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On Purpose: Episode Four

on purpose

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On Purpose

I won't lie. It's been a rough week for me. I don't know why. I don't know if I am fighting a cold or if it's just allergies or what. Tension headaches & tiredness galore, though! Dear Lord. 🙁 With that said, though, I did pretty well with last week's three goals. . . The mountain of laundry, I have seriously procrastinated on. To be honest, as I sit here writing, it is Thursday evening & I intend to get my tush up out of this seat as soon as this post is complete & get that laundry folded! I am counting it as a win, but be sure to call me out in the comments to make sure I actually did it! 😉

Within the next couple of days, I do have plans to get together with the family member that I am at odds with, so hopefully that goes well. (I am sure there will be some kind of an update on that one at some point in the future!)

And, lastly, every other Thursday is to be my day to sit down & make a meal plan & shopping list, which is complete this week!

SO, this week, I am declaring an “On Purpose” success, despite my procrastination & not feeling so hot! Here is what I plan to accomplish, on purpose this next week:

  1. There are two or three large totes hangin' out in the spare bedroom. This week, I will go through at least one of those totes, giving everything a home or tossing it or giving it away. We've been in this house for nearly six months now, & while that room is not a complete mess, it is still time to get it in order! (When Little RJ leaves after his current visit, we intend to move the queen-sized bed into the guest room & — sometime over the next couple of months — get him a twin bed or bunk bed for his room.)
  2. My book advance (an advance on financial aid funds for books & school supplies) is due to hit my bank account this week. I need to make a list of the necessary supplies that I intend to purchase with that advance, &, if feasible, actually go make those purchases. (My online class starts a week from Monday & my on-campus classes begin a week from Tuesday!) I also need to dig out one of my smaller purses to carry in my book bag on class days.
  3. I haven't been getting up for my morning walks as consistently as I would like. . . When my walking partner is not able to go, for whatever reason, it has been way too easy to let myself just go back to sleep or move on to some other part of my day. I am wondering if that is at least part of the reason that I have not felt so hot this week. . . Maybe striving for six days of the week is a bit much to start with? SO, this week, I intend to walk at least three days, (even if it's on the gazelle instead of outdoors). . .  Maybe by doing this, I can work my way up to something more frequent in the future and I won't be setting myself up for “failure” in this department when school starts up & I have classes & studying to work into my routine as well. 😉
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Now, it's YOUR turn! Tell me what you need to be more purposeful about in your life this week. Share in the comments below, send me an email (, or connect on the Calculated Chaos Facebook page. If you’re a blogger, leave a link to your goal-related or purpose-filled post in the comments; I would love to come visit!

Have a purposeful week, y’all!

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4 thoughts on “On Purpose: Episode Four”

    1. Dammit. YOU would be the one to actually call me out. . . No. It isn’t. Before I even got done composing the post, Kyle went in to go to bed. I didn’t want to go in there & risk waking him up. . . SO, there it sits & I procrastinate more. I’ll just have to add it to this week’s goals again. . .

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