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do not be afraid to fail be afraid not to try, get to your real why

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I wrote a month or so ago about turning dreams into goals. Part of that process, to me, is being BRUTALLY HONEST with yourself about WHY you want to accomplish the things you are striving toward.

Usually these reasons are not as superficial as the first thing that comes to mind when we ask ourselves why… It is even deeper than that.

So, you want to lose a few pounds, huh?


To be more healthy & fit.

WHY do you want to be more healthy & fit, though?

do not be afraid to fail be afraid not to try, get to your real why

To spend more quality time with your children? To live longer? To fix your self-confidence? To not be out of breath?


WHY do you want to spend more quality time with your kids? WHY is it important to you to try to live longer? WHY does your self-confidence need to be fixed? WHY is it important to not be out of breath all the time?

Are you getting the drift here? Keep asking yourself WHY.

Ask it over & over & over again until you get to an answer that has you in TEARS — & possibly even embarrassed at the idea of actually sharing WHY that original dream-turned-goal is so important to you.

So, you are going to lose a few pounds because you feel out of touch in your relationship & think the boost in self-confidence it will give you will spice up your sex life, huh?

Or is it because you are brought to tears remembering the merciless bullying you encountered as a child — or that you DID as a child? — & the bigger version of you seen in the mirror today brings back all of those feelings again?

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Or is it because your mother was overweight & unhappy & she died young because of it & part of you actually resents her for it — & you are secretly afraid the same will happen to you & your own children will resent you too?

Okay. Okay. Maybe those aren't YOUR core reasons — your REAL WHY — for wanting to lose a few pounds, but does it help paint a picture? Does it help you get past those knee-jerk superficial responses for WHY you might be reaching towards your goals??

Let me take this one step further for those who need a visual.

I started my LuLaRoe business about a year ago. The anniversary of my actual launch is rapidly approaching. When I asked myself WHY LuLaRoe, my knee-jerk response was simply because I wanted something for ME — & that I liked the clothes. When I kept asking myself WHY, I realized that original response BARELY scratched the surface of my REAL reasons WHY…

(If the video below doesn't load, you can catch it by clicking here.)

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So, what is your WHY?

What is your REAL WHY for your goals — not superficial knee-jerk response?

You should have one for every single goal you set for yourself — & reminding yourself of that TRUE WHY will be what helps you through your difficult times on the road to actually CONQUERING those goals. I really believe that… <3

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