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I Cry A Lot (TToT #10)

i cry a lot

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I cry a lot. Like, I mean, A LOT.

I cry anytime my emotions get overwhelming, it seems — which, like I said, is a lot.

I suppose I should learn (somehow) to look at it as a good thing since it obviously isn't going to change any time soon. . .

It IS quite frustrating, though. . . On so many levels. . .

So many tears. . . (Image from

So many tears. . . (Image from

I cry because I am lonely.

I cry because I miss my sons.

I cry because I miss my best friends. My family. My home state.

I cry because I miss my mother — who has been dead for nearly 16 years.

I cry because I miss my husband, even though we live under the same roof.

I cry because I feel inadequate.

I cry because I loathe housework, yet I allowed myself to become a housewife.

I cry because I have no control over my body in trying to have a child with my husband.

I cry because I've had braces for nearly a-year-and-a-half & I have nothing to show for it yet.

I cry because I have an eye that needs at least one drop every day — & might need it for the rest of my life if I don't go blind in it first.

I cry because I quit smoking, but also started eating more & moving less, thus, I live in the largest version of my body it has ever been.

But, I suppose, I also cry because I am happy. (Thankful #1)

I cry because I love it when my son calls me unexpectedly. (Thankful #2)

I cry because I got to see my best friend again, unexpectedly, so reason says it'll happen again soon. (Thankful #3)

See also  New Year Exception?

I cry because I know I am lucky to have so many people to care about that seem to also care about me. (Thankful #4)

I cry because my husband says & does just the right things at just the right moment, more often than not. (Thankful #5)

I cry because my son will be here in just a few nights to spend a week-and-a-half with us over Thanksgiving. (Thankful #6)

I cry because I am alive. (Thankful #7)

I cry because I am a hormonal, emotional female. . . & I suppose it's better than not feeling anything at all. (Thankful #8)

Then, I cry because I actually feel the need to share the fact that I cry a lot — even if I am glad to have the outlet! (Thankful #9)

I cry for all of these reasons & plenty more. . .

I even cry when I don't even have a reason, it seems. . .

I'm learning to embrace this part of me. . . (Thankful #10) It is obviously not going to change, so it seems prudent to at least try to accept it, eh?




28 thoughts on “I Cry A Lot (TToT #10)”

  1. Ohhh bless your boots!

    I rarely, rarely cry. When I do, unless I’m having a hysterical angry moment, then it matters DEEP. Most of the time I just cry on the inside and my heartstrings get all tight and my soul aches.

              1. Probably. But they suck. If I’m sad then I just leak tears everywhere. If I’m frustrated then I end up choking and it’s awful.

                I don’t think I’ve ever cried happy.

                I learned to bottle things young. I’m not out of the habit yet.

                1. I can certainly understand that. . . I think I was that way as a child. . . & for a bit after my mom died. . . Then, one day, several months later, I started crying & didn’t stop for a while. . . Now, I still cry a lot — but not in nearly the same way. . . We all have our quirks in that regard, I suppose.

                  1. I cried a bit after losing my first baby. And a bit after the second. But then I got drunk one night and just bawled and howled the place down. That was cathartic but awful.

                    Now when I’m sad I tend to weep instead of bawling, which is better. A bit more manageable.

            1. I have been bawling like a baby for the last year or so and before then had never cried.

              Since the last year has been one of the most stable of my life, I couldn’t understand why I was suddenly this soggy mess, until someone finally clued me in that it was because I was finally safe enough to process ALL THE EMOTIONS. I would bet some of that is true for you as well.


            2. I miss my mother everyday – she’s been gone 61/2 years. She was a crier – all the time, any emotion came rolling down her cheeks. She had several pair of sunglasses she wore now and again to diffuse the waterworks. I think it is beautiful that you can be filled with emotion and let the tears of joy, or tears of sadness, or tears of love fall. Happy Thanksgiving.

              1. I am starting to forget pieces of my mother, I am sad to say. . . I do remember her with tears in her eyes an awful lot, though. . . &, I guess it wasn’t all sad. . . Something to ask my family about, I think. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

            3. I cry more than I used to. But usually in very guarded situations. I suppose not holding back all that crap is a good thing and crying for happy is just a lovely little charming thing…. SO EMBRACE IT!!!! Way to cry! Have a great holiday with the kiddo home!

              1. The more I think about it, the more I think that maybe it IS a good thing. . . I over-analyze & dwell on things SO MUCH as it is. . . I can only imagine how much worse that tendency would be if I didn’t let out my emotions in the form of tears as necessary. . . God made me like this for a reason, I suppose. 😉 Thank you for that!

            4. Sometimes I wish I cried more. I hate to cry and I fight it. When it finally does come, when I can’t hold it in any longer, it exhausts me but it feels so cleansing. I’m sorry for all the sad moments that make you cry but having happy things to cry over and realizing that is so is quite a blessing.

              1. I do the same thing from time to time, Sandy. . . Exhausting, but cleansing. That is completely truthful! You’re absolutely right. . . I am glad I posted this — I was slightly embarrassed to do so. . . But, I am starting to think it may be a blessing in disguise. . . That’s okay. 😉

            5. I cry when I get really mad. It drives me bonkers.
              I don’t have really big cries very often, but I tear up all the time. During the singing of the national anthem. During the 8th grade vs. teachers volleyball game. During movies. My kids are constantly asking, “Are you crying?” It is not crying. I’m just getting a little teary.

              Glad you have so many reasons to cry happy tears. Those are the best.

              1. The happy tears ARE the best! I get angry about some of the other tears too, though. .. Maybe “angry” isn’t quite the right word, for me, though. . .Frustrated, perhaps? Ashamed or embarrassed sometimes. . . But, I am starting to look at it in a new light. . . Maybe it’s not such a bad thing, afterall. . .

            6. I went through a season like that. Then I stumbles across a verse that says-basically-God collects all my tears in a bottle. Not one is wasted. It helped with the feeling of yuck about crying.

              AND good tears don’t happen often enough. I love your list. wipes tear

              1. Thank you so much for this!! As silly as it might sound, I just (literally JUST) got done watching “Heaven is For Real.” It is solidifying my newfound belief that maybe my tears aren’t so horrible after all. . . I need to look up this verse you are referring to; I could use that right about now. THANK YOU, again! <3

            7. (as the the sole co-host from Y Chromia), I would like to say, …. good Post! keep up the good work!
              lol… volumes of Posts to be written about crying and the differences between the genders….fortunately (for me), I have the Wakefield Doctrine and fortunately (for us) when it comes to understanding how the different personality types do things, we have the ‘everything Rule’ (which states: everyone does everything, at one time or another). This means, when considering crying, it comes down to: what is is to me, in my worldview.

              very difficult and, fortunately rare occurrence. But one of the things I enjoy the most about this here bloghop here, is being invited to share a part of other people’s lives in these Posts.
              In that, I will say, thank you for joining us at the TToT

            8. For every ugly cry there are at least ten beautiful ones caused by wonderful circumstances. We ALWAYS have to remember that in the face of darkness and I’m glad that you do and did.
              Cry if you need to love. Let the ugly out and the beauty in (but you can show the world how awesome life truly can be through snot…yes…snot) xo

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