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Last Chance! Is Sweet Minerals Going Out of Business?

Last Chance! Is Sweet Minerals Going Out of Business?

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Sweet Minerals has been a fabulous direct sales opportunity, but, despite its Flawless Face awesomeness, the business plan hasn't exactly been, well, flawless. 😉 It prompts the question: Is Sweet Minerals going out of business??

Last Chance! Is Sweet Minerals Going Out of Business?

There have been a lot of limitations to growth — for the company & its consultants — under the way it was structured. So, there are some major changes on the horizon! But, don't worry! The rumors of Sweet Minerals going out of business are FALSE!

Sweet Minerals, as current consultants know it, will be no more.

However, the Sweet Minerals brand is alive & well! All the Sweet Minerals products we all know & love are not going anywhere! All that is going away is the party plan business model that has brought Sweet Minerals the success it has had up until this point.

It's time for a business plan upgrade!

The Sweet Minerals brand will be rolled under a NEW umbrella company called No Filter Global. The NEW company is offering an entirely different compensation plan & it's looking SO exciting!! There's opportunity, galore! Just as any ground floor business opportunity has huge potential, this one is magnified, especially for those Sweet Minerals consultants who roll over into the new structure.

Sweet Minerals going out of business isn't happening! Here's the NEW No Filter Global logo. It's an umbrella company to the Sweet Minerals brand, effective September 1, 2020.

It's not too late to get grandfathered into the NEW No Filter Global!

All you need to do is join Sweet Minerals on or before August 15, 2020. All consultants will automatically be rolled over into the No Filter Global system AND get extra perks in regard to the compensation plan (like an EXTRA 5% commission than what's listed!).

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Sweet Minerals going out of business is a false rumor. Here's No Filter Global's groundfloor opportunity! Check out this career plan.

The last day to become a Sweet Minerals consultant will be August 15, 2020.

The last day to purchase Sweet Minerals products before the company rolls under No Filter Global will be August 31, 2020. Then, from September 1 to October 15, there will be a moratorium on product sales while the No Filter Global pre-launch begins!

The No Filter Global pre-launch runs September 1 to October 15.

During the pre-launch phase, new No Filter Global affiliates can begin joining! During this time, the only thing available for purchase will be the affiliate enhancement kits: deeply discounted bundles of product designed to help you share this new opportunity!!

no filter global is a movement about feeling like your best self. Sweet Minerals going out of business is a false rumor; it is remaining as a brand under the NEW No Filter Global umbrella company!

Beginning October 16, No Filter Global will be open for business!!

There are THREE ways to participate in all the awesomeness that is No Filter Global:

  • Be a regular customer! Purchase products as a regular price with absolutely no additional obligations. We love customers!
  • Become a VIP customer. For a ONE-TIME fee of $19.95, you get a welcome gift, 15% off your orders of $82+, & free shipping! Plus, you get periodic deals ONLY for VIP members!
  • Join No Filter as an affiliate! You can join without a kit for $49 annually OR the cost of your first year is rolled into your kit cost. The kits are extremely discounted bundles of products designed to help you share! You can choose from several different kit options ranging from $99 to $799 & they are ALL a screaming deal! Then, as an affiliate, you are eligible for commissions of up to 40%, PLUS payouts from the company on the sales from anyone you sign up as an affiliate, cash bonuses, AND even a CAR BONUS!!
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If you'd like more information on possibly becoming a No Filter Global affiliate, please join our no-obligation, informative group on Facebook here.

Membership requests will begin being approved on or about September 1. You can also email with any & all questions or put them in the comments below.

So, while Sweet Minerals going out of business isn't actually happening, this new venture is going to be AMAZING!

The new umbrella company of No Filter Global will enable affiliates to pocket more cash, represent a better variety of products, & even expand into other countries soon! Plus, so much more. I can't wait to share it with you!

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