousy/happy thing going, and not enough sleep, and NOT enough time to write (but at least I’m exercising) so…no social life really, and work is a DRAG at the moment!

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