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On Purpose: Episode Three

on purpose

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On Purpose

I've come to the realization that the weeks when I accomplish everything I mean to accomplish will be few & far between. While, it takes much mental convincing on my part to try to accept this, I've decided that is exactly what I must do. As I hinted towards last week, progress is better than stagnation. . . &, frankly, setting goals seems to ensure some kind of progress, particularly when shared with others.

So, in regard to last week's three goals, I did get Riley's room satisfactorily ready for his arrival, even if the bedding I stripped from his bed has yet to be washed. Making the handsome husband smile is increasingly difficult these days; I won't lie. I fear I failed in that department, as there was no particular moment that I feel that happened unexpectedly. (Of course, I write this on a Thursday evening, scheduled to be posted on Friday morning, so, maybe there's still a slight chance I will have an edit coming this way. . . Slight.)

As for keeping up on changes that have already put in place, I did succeed — for the most part — I just did not improve upon those changes. . . You win some; you lose some. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This next week, here is what I intend to accomplish on purpose:

  1. I've been alright at keeping up with laundry around here, except that I have this mound of clean laundry that I can't stand folding & putting away. . . I won't lie; it's taking over our bedroom. This week, I will conquer that mountain!
  2. I have not kept it so secret that there is a family member that I have not been too thrilled with lately. . . (If you are not privy, you can catch up by reading this, this, & thisย — among others, I am sure.) So, in the interest of attempting to move on, I will make an honest effort to schedule an opportune time to have an uninterrupted conversation on neutral territory. The goal this week is not necessarily to have that discussion, but to schedule it.
  3. A few weeks ago, I sat down & made a meal plan. While I failed at completely sticking to it, I still found that it was immensely helpful because I knew which meals I had the ingredients on-hand for, even if I didn't make them in the order that I originally planned. I skipped that last week & I feel uncertain, with my grocery budget, that we will be eating as well as we are accustomed to this week — particularly with having an extra (nine-year-old growing boy) mouth to feed. I'd like not to be in this position again. SO, by the end of the week, I will make a meal plan for at least the next two weeks & a grocery shopping list to go with it.
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What's on YOUR list this week? What do you need to be more purposeful about in your life? Share in the comments below, send me an email (, or connect on the Calculated Chaos Facebook page. If youโ€™re a blogger, leave a link to your goal-related or purpose-filled post in the comments; I would love to come visit!

Have a purposeful week, yโ€™all!

10 thoughts on “On Purpose: Episode Three”

    1. That is the habit I am trying to break, Dave! I wind up getting home & having several meals to make, sure. . . BUT, then I wind up having HALF of several meals too! OR, something that I have nothing to go with. Frustrating! OR, almost worse, I wind up buying the same ol’ stuff & we all get bored with what we’re eating. . . Meal planning helps me find new recipes & actually plan a time to try them out.

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