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My Happy Monday

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Everyone needs an outlet. . . Something they enjoy that lets them blow off some steam or get their thoughts organized or whatever. One day, I'd like to be more active on a regular basis & maybe that'll turn into one of my outlets. In the meantime, writing here is what does that for me. You can't even imagine the extra peace of mind it gives me to just get my thoughts out of my head for a bit. Hopefully there's a few people who don't mind reading it!

As an extra boost of motivation to post more regularly and as an opportunity to meet a few other bloggers (& maybe even form a few online friendships), I came across a few link ups that I thought I might enjoy on a regular basis. Today, marks the first on the list: My Happy Monday, hosted by Sarah of My (Mostly) Healthy Life

The idea, to paraphrase, Ms. Sarah, is to start our weeks on a HAPPY note — to quit dreading the “awful” Monday & to turn it into a happy day by linking up positive, happy posts to peruse, (&, as a blogger, to give us an “excuse” to focus on the positive). Even though Mondays are more like a Thursday at our house (since the handsome husband works Saturday through Tuesday), I still thought this was a FABULOUS idea when I came across it over the weekend, so I decided it was a must to try!

Happy Monday Button


My happy Monday started off on an interesting note since I got to accompany the handsome husband into work this morning & get a brief tour of his facilities. It is pretty neat (& oddly comforting) to be able to visualize where he goes for all those long hours to support us. It further confirms my gratefulness that I wound up with such a hard worker as my husband.

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It is kind of liberating, since we only have one vehicle, to be home now, with our truck & to know that I can go out to run errands if I really wanted to. (He usually has the truck with him on his work days!) Now, I probably won't go anywhere until it's time to go pick him up from work to go to my ophthalmologist appointment late this afternoon. . . BUT, it's still liberating, nonetheless. I didn't realize this before.

Monday will continue to be happy because I finally broke down & rented “Frozen” yesterday & only had a chance to watch part of it. I am almost ashamed to admit that I am super excited to finish watching it today! It's the little things, really. . .

Today also marks the beginning of the week in which my nephew turns 10! I am having a hard time with this, as he is only a year older than my youngest son, who will be nine-years-old later this month. I may need to drop a card & a ten-dollar bill off for him to say “Happy Birthday!” What 10-year-old doesn't like getting cash?!

My nine-year-old son starts his spring break today. While he is in Washington State & I am in Arizona now, it's still neat to think of him enjoying his week without school. We've only been down here for about a month, so, sadly, we weren't able to get settled quite enough to get him a plane ticket just yet. (Soon!) At any rate, it'll feel almost naughty to call him in the middle of the day to chat instead of trying to wait for him to get home from school & risk winding up losing track of time altogether. . . I am looking forward to that!

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I will try not to focus too hard-core on the fact that it's to get up into the mid- to high-90's here in Arizona this week. . . Eek! This Washingtonian gal is a bit freaked out about it getting so hot already. . . BUT, I suppose I could look at it as a GOOD thing — an opportunity to start to get used to the warmer weather. Maybe I'll stock up on the margarita fixings & finally go to lay out in the sun in the backyard in the new lounging chair the handsome husband bought for me last week. . . That'll make it a HAPPY MONDAY, for sure!

What makes your Monday HAPPY? Leave a comment below, then go visit the link up to see what others say makes a Happy Monday. . . That alone, could make your Monday a happy one! 😀

19 thoughts on “My Happy Monday”

  1. I love Mondays, it is a chance for me to unwind after a busy weekend. I am able to get some alone time where I can read or write a blog. It is a happy day to reflect and a day to inspire myself of all the possibilities of a new week.

  2. That is so much to look forward to this week! 90s is definitely too hot for me too, but we’ve been having 1 spring day followed by a week of hovering near freezing/rain/a bit of snow, so, some consistent warmth would be nice.

    1. Yes! All of my Washingtonian friends & family are giving me NO sympathy! LOL. Apparently, it will be in the high-60’s there today & it’s the warmest day of 2014 for them! I need to learn to be grateful. 😉

  3. Because I enjoy my job, I rarely have a “blue Monday”. I’m fortunate. I am happy today, though, because I am not where I live in upstate New York, where it is drizzly and in the 40’s. Instead, whre I am, it is in the 70’s, and there are flowers to look at – I am very happy today!

    1. Awww. . . Khai! My dear! I try. It can be struggle; but I try! These “My Happy Monday” posts will do me some good! Hopefully it’ll spread a little more positivity in the world. Fake it ’til you make it & then you won’t have to fake anymore, right? 😉

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  5. I’m almost always happy on Mondays … I really like the routine, I do NOT like the weekends. So Monday morning, I’m always ready to get back at it!
    I haven’t seen Frozen yet … I do want to.
    I’m part of a Motivation Monday link-up, you could come link up with us too! 🙂

    1. The weekends are good for me because I get a good dose of “Me-time.” With that said, the handsome husband works shorter shifts on Mondays & Tuesdays (8hrs) than he does on Saturdays & Sundays (12hrs), so that, alone, is a reason to look forward to Mondays! 😉

      Motivational Mondays, you say?? I will definitely have to look into that! Who knows? Maybe I will join next week. . . We shall see! 🙂

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