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Math, a Little Man, & a Little Miss (TToT #16)

ttot 16

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I have been a bit withdrawn lately. . . I think about trying to socialize more — in the blogosphere, reaching out to some local friends, making a call to my friends back home (in Washington) — but, I just don't have the desire energy to deal with it. That sounds bitchy, but I swear it's not. Maybe I'll talk more about that another time. . .

Life & Death in nearly the same spot. (Image from

Life & Death in nearly the same spot. (Image from

So, it's been two weeks (I think) since I last posted about what I am thankful for. . . & I get why Ms. Lizzi (over at Considerings) made Ten Things of Thankful a weekly link-up — at least for me, it is quite necessary to help maintain a decent frame of mind — or at least keep my frame of mind from slipping any lower. There's a small bit of pressure to sit down & think about my thankfuls every week as a result. (Thankful #1) That's not a bad thing. Sometimes thinking about it actually results in a post; other times it doesn't. . . At least I am thinking about it, right?

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I shared that I was considering changing my major from finance to math (or actuarial science). I have decided not to do that. I put a lot of thought into choosing finance as a major. I am, however, adding math as a minor — or, if wind up still living in Arizona when I it comes time to transfer to a university, I will look at earning a certificate in actuarial science so that I can be prepared for the actuary exams. I am quite excited about this plan! (Thankful #2)

Come fall semester, I will be doubling up on my math classes, taking a class for the business degree requirements & a class to start on the path for more advanced math to prepare for a possible career as an actuary. I am also completing my honors project in my current math class — & while I am a bit nervous about its challenges, I am mostly excited to have it to tackle & the opportunity to further my education in this way. Total geek; I know. . . But, I am okay with it. (Thankful #3)

My Little RJ is still here for his visit. We took a day trip about an hour away on the day after he arrived. We went to a place called “Rawhide,” a faux old west town, complete with a gun show, mechanical bull, a few little shops, a petting zoo, climbing wall, zipline, & such. We had quite a nice time spending the day there & so did my son. It was really great to be able to do something outside of the house with him, which I don't feel like we really get to do too much on his limited visits. (Thankful #4).

Then, yesterday, I had a bunch of errands to run, so I took Little RJ with me & brought him out to breakfast. Towards the end of the day, I mentioned it was time to come home & he was glad to be done with errands. . . Then, I asked him if he felt bad that we didn't do a whole lot & that, with his step-dad & I being on a graveyard schedule, he spends a few hours in the mornings & early afternoon awake by himself before I get up to join him. (I've been feeling a little guilty about it — even though there's not a ton to be done about it.) RJ looked at me & said, “No, Mom! I like it! I get to play my Pokemon game & watch my cartoons & there's tons of yummy stuff to eat & I think I see you & Kyle more on this schedule since I get to stay up a little bit later too!” It did my heart good to hear that. (Thankful #5) Plus, I think it shows what a compassionate little man we have. . . He really takes other people's feelings into consideration. (Thankful#6) With that said, he also appeared to be speaking the truth. . . &, while, he is only nine-years-old & has a few white lies that I need to call him out on, he is getting the lesson that truth is important & that lying is not okay — & that lesson is becoming more & more apparent, even in the seemingly “little” things — the smaller interactions. (Thankful #7)

Also on the topic of family, my baby brother's girlfriend went into the hospital over 36 hours ago to be induced. We thought my niece would be brought into the world sometime yesterday, but as of now (approximately 4am), there is no word of our family's new addition. Little Miss Lorrayne, my niece, will be the first girl on our side of the family for 25 years! My cousin Kaylee is the youngest girl & she just turned 25 this past November! (Thankful #8) We are all quite excited to have a little girl to “ooh” & “aah” over (especially my sister, who is the prissiest of anyone I know & wound up having three BOYS! LOL). Plus, I am so excited to see my little brother as a daddy. it is such a tremendous blessing, to be a parent & he is going to do such a great job! (Thankful #9)

Another thing worth mentioning that has been on my mind is that my niece is going to be born at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. That is the same hospital where her grandmother died just over 16 years ago. The fact that my sweet little niece is starting her life in the same place that my mother's ended — & that my niece is loosely named after my mother on top of it! — is pretty awesome, in my opinion. (Thankful #10)

There's plenty on my mind today, but I would have to say that sums up my thankfuls for the week. . . What are YOU thankful for?

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12 thoughts on “Math, a Little Man, & a Little Miss (TToT #16)”

  1. Jen @ Driftwood Gardens

    I’m so glad you are having a great visit with your son. Rawhide sounds like a super fun place – I kinda want to go there myself! Wishing new baby and mama best of health – I also think it’s pretty awesome that she is coming into the world where your mom left it and I love it when people put a new spin on a family name.

  2. OH, the twists and turns of family. How wonderful that your niece can bring a whole lot of happy to a place that had represented just loss.

  3. The connections present with the new baby’s birth are so special. I love when things fall together like that.
    Glad your visit is going well – that is precious time indeed.
    Congratulations on your major choices. Hey, geek so what? Own it!
    Have a great week!

  4. cool little western town! I like that idea… did you guys do the zipline? Im glad the visit is going well I know you had said you were really excited about it in your last post! Very cool about the new niece as well… I suspect she is here now as you were writing at 4am… 4am?! HOLY COW!

    1. It was pretty neat! I am excited to go again sometime. . . We didn’t do the zipline. RJ was not too thrilled with the idea of being that high up & I am not one to be the center of attention — & the zipline went down the center of the main street! LOL.

      The niece has NOT arrived yet! I can’t believe it! — &, yes, I was writing at 4am. . . My husband & I sleep during the day since he works at night. . . So, it was the equivalent of my late-night. 😉 LOL. Plus, it’s nice because it helps me purge some of my thoughts before bed, ya know? 😉

        1. Me too! But, I could see myself trying it under the right circumstances. . .

          Yes! NO BABY! I am feeling for my future-sisiter-in-law right now. OMG. It makes me appreciate the labors I had with my boys in comparison!

  5. That last part of your post really took me back in time. Swedish Hospital was my home for months, years ago during a high-risk pregnancy, and my son’s for months after his birth. Your connection to Swedish really is a bittersweet circle of life type thing. Congrats on your new niece!

  6. Awwwwh happy new Niece to you. And I am still SO AWED at your math skills. Seriously, just some of the terminology makes my head go to absolute pieces.

    SO glad you’ve been having a gorgeous time with RJ. I caught a pic on instagram and you all looked beautifully happy.

    And yes. Definitely necessary, this once a week gig!

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