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Magic in Our Lives

pregnancy test

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Life is hard. It is messy & intense & crazy. . . & beautiful & downright magical. All you have to do is look around to find some of its magic. . .

Yesterday, as the handsome husband I were having a little chat, we came to a realization. . . There are so many little things that just added up into this perfect, magically BLESSED moment.

Let me attempt to explain:

NINE YEARS ago, on yesterday's date (April 14), was my due-date for my little RJ's birth. He held out for another week-&-a-half, proving the stubbornness that he still holds to this day.

TODAY (April 15) is my dear, sweet aunt's birthday. She passed away a few years ago, but I know she watches over us all.

NEXT JANUARY 11 (2015), will be the SIXTEEN YEAR anniversary of my mother's death.

How are all these things connected?

I have been so extremely light-headed lately. And, along with a few other unpleasant symptoms to share, the handsome husband & I decided it was time to take a test. I asked him to pick one up on his way home from work yesterday. He did. Then I did. And, then there were two pink lines! They showed up IMMEDIATELY!! 😉

pregnancy test

My head was spinning — & not from the light-headedness I have been experiencing lately! I filled up my water glass & S – L – O – W – L – Y told the handsome husband that there were two lines & the three minutes weren't even close to being up yet. He must've understood exactly what that meant!

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He got a funny look on his face, obviously processing what he just heard; it was quickly followed by an ear-to-ear grin (that didn't let up for most of the rest of the evening). He was immediately up out of his seat & hugging & kissing me. Then, in a flash, he was in the bathroom, where I had left the test, whipping his cell phone out of his pocket to snap a photo of our “evidence,” which he promptly texted to his mother.

There were all kinds of phone calls made: parents first, along with my grandmother & four uncles, our siblings & close friends. (We've decided to tell the boys they are going to be big brothers by sending them a “big brother” tee-shirt of some sort! How fun, right?! We will over-night it tomorrow.)

Then, even though it's totally unconventional to thoroughly share this kind of news so early, we discussed it further & decided we are okay with NOT following the norm. . . SO we made the announcement on Facebook! Since moving so recently & having so many friends & family members that we keep in touch with this way, it seemed highly appropriate.

We are thrilled! Don't get me wrong, I still have plenty of fears. . . (Read about 'em here, if you're curious.) AND, we have lots of planning to do. . . BUT, nonetheless, this is. . . an exciting, MAGICAL time in our lives & we couldn't be happier!

SO, back to those original three dates. . .

Yesterday, on little RJ's due-date from nine years ago, we found out that God is blessing us with a little one. . . (How appropriate!)

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If that's not enough, even though we do not have an official due date yet, if my math is even remotely correct, I suspect that this little one will be due right around the sixteen-year anniversary of my mother's death in January. (I sense some extra healing during that time of year!)

AND, on the eve of yet another deceased family member's birthday, I got to tell the rest of my family that we will be welcoming a new life into this world. (What a pleasant “distraction!”)

I do not believe in coincidences. Therefore, this is the magic that is God. . . If this is not proof of His work here, I don't know what is!

Where can you see the magic in your life? Let me know in the comments, below.


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This was written as part of the Two Shoes Tuesday link up hosted at Texas Two Shoes. My first time participating! Every Tuesday, Josie will give two prompt words to choose from. The word does not necessarily need to be a part of our entry, as long as it is used as inspiration. This week's prompts were “Move” or “Magic.”

24 thoughts on “Magic in Our Lives”

  1. Congratulations!! This has to be the happiest, most magical post of the day!! Like you, I don’t believe that such things are coincidences, God loves to tie them all together to see if we take notice, and give us reason to smile. All life is connected and sacred, and yes, welcoming a new baby near the anniversary of losing your mother, that’s a sure sign from her that all is well and life blooms again at that time of the year! I wish you the best of health and happiness for the entire family! I think a FB announcement is very, very cool! Thank you for letting us be part of the fun and celebration at Two Shoes Tuesday. I’ll be praying for you all the way!

    1. Happiest & most magical?? That is a TALL order! I am honored you would think so! No coincidences here. We’re DEFINITELY smiling! There’s a lot to take in & I’m sure I’ll share along the way. . . Thank you so much for taking a few moments to pop over here & share your thoughts too, Josie! I cannot tell you how much that means to me. . . MUCH appreciated. 😀

  2. Your readers will all feel very privileged be be among the first to be told. Congratulations to the whole family. It is funny when babies announce their arrival the parents always feel so smug and clever… we did.

  3. Congrats-how exciting! I see magic in my two-year-old discovering the world around her. I love this age when they realize their surroundings and explore everything. She’s our last “baby” so I’m trying to appreciate the magic that is being two.

  4. Congratulations! How exciting 🙂
    I had the 20 week ultrasound for my daughter and found out she was a girl on the due date of the baby that I miscarried right before conceiving her. She was born the day after my grandmother’s birthday a little over 2 weeks before the first anniversary of my miscarriage.

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