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Exciting NEW Opportunity: NoFilter Global Enters Pre-launch!

sweet minerals joins nofilter global, nofilter global enters pre-launch september 1

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NOW in pre-launch!

NoFilter Global enters pre-launch on September 1, 2020!

sweet minerals joins nofilter global, nofilter global enters pre-launch september 1

Today, something AMAZING begins!

And I couldn't say it better than one of the NoFilter Global & Sweet Minerals brand founders did in the affiliate FB group this morning. So, I am sharing her words with you here:

Good Morning!! Today is such a BIG DAY as we begin the prelaunch for NoFilter!!! There is magic in the air! Do you feel it?!

I want to take a moment to congratulate and thank each one of you who have chosen the Sweet Minerals brand to trust and represent. We have come such a long way together, and I thank God for leading us down every step.

Today we embark on a new horizon. A new opportunity awaits for each of us, an opportunity to continue to do what we love. This opportunity brings great hope to each of us and to prospective new team members. This hope can change lives. Whether it be for prosperity, friendship, philanthropy, or the confidence that is gained, we hold in our hands an opportunity to give and share hope.

Together, we will renew someone’s spirit, we will give her a community of other supportive souls, we will help him have confidence in the mirror, we will help her love her own pictures, we will help him buy groceries, we will help her buy new bedding, we will take her across seas to see beautiful white beaches, we will help a husband and wife buy a place at the beach, we will give her an opportunity to homeschool and still have income, and together we will save children.

The list is full of endless possibilities. There is tremendous power in this opportunity and in the magic of this day. I thank you again for trusting in this journey with us. Here’s to new beginnings!!! ????❤️❤️

sweet minerals joins nofilter global as a brand, nofilter global enters pre-launch

Be among the FIRST to get into a NEW opportunity to share CONFIDENCE that doesn't require a filter.

? Honest ingredients.
? Cutting edge technology.
? NO monthly quotas.
? NO monthly fees.
? A generous compensation plan.
? FOUNDER'S PERKS for getting in EARLY!!
? Natural, waterproof mineral makeup.
? Pro-age skincare.
? Natural hand sanitizer & cleaning products.

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PLUS, ??CASH BONUSES?? & opportunities for a CAR program too!

There are even several NoFilter Global starter kits to choose from to begin your journey as an affiliate!

? Become an affiliate at

Get ALL the details in the NoFilter Opportunity group with NO OBLIGATION.

(You can also email OR go to HERE for more information or to sign up.)

(We officially launched on October 16, 2020!! You can still become a founding affiliate here.)

? Email Reta Jayne at or visit the NoFilter Opportunity group on Facebook to get answers to any questions you might have before your membership request gets approved! ?

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